Chapter Five: Feel Again

“Throw in free coffee and you have yourself a cute summer intern.” Sookie stood in front of him. She used her pointer finger to beckon him down to her level. Eric leaned down with a smile. Sookie kissed him, pulling back when Eric deepened the kiss. Eric looked at her. “You don’t seal some deals with a kiss?” She smirked.

Eric smiled. “With you that is the only way to seal a deal.” He walked out of the kitchen with a smile on his face. he walked over to Alcide. “How’d you manage to get off for the night?”

“When Pam tells you to do something you do it.” He moved closer to Eric. “Tell anyone this and I’ll kill you, but Pam scares me. How you stick up to her is beyond me.”

Eric laughed. “Since when are you afraid of Pam?”

“Since she visited you freshmen year of college and then she yelled at me for being a slob. She watched me clean my side of the room.” Alcide shuddered at the horrid memory. Anytime he stopped cleaning she’d yell and hit him with a rolled up newspaper like a bad puppy.

Eric laughed. “So that’s why you kept your side clean from then on out.” He looked around the room. he saw pam talking to some girl with brown hair. Pam was really putting the moves on this girl. The girl was just as bad as Pam.

“Pretty much. I didn’t wanna give Pam a reason to go after me.” He smiled. “So how were things with the birthday girl last night?”

“We didn’t do anything last night.”

“I call bullshit. There is no way you two didn’t do anything. You were giving each other flirty eyes, for the entire fucking car ride.” He raised an eyebrow at his friend. “So that’s why when you’re not looking at her she’s looking at you.”

“All we did was kiss bro. I’m taking it slow with her. I’ve got the entire summer with her. She’s gonna be my intern.”

“So you’re paying her in order to spend time with her?” Alcide asked. “Sounds like a great idea to me.” Alcide rolled his eyes.

“No! She needed a job for the summer. I thought why not spend time with her.” Eric shrugged.

“Alcide!” Sookie yelled. Yeah she was drunk, but she stopped caring a while back.

“Happy birthday girl.” He smiled. He gave her a quick hug before Eric gave him the evil eye for touching his girl.

“Thanks.” She smiled. She stood next to Eric. “So what were you two talking about?”

Alcide laughed. “The day we met Pam. So how’d you two meet?”

“First day of college. We were roommates.” Sookie smiled. “The entire side of her room was pink. It was like walking into Barbie’s dorm room.”

Eric put an arm around Sookie. “How did you two manage to stay friends for the last five years?”

“Barbie needs friends in the dream house that she isn’t fucking.” Sookie laughed. Why did I come over here? Sookie thought to herself.There was an important reason, oh well. Let’s see what happens here.

“You’re surprisingly funny Blondie.” Alcide commented. No wonder why she and Eric are inseparable.

“I get funnier when I’m drunk.” Sookie shrugged. “Oh, I remember why I came over here.”

“And that was?” Eric laughed.

“I need people to do shots with me. Pretty pretty pretty please, with sugar on top?” Sookie batted her eyelashes.

“I’m down.” Alcide smiled. He hand’t been able to drink, actually getting drunk in a while so he was in for anything.

“Alright.” Eric smiled. He led them to the kitchen and lined up six shots. “Two each.” Eric winked at Sookie.

Alcide choked back a laugh at his friends expense. “Let’s do this.” Alcide smiled, as Eric handed him a shot.

“To Sookie.” Eric raised up his shot glass. Alcide, Eric, and Sookie tilted their heads back drinking down their first shot; Jack Daniels.

“Woo!” Sookie shuddered.

“That’s a real man’s drink honey.” Eric told her. “Now our for our last shot, we honor all the guys who will try to get in your pants tonight, but sadly they will fail.”

“Here, here!” Sookie tilted her head back drinking down the cherry flavored vodka like a champ.

Alcide banged his shot glass on the counter. “That one burned like a bitch.” Sookie nodded in agreement. “I need a beer.” Alcide went to the porch to go find one, leaving Eric and Sookie alone in the kitchen.

Eric moved in front of Sookie. he moved a stray piece of hair out of her eyes. “You look good birthday girl, good enough to eat.” He whispered in her ear. Eric’s hand cupped her cheek. He leaned down and kissed her. Sookie wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Eric lifted her on the countertop. His hands gripped her thighs. Sookie’s tongue slipped in his mouth. Eric pulled Sookie closer to him. Eric broke the kiss when he needed to breathe. He moved his lips to Sookie’s neck. He alternated between biting and sucking. he kissed the spot behind her ear which made he squirm earlier in the day.

“Eric.” Sookie quietly moaned.

Hearing his name from her lips only spurred Eric on. He moved his hands up Sookie’s side. He touched every part of her that wasn’t covered by fabric, which was most of her body. Sookie pulled Eric’s lips back to hers. Her hands covered his cheeks, pulling him close to her as physically possible. Their tongues battled for dominance.

“There you two are!” Pam yelled in to the kitchen.

Eric pulled back from sookie with a hard look on his face. “What do you want Pamela?”

“I’m looking for the birthday girl.” Pam smiled.

“I’m busy. Come back later.” Sookie flipped her friend the bird. It was very unlady like. If Gran was here she’d really lecture me for that decision.

“Too bad girl. You are the popular one tonight. Hess and I want to introduce you to a friend of ours. He’s only gonna be here for a little while before he goes to work.”

“What is he a stripper?” Sookie asked sarcastically.

“His boyfriend is. He’s the head cook at the strip club.”

“Can you please come back in five minutes?” Sookie practically begged her friend.

“No, come with me. You and eric can have a sleep over later.” Pam barked.

“I’m holding you to that Pamela.” Eric said back. HE kissed Sookie one more time before helping her down from the counter.

“So who am I meeting?” Sookie asked. She grabbed a handful of chips on her way to meeting Pam’s new friend.

“Lafayette Reynolds.” Pam stopped in front of a very tall, well Sookie couldn’t call him a man, diva. “This is Sookie, my friend from school that I’ve been telling you about for the last year.” Pam smiled. “Sookie this is Lafayette. Diva extraordinary.”

“Girl it is finally nice to meet you. The way Pam describes you I was expecting to meet a nun with a strippers body.” He laughed. He swooped down and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Sookie smiled. “Nice to meet you as well.”

“Pam told me that you spent the night with her glorious friend last night. Tell me that he is as good in the sack as he looks.”

Sookie laughed. “I only spent the night with him. Nothing happened below the belt.”

“Girl please don’t lie to me.”

“I swear I’m not.” Sookie gave her drunken promise. “Nothing happened below the belt.”

Eric took this moment to bring Sookie her drink she left in the kitchen, “Lafayette how are you doing? How’s Jesus?” Sookie looked at Eric with a question in her eyes, but he just handed her the cup.

“Jesus is great. He’s working the pole tonight. One of us has to make money while the other is out partying.” He laughed.

Sookie smiled at Lafayette. I like him. He’s just a flamboyant version of Pam, direct and to the point but with a flare the Pam will never have. Seeing the two of them together at a club has to be an interesting sight, Sookie thought to herself with a large smile.

“Well it was nice meeting you girl, but I gotta get to work. Eric it was great seeing your fine ass.” Lafayette smiled.

“Nice meeting you too.” Sookie laughed.

Eric smiled at Lafayette as he passed. “You know we should probably eat something before you throw up.”

“Just more margaritas please.” Sookie batted her eyelashes.

“How about we mea you a taco, and you eat that with a margarita?” He used his best smile on her.

“Gonna have a taco with me?”

“Why not.” Eric led drunk Sookie back to the kitchen.

“How come there’s no good music playing?” Sookie asked loudly.

“Because Pam wouldn’t know good music if it bit her tight ass.” Sookie immediately burst in to a fit of giggles. “Get my phone from my pocket and find Danza Kuduro.”

“How do you know spanish music?” Sookie asked as she looked for the song.

“The fifth fast and the furious movie.” Eric laughed. He put a plate in front of Sookie. “Try and eat this as I put the music on.” Eric left Sookie in the kitchen as he plugged his phone in to the speakers. When the music came on everyone began to dance. Eric saw Alcide even do a two step. When he entered the kitchen he saw Sookie and Jessica dancing. Sookie long forgotten about her taco. He watched them for a few seconds, until he was spotted by Jessica.

“Take over for me Eric. I think I wanna dance with Hoyt.” She smiled.

Sookie began moving her body against Eric’s. His hands landed on her hips. Damn she feels good, he thought. Nice song choice Northman. Sookie’s arms reached behind her and wrapped around Eric’s neck. Eric leaned down. “Damn Sookie, I hope these moves match your bedroom skills.”

“Mmm.” Sookie groaned at the thought of them in the bedroom. “I guess you’re gonna have to find out later when i have some birthday sex. If I remember correctly you did say you’d be willing to have some with me.”

This time Eric moaned. “I do believe I said that.” Eric briefly pulled Sookie closer to him before he moved away.

“Why’d you move away? Too hot and bothered?” Sookie laughed. She began filling up two shot glasses. Her plan was to get Eric just as drunk as she was, if it was possible. “Here.” She handed him the shot of tequila.

“What are we drinking to?”

“To the guy who gets in my pants, may he remember to make me breakfast in the morning like promised.” Sookie laughed.

“I believe that was only on work days.” Eric smiled. “How about this: may we both remember this night as the first time i rocked your world.”

Sookie laughed, but clinked her shot glass against Eric’s She took her shot like a champ, at least in her mind she did.

“Okay Sookie, I think it’s time we take it easy with the shots.” Eric took the bottle from her hands.

“Okay!” Sookie laughed. She took the bottle from Eric and began making a margarita.

“You’re gonna keep drinking aren’t you?” He laughed.

“Yep.” Sookie popped the p. “Unless you can think of anything else.” Sookie took her drink and went out to the living room.


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