So I’m trying to get the hang out WordPress. It seems like once I understand how to use it , it will make sense. I kinda just wanted another place to keep my writing. I also wanted someplace where I could have drafts with out having to worry about my computer crashing and me having a problem where I do not have a copy of what I was working on. I believed this is my best option for what I want.

Well I hope you enjoy the stories that are here.

Currently I am working on a one shot. I’m pretty much basing it off of my new year’s 2013 experience. So this new story is a little bit closer to my heart, than my other ones. I believe that it should be done by Sunday . If not then, than I am hoping by Monday. I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed, I guess today. So I’m not sure how much will be done, but I would really like to get this story out there, because I believe all of you will enjoy it. And also probably get  a laugh out of how my new years eve was.


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