Chapter Four: Hit Em Up Style

Pam turned to Eric, then back to Sookie. “How do you two now each other?” Eric looked at Sookie unsure of what to say. Sookie starred at Eric. For the first time in over two hours Sookie was quiet. Pam looked between Eric and Sookie. Holy fuck balls, she thought, they hooked up last night. This is the guy that she was talking about. “Did you two fuck last night?”

“Hook up is probably the wrong word to use Pam.” Eric told her. “A small sleep over is probably the best way to describe what happened last night.”

Sookie nodded in agreement. “Well this is awkward.” She mumbled.

Jessica came running out of the room with a bra in her hand. “Sookie will you please put on your… Oh hi Eric. Why are you early?”

Eric smiled. “Hi Jess, and hi Sookie.”

Sookie nodded at him. She pulled Jessica to her, whispering, “Why didn’t you two tell me you were inviting someone over early?”

“Because you weren’t supposed to get drunk before five o’clock.” Jessica laughed. “Come on Sookie, let’s finish getting you dressed.”

“I am dressed.” Sookie protested.

“No let’s put some more clothes on you.” Jessica pulled Sookie to her bedroom. “Come on Sookie, put on a bra and underwear.”

Sookie sighed. “What’s the point? By the end of the night it’s just gonna come off anyway.”

“Sookie put on a pair of boy shorts. Although you have a very nice ass, you don’t want it to come pop out during your party. And put on a strapless bra. I can see your nipples, including the outline of them. I love you, but that is too much of you, even for me, to see.”

Sookie took the garments from her friend. “Can I please have some privacy to put them on?”

Jessica walked out of the room. This is going to be one big shit show tonight, Jessica thought. Jessica walked over to Pam and Eric, who were arguing.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me Eric!” Pam had her index finger on his chest.

“Pam if you’ve spoken to her about last night, you’d know that nothing happened.” Eric moved her finger. “Stop trying to control my life!”

“Eric you’re the one who wanted me to hook you up with someone for the summer. I refuse to let the two of you have sex before she’s had a rebound guy. You Eric Northman are used to being that guy. Right now you are the guy who girls go after when they’ve broken up with a guy. You rock their world and then you leave them. You Eric Northman are not supposed to be the rebound guy. You are supposed to be the guy who changes Sookie’s minds about guys. You are the one who is supposed to show her that you can rely on people, specifically men. You both work in the same industry. You both work in New York. You deserve to be happy and so does she. The two of you are made for one another.”

“Pam I am not letting her fuck some random stranger so I turn out to be the better guy. I know how I feel about her. If I have to I will take it slow with her.” Eric walked away from Pam. He went to the door where Jessica emerged from. He saw Sookie laying on the bed. “Mind if I join you?’

“Not at all. Did they send you in to babysit me?” She asked looking up at him.

“No. I needed a break from them.” Eric smiled at her. He sat down next to her. “You look beautiful tonight.”

“Thank you.” She laughed. “So how do you really know Pam?”

“We’re old family friends. We basically grew up together.”

“How come you never came to visit when she was in college?”

“Because she was always trying to fix me up with you. She never just wanted me to visit.” He smiled. “I was in college. I didn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone then.”

Sookie laughed. “Pam doesn’t understand that people don’t always want to be in a relationship.”

“That is very much true.” Eric laid down with Sookie. “So why did you get drunk before five? Couldn’t wait for happy hour?”

Sookie laughed hard. “Pam asked me to tell her why I broke up with my boyfriend. The only way I could answer was to get drunk first.”

“So what did your boyfriend do for you to break up with him?”

“He… Bill… He cheated on me with my roommate, in my own bed.” Sookie told him. “The worst part, which I didn’t tell Pam, is that it was on our two year anniversary.”

Eric didn’t know what to say. Who would want to cheat on Sookie? She is so beautiful, any other girl can be considered ordinary. “I’m sorry to hear about that.”

“Don’t be. He had a small dick, and the sex was horrible.”

Eric laughed. “Does all your shame leave when you’re drunk?”

“Pretty much.” Sookie laughed.

“Shall we drink more? We can toast in honor of the fact that you will no longer have to deal with small prick… What was his name?”

“William Compton.”

“Small prick Compton.” Eric laughed, and Sookie laughed with him. “Come on let’s get a drink. Pam’s already mad at you for being drunk, it can’t get any worse than that.” Eric stood up and held a hand out for Sookie. She accepted and they walked towards the kitchen.

“Jessica please tell me we started cooking?” Pam yelled.

“All we have to do is heat it all up. I made everything when you were babysitting.” Jess laughed.

“You two are horrible people. Why I am even friends with the two of you?”

“Because alcoholics stick together.” Pam replied looking up from her blender.

“Another batch?” Sookie questioned with a smile.

“Yes. Thankfully Eric brought more tequila. We may have to go get more though.”

“Sookie and I can go get more. Three or four bottles?” Eric asked.

“Three and a bottle of gin, champagne, and vodka.” She smirked at Eric. “Go get what we need. Please be back in under an hour.” She handed Sookie her credit card.

Eric and Sookie laughed as they walked to the liquor store down the block.

“Pam makes anyone with a drinking problem seem normal.” Eric laughed.

“She does know how to make a great margarita though.”

“Indeed.” Eric opened the door for Sookie.

“I’ll get the tequila.” Sookie told Eric with a smile.

“Meet you at the register.” Eric grabbed what they needed and looked to find Sookie. “Sookie.” Eric called out.

“Over here.” He found her in front of the tequila.

“Light or dark?” She asked.

“Dark, always dark. Light fucks you up so much harder.”

Sookie grabbed three bottles of tequila. “Oh can you grab me a small bottle of cherry vodka and grenadine, please?”

“Of course.” Eric handed her a bottle. He flashed a smile before he got what she asked. He met her at the register. He put everything put everything down and watched as Sookie dazzled the guy. She really does have a talent in making people forget to card her. I’m so glad I never did open that bar I wanted to.

Sookie smiled at the young boy behind the counter. She read his name tag, Tommy. “Thank you.”

“Pleasure was all mine.” Tommy said back to her with a large smile.

Eric took the bags from Sookie. She held the door for him as they walked out. “You really do have a way with people.” Eric commented.

“This is why I have never been carded in my entire life.” Sookie looked at Eric. “So you don’t care that I just flirted with some random guy to get a discount on alcohol?”

“Well he did give us a very large discount. However, you do need to know that I do have a large jealous streak. And… I don’t plan on sharing you with any guy.” Eric looked Sookie in the eye. He could see surprise, happiness, and lust in her eyes.

Thank god I’m wearing panties, Sookie thought. At Eric’s words her underwear were soaked. “That’s good to know.” Sookie smiled. She held the front door open for Eric. Inside the house, there were at least fifteen people.

“Sookie!” Jessica yelled. Everyone in the room looked over at her. “Come over here!”

Sookie shook her head. She gracefully waked over to Jessica, even though she was drunk as a skunk. “Jess, have you been drinking on an empty stomach?”

“Of course I have. I’m waiting for the food to warm up.” Jessica pulled Sookie towards people. “Sookie this is Amelia, Trey, Hoyt, and Sam.”

“Nice to meet you guys.” Sookie smiled. She recognized one fact.

“We actually met last night. From what I hear, you really do enjoy your tequila.” Sam extended his hand.

“Tequila and I are old friends.” Sookie shook his hand.

Sam laughed. “Jessica was telling me you needed a job?’

“For the summer. I go back to New York in September.” She explained.

“Well if you want you can work at the bar. We need a waitress and Jess tells me you have great experience as a waitress.” Sookie could see his eyes sparkle with the idea of her working there.

“Can I let you know in the morning when I am sober? I don’t want you to think that I am drunk.” She laughed.

“Sure no problem.” Sam smiled.

“If you’ll excuse me I need to eat before I drink anymore tequila.” Sam nodded and Sookie headed for the kitchen. She found Eric standing there. “What are you doing all alone in here.”

“Taking a break from Pam.” He poured a large amount of whiskey in a cup. “She doesn’t stop until she gets an answer she wants.” He swallowed the whiskey in one sip.

“What did she want?” Sookie asked as she made herself a drink.

“Aside from being a pain in my ass? She wants me to offer you a job for the summer.”


“Cause you need money.” He rolled his eyes.

“Jessica and Pam really need to learn how to stay the fuck out of my work and love life.” Sookie downed half her drink. “I think it’s time to get drunk again.”

Eric laughed. “So do you want a summer job working with me?”

“What does it entail exactly?”

“You help me find concerts to go to, book interviews, and help me find great shots.” He paused. “Normally I have an intern help me, but I didn’t want to work with a complete stranger again. The last one just didn’t work out.”

“How much an hour or am I working on commission?” Sookie asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Seven thousand for the entire summer.”

Sookie starred at Eric with his mouth open. “I’m sorry, did you just say seven thousand?”

“Yes.” His face remained blank, but then he smiled. “The offer also includes dinner once a week, lunch four times a week, and breakfast any time you sleep over.”

“Is that part of a job?”

“Hopefully it’s an incentive for you, but it’s personal for me.” He smiled at her.

“Throw in free coffee and you have yourself a cute summer intern.” Sookie stood in front of him. She used her pointed finer to beckon him down to her level. Eric leaned down with a smile. Sookie kissed him, pulling back when Eric deepened the kiss. Eric looked at her. “You don’t seal some deals with a kiss?” She smirked.


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