Chapter Eight

So I stink at updating I know. But I found that my heart just really wasn’t invested in this chapter. It’s not beta’d I kinda wanted any and all mistakes to be my own.

I hope that you all enjoy this. There are some xrated lemon’s in this chapter. I hope that you enjoy and review please.

Chapter Eight

“Dinner was amazing Eric.” Sookie said as she handed him a dish.

“I thought I told you that I don’t want your help.” Eric shook his head. “You’re the guest you’re not supposed to help me clean up.”

“Psh,” Sookie rolled her eyes. “I don’t care. I was raised to help clean. Besides you cooked dinner, I should be cleaning.” She reached for the dish sponge Eric had in his hands.

“No.” He moved his hand farther away. “I will clean. How about you bring the stuff in from the table. And then we can finish the bottle of wine.”

Sookie laughed. “Okay.” She removed the bottle from the table including their wine glasses. “You know, you don’t have to butter me up with wine. I’m more of a tequila person, maybe vodka every now and then.”

Eric laughed. “See, you haven’t experienced wine yet. It can compliment a dinner. Vodka, it makes ya drunk. Tequila makes you white girl wasted.”

“I understand wine complimenting dinner. I truly do. But I was raised in the south, we are born to be beer people.”

Eric smiled at her. “I like you.”

“I like you too.” Sookie poured more wine in their glasses. “Why don’t you leave the dishes until tomorrow, and I’ll finish them when I wake up?”

“No, I only have a few more dishes. I don’t want you to have to clean up after me. I invited you over. You can go get comfy in the living room, maybe put your jammies on, and I will meet you in there when I’m finished.”

“Okay.” Sookie took her glass with her. She went in to the bedroom and grabbed her bag. Thank god Pam always yells at me to wear cute shit. And I steal that cute stuff from her. Sookie quickly changed in to her sleep set. She opened the door just as Eric was walking in to the living room.

“I am definitely a fan of those.” Eric smiled. He looked at her with smoldering eyes. Those pajamas were taunting him. She had on pajama shorts and a thin tank top.

Sookie smiled. “Thank you.” I wouldn’t dare tell him that I stole these from Pam. I think I’d ruin the mood completely. “And are you changing in to your pajamas?”

“See when you’re not here I don’t wear any pajamas to bed. I’m more of a clothing optional person.” Eric waited for her response.

“Well since that’s how you feel, why don’t you put on some basketball shorts and get comfy. And maybe later we can discuss the clothing optional portion of the night.” Sookie walked closer to him. “What’d ya say?”

Eric looked down at her. And with his height advantage he was able to see down her shirt, and what she obviously wasn’t wearing beneath it. “I say that we will definitely be having this discussion later.”

“Good, now go change!” Sookie swatted his ass as he walked to the bedroom.

Eric stopped and turned around. He pulled Sookie to him and laid the mother of all kisses on her. “And that is just the beginning.”

Sookie smiled. “You better come back without a shirt on, because I will rip it off you. You are way too sexy to be wearing a shirt all the time.”

Eric laughed. “Go pick a movie or something for us to do.” Eric quickly went to the bedroom leaving the door open to change.

Sookie didn’t dare look at Eric as he was changing. She moved to the shelf of DVD’s to keep her eyes forward. He is so gorgeous and he knows it. There is nothing more dangerous that a man who knows how he affects the ladies. And he definitely has me wrapped around his finger. Hm… Maybe I should just skip picking out a movie tonight and have my way with him. Not like he would mind.

Eric watched Sookie as she searched through the DVD’s. Her wine glass was held by the tips of her fingers, and looked like any second she was going to drop it and break it. She wasn’t paying attention to it, just the selection of movies that were in front of her. She would stop and glance at a movie before moving on to the next one. Eric walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her.

“I could feel that you were watching me. I can always feel you watching when you think I don’t notice.” She took a sip of her wine, getting a small amount of liquid courage.

“I like watching you. It’s part of my photographer mentality. I could just watch you all day and never get tired of seeing you react.” Eric kissed her neck. “And I can’t wait until you are comfortable enough with me to let me take pictures of you.” Sookie started to protest. “We can talk about it another time. Did you pick a movie?”

“What’s your stance on horror movies?”

“Love em. What did you pick?’

“The exorcist.” Sookie turned around. “I still can’t watch it alone because it scares the crap out of me.”

“Good thing you’re with me then.” Eric laughed. I’ve just gotten cheesier as the night goes. Damn it.

Sookie handed the movie to Eric. “It’s a good thing that I like being with you.” Sookie gave him a peck on the lips. Sookie sat on the couch, watching Eric bend over. He is so damn gorgeous. And he has a great ass, hell it’s probably more sculpted than the damn David by Michelangelo. If Michelangelo were around now he would ask Eric to model for him. Sookie held back a laugh.

“Now we cuddle?” Eric asked as he turned around.

“Definitely time for cuddling.” Sookie made room on the couch. Eric pulled her close to him, and she was instantly able to find that comfy spot against him. Eric kissed the top of her head. “You’re extremely comfy for a beanstalk.”

Eric laughed. “Shh, watch the movie.” After twenty-five minutes of watching the movie Eric was starting to get fidgety. He began to twirl Sookie’s hair. How much longer until we can stop watching this freaking movie? I’m giving it thirty more seconds. Thirty… twenty-nine… Eric kept counting until he hit one. “Oh fuck this.” Eric pulled Sookie to him and kissed her.

Sookie’s hand entangled itself in Eric’s hair. She returned his kiss with passion. Eric’s hands began to sneak under Sookie’s shirt, cupping her breasts. Her nipples hardened beneath his hands. His fingertips began teasing them. Sookie moaned against Eric’s lips. Sookie moved her hands down Eric’s body. Her nails raked down his chest. Sookie repeated the action.

Eric pushed Sookie back so she was lying on the couch. Eric began kissing her. Then moving down her body, kissing her neck, collar bone, between her breasts, and down to her stomach. When he reached the bottom of her shirt, he pulled it up with his teeth. His tongue circled her nipples. He wrapped his lips around it and began to suck lightly. Sookie moaned. She arched her back, pushing her breast in his face. His hand slipped under her shorts and found that she was wet. His finger slipped inside her going in and out at a steady pace.

Sookie pulled Eric’s lips back to hers. She kissed him hard before she pulled his hand away. “Pants off now!” She demanded.

Eric got up and pulled his pants off. He sat down on the couch, watching Sookie as she got up and took off her shirt. She kissed him before getting down on her knee’s. Eric could feel her breath, he instantly got harder. Sookie licked up his length before sucking the head in her mouth. Eric’s hands automatically twisted in her hair. Sookie sucked hard and slowly made her way until her lips were all the way down. Eric made a strangled cry. She went all the way up and back down, repeating her actions. “Sookie I’m going to cum.” Sookie sucked harder, until she could feel him cumming in her mouth. She pulled back and swallowed everything. Eric looked at her with a dazed smile.

Sookie laughed and straddled his lap. “How fast’s your rebound time?” Sookie kissed Eric’s neck while she waited for his reply.

“Much faster than you think.” Eric laughed. He pulled Sookie’s shirt off, his hands instantly cupping her breasts, playing and teasing her nipples. “Take off your shorts.”

Sookie stood up and turned around. She slid her shorts down, bending, letting Eric get a good look of her ass. He surprised her when he spanked her. “Hey!” Sookie laughed.

“I just had to, you were tempting me.” Eric smiled. He pulled Sookie down on the couch. “You are so fucking gorgeous.” He kissed down her stomach. He skipped over where she wanted his lips the most. He lifted her leg and kissed down it. He put her leg over his shoulder.

Sookie could feel his breath on her sensitive entrance. He spread her lips apart and licked from her entrance to her clit. Sookie moaned, her hands entangling in Eric’s hair. Eric doubled his efforts. He slid a finger inside her while he continued the assault on her clit.

“Add another finger Eric.” Sookie moaned. Eric added a second finger and curled his fingers so he was hitting that sweet spot in her. He could feel her walls tightening around his fingers. “Oh god!” Sookie screamed. Eric smiled as Sookie caught her breath. He licked his fingers.

“You can just call me Eric.” He smirked. “And we haven’t even gotten to the best part.”

Sookie pulled Eric down to her. She kissed him. “Tasting me on your lips is fucking sexy Eric.”

Eric kissed her again. He aligned himself with her entrance pushing him inside her. “Sookie you’re so wet for me.” He slid in and out at a slow pace.

“Eric,” Sookie moaned, “I want you to fuck me hard.” She scratched her nails down his back.

Eric did as she asked. He slammed in to her repeatedly. Sookie’s moans were getting louder, any louder and the neighbors were going to start making noise complaints. He moved her legs so one was around his shoulder, allowing him to be even deeper inside her.

Sookie pulled Eric to her for a kiss. Eric could feel her first orgasm hitting her. She kept moaning his name. Eric slowed down, moving her leg down. He kissed her neck. “Your turn to be on top.” Eric pulled out of her making her whimper. He sat and pulled her in to his lap.

Sookie kissed Eric. She ground her hips in to him, swiveling. Eric pulled away from her lips and started to kiss her neck, sucking. Sookie’s hips started to move faster. Eric could feel that she was going to cum again soon, and so was he. “Sookie I’m going to cum.” He grunted out. Sookie moved even faster. He could feel her walls fluttering around him and it was enough to bring him over the edge.

Their breathing started to slow down.

“God that was amazing.” Sookie smiled.

Eric nodded in agreement. He kissed her neck. “We should probably clean up with a shower.” He winked.

Well I hope that you review. I also have some bad news. This is going to be the last chapter. I may write an epilogue. I’m not sure yet. But I’m finding that my heart isn’t with these characters anymore. I’ve found that I don’t connect with them. And honestly I am sick of writing them. But I hope that you enjoyed my first story.

I will write more in the future, but it’s not going to be for a while. I want a few chapters written before I write the first one. And some more news… I’m done writing SVM fanfic. I’ve moved on to a new fandom *cough cough* divergent. I hope you’ll read what I write for that one too. Please review. I hope to go out with bang *pun intended*


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