Chapter Seven: Here With Me

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I am so sorry that it took me so long to post another chapter. This last year has been crazy. It was my final year of college. And it’s not like how they make it out to be in the movies. You know where the character is in the last year and they are just coasting, doing what they want. Yeah that was not the case for me. I was working my booty off. It was horrible, BUT I did graduate on time. No extra semesters or years for me.

However, I am sure that you guys wanna get back to the story, and have me stop rambling about my personal life. So, in the earlier chapters: Eric is a photographer that meets Sookie on a plane. He asks her out for drinks which causes her to spend the night at his place. She takes a cab in the morning to her friend Pam and Jessica’s apartment. Sookie gets drunk and we find out why her and her previous boyfriend, Bill, break up. Pam and Jess throw a party for Sook’s birthday. We find out that Eric is the guy they had in mind for Sook. However, they already know each other. The party goes on, Eric offers Sookie a job with the benefits of breakfast in the morning if she stays the night. At the end of the night Eric and Sookie hook up with Lemony goodness.

So here is the next chapter. I would love love love to thank Evasmomforever for volunteering to be my beta for this story. She has truly been a help. I honestly think that if I didn’t have her help with this I never would have gotten this out.

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Here With Me

Sookie smiled as she looked down at her phone. Her and Eric had texted nonstop since the night that she slept over his house. She’d arrived the next morning with her dress and shoes in her hand, wearing a pair of Eric’s basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

“Sookie, stop staring at the phone like a pair of lips are going to come out of it and kiss you. If you want to go see Eric, go and see him.” Pam said looking over the top of her Vogue.

Sookie rolled her eyes. “I thought you wanted me to be here Pam. Wasn’t the point of me coming here to visit you and Jessica?”

“Yes, but Jessica is out for the night. She had a date with Hoyt, and I am going out with Amelia in a bit. What are you gonna do when you have the place all to yourself? Just stay home and be an old maid?” Pam raised an eyebrow at her.

“Maybe I want to stay in tonight.” Sookie argued back.

“If you wanted to stay in tonight then you wouldn’t be looking at your phone like it held all the answers to your night.”


“Go out tonight Sookie, pack a bag for the next morning so you don’t have to come back wearing some of Eric’s clothing.” Pam told her. “I hear if you spend the night you even get breakfast.”


“See he wants you there, and you want to be there just as much. It’s the summer before you start working a real job, go yolo it up. Have fun, hook up with Eric, because let’s be honest we both know that you really like him.”

“You just want me to go out so you can bring Amelia back here, don’t you?” Sookie accused her friend.

“Yes.” Pam said with a wide smile. “Please go out so I can get laid tonight, mama needs some pussy to keep the work week right.”

Sookie smiled. “All you had to was ask Pam. I’ll go get out of your hair.” Sookie started typing a message to Eric. IT LOOKS LIKE I’LL BE SPENDING THE NIGHT. DO YOU MIND IF I HAVE AN OVERNIGHT BAG?


ALRIGHT, I’LL SEE YOU IN 30. BE SHIRTLESS. Sookie smiled. She quickly went back to her room, grabbing clothes. “Hey Pam, do you have a bag that I could use for the night?” She asked in the door way of the living.

“Yeah,” She pointed towards her room. “There’s a brown leather bag in my closet on the top shelf. You can use that.”

“Thanks Pam.” Sookie walked in to Pam’s room opening the closet. Sookie grabbed the bag and went back to put her clothes in it. She grabbed her purse and overnight bag. “I’ll see you tomorrow Pam.”

“Did you pack extra panties incase Eric rips all of yours during the day?” Pam asked with a smirk.

“I did not, but I do believe Eric is more civilized than you give him credit for.” Sookie replied back .

“I’d pack the extra panties, as well as the extra set of clothing.” Pam smirked.

“Do you really want me out of the apartment that long?” Sookie asked with a smile.

“Not at all Sook. I just want you to have fun while you’re here and as much as we both know you and I have a blast together. Eric is the one that you are going to be wishing you were with. I’m just helping you two out.” Pam smiled.

“As much of an ice queen as you play, you do have a heart of gold Pam.” Sookie walked back to her room, she grabbed a few other outfits and an extra pair of shoes. “Alright Pam, I’ll see you tomorrow or I’ll see you later in the week.”

“Take the extra set of house keys out of the bowl by the door before you go. Have fun tonight, see ya later Sook.” Pam waved over her magazine. “I called you a taxi, it should be here in a few minutes.”

“Thanks Pam, see ya later.” Sookie grabbed the keys from the bowl and put them in her purse. She carried her bag and purse and walked outside. The taxi was waiting for her. She gave the driver the address and sat back.

Eric smiled as he waited for Sookie. I can’t believe that I was able to convince Sookie to come and stay with me for the night. I wonder if I have Pam to thank for that. Eric looked at his cellphone. It dinged. I’M IN THE ELEVATOR NOW, COME OPEN THE DOOR FOR ME. REMEMBER TO BE SHIRTLESS.

Eric smiled. He walked to the door, tossing his shirt on the counter. Just as he opened it Sookie was standing there with a smile on her face. “Well hello there.”

“Hey yourself.” Sookie smiled. “I didn’t think that you’d actually be shirtless.”

Eric opened the door for her, pulling her inside. “Well I did say I would be shirtless. I thought it was only fair to keep a promise.” Eric took her bag for her and dropped it next to the wall.

“I do like a man who keeps promises.” Sookie smiled. Sookie pulled Eric down for a kiss. She had intended for it to be a short kiss for hello, but Eric surprised her. He picked her up and pinned her to the wall. He deepened the kiss, his tongue gliding over her lips asking for permission. Sookie wrapped her legs around him. They continued to kiss until Sookie could feel the bulge in Eric’s pants get larger; if that was even possible. Sookie pulled away from Eric, but he continued to kiss her neck. “Well isn’t that a nice way to say hello.”

Eric smiled in her neck. “This is a great way to say hello.” Eric pulled back so he could look Sookie in the eyes. “You smell amazing, like summer.” Eric kissed her neck.

“Well that’s a new compliment.” Sookie smiled. “So are you ever gonna put me down, or are we just staying with you between my legs all night?”

“Well I’d love to spend my night between your legs, but I can put you down.” Eric took a step back from the wall and lowered Sookie to the ground.

“Thank you. So what’s on the agenda tonight?” Sookie reached to pick up her bag, but Eric was quicker.

“Hm, well I was thinking I could cook you dinner. Then maybe we could watch some television and see where that takes us.”

“I didn’t know that you can cook.” Sookie smiled.

“I am actually a great cook. And dinner is actually ready. I made more hoping you’d come over tonight.” Eric took her hand and led her to the kitchen. “I’m just gonna go put this in the bed room.”

Sookie looked under a pot. What the hell did he make? Is he sure that he is a good cook? Sookie felt arms wrap around her. “So what did you really make?”

“I made us chicken kabobs with pasta salad, and a regular salad.” Eric smiled. “I figured simple was the way to go.”

“Wow, I am impressed.”

“As you should be. We should eat before it gets cold.” Eric pulled Sookie towards the sliding door in the kitchen.

“Has this been there the entire time? I haven’t even noticed it.”

“No I just magically had this appear an hour ago.” Eric said straight faced.

“Ha ha, very funny.” Sookie followed Eric outside to a small deck. There was a small table which was already set, with candles twinkling. “Were you trying to make this romantic?”

“Is it working?” Eric waited for her answer while she kept tight lipped.

Sookie nodded. “It’s very sweet.”

Eric smiled back at her. “I’m gonna grab the food, what would you like to drink? I have beer, wine, soda…” Eric trailed off.

“Wine.” Sookie smiled.

Eric nodded. He went back inside to grab everything. He emerged quickly and then went back inside.

Sookie smiled. He is a great guy. When was the last time someone did something like this for me? Fuck be honest, I’m thinking about Bill. Sookie Stackhouse you are a dumbass. I am with this hot guy and the only thing I can do is compare him to my ex. He is my ex for a reason. I can’t think about him anymore. I can’t compare him to the people who I am interested in. If I do he is going to ruin everything for me. I deserve to be happy. If he can be happy with Whorena then I can be happy with Eric.

Eric observed Sookie. She was staring at something in the distance. Eric gently put the wine bottle on to the table. “Are you okay?”

Sookie looked at him. “Yes, I’m just hungry and all of this looks amazing.”

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