Chapter One: “Initiation”

Well hello there! This is my first Divergent fanfic.

Now I know everyone is all about that FourTris action. However, as much as I love Four and Tris, I think that Eric and Tris is better. This is the side of Eric that I think he would show Tris. The big jackass facade is exactly that a facade. So I hope you all enjoy this chapter.

One of my closest friends in the world acted as my beta, AMeansToOurEnd , she is fabulous.

Chapter One: “Initiation”


Starring at all the children sitting uncomfortably next to one another is always exciting to watch. They really only talk to their roommates; the only other people they know in the room. This is what I get when I am told that I have to be an RA on the transfer floor. All those who started off in this school are the floor below us. Criminal justice majors have to stick together right. Cops mentality, no man left behind.

I lean up against the pillar waiting for Max to get here. He gives the same speech every year.

Four is standing on the other side of the room glaring at me, just like the little bitch he is. He continues to do so until Max gets here.

Max enters the room with a loud bang. “Quiet!” He yells. “Welcome to Dauntless University. I see new faces in this room. As well as old ones.” He paused. “Uriah!” He yells. He turns to a kid two years younger than me. “What are you doing at this floor meeting?”

Uriah sits there with his eyes open. “I’m waiting for my friend to get done here so we can get dinner. I figured since it was just a floor meeting I could just drop in.”

“Don’t intrude on my floor meeting again. Got it?” Max stares. Uriah nods. “Most if not all don’t know me. My name is Max I am the residential director of this entire building. I am the most important guy in this building. On your floor are the two people in charge of you day in and day out. Eric.” He points over to me. “And Four.” Pointing to the other side of the room. “They are in charge of you, and I am in charge of them. Mess with them and you’ve messed with me. And believe me, you don’t want to mess with me. Well, I’ll leave you all in their care.” And with that Max walks out.

Four and I look at one another. He makes a gesture for me to start. “Well, my name is Eric. I am the RA on the east side of the floor. And if you can’t tell east and west, I’m the side with the horrible vending machines.” The group laughs. I look at Four.

“My name is Four. I’m the RA on the west side of the floor. That’s the side with the washing machines.”

“Most of you are transfers here. So you have yet to know what’s expected of you, and I’m not talking academically. Don’t fuck with us and you won’t have problems. Being loud in the halls is only going to make me want to come out and write you up for being a distraction to others. Drinking in your rooms is prohibited if you are under 21.” I smile. “So if you drink and I find it, you are gonna have to see Max. And he can decide your fate. But if I don’t see it then I don’t know what’s going on. Now if you lock yourself out of your room without your roommate there then you can come get either me or Four. We can open the doors for you, but if it happens more than 3 times we will have to charge. The rate changes daily, so get us on a good day.” I say, they all laugh. “And if there is an emergency situation, come to us. Well will help the best we can.” I pause. “Now these are two rules that I want every one to remember. One if you’re gonna have sex; remember to use a fucking condom. And two if you’re gonna have sex it better be consensual. I don’t want to hear that someone is forcing himself or herself upon someone.”

“Well Eric has gotten everything that’s needed to be said out.” Four said in an annoyed voice. “If you have any question’s now’s the time to do so. And don’t waste my time with stupid stuff.”

“Which of you is single?” A girl asks. She is good looking, but she look’s young. She has a smirk on her face. The only thing that I can think to do is to knock it off.

“And you are?” I ask.

“Christina.” She smiles. The girl to her right is trying not to laugh.

“Well Christina, if I had to ask your name then I guess I’m not looking. Four might be available though.” I smirk. “Who’s your roommate?”

“Me.” The girl to her right answers, all form of laughter gone from her face.

I look directly at her. She’s pretty without appearing to be fake. “If you wanna switch roommates let me know, I’ll help expedite the paper process”

Everyone laughs. Christina’s face is red and the girl who I spoke to looks angry.

“Since there’s no other questions, you may wanna eat. Dinning hall closes in 15 minutes.” Four says.

Everyone leaves and he and I are the last one’s left in the room.

“So I’m the available one and you’re the tortured soul not looking?” Four asked laughing. “Please you don’t have a soul.”

I roll my eyes at him. “Then you answer their stupid little questions, instead of leaving me to doing all the fucking talking. Save me the trouble from now on.”

I walk to the dinning hall. I grab a plate of food and walk towards a table in the corner. It’s fairly large, but it’s one of the last tables left. I’m not a fan of eating with other people. Well I really don’t have people to eat with, I’m not the one to make friends. I find it hard to click with people. I talk to people in class, but it’s because we have a common interest. There isn’t anyone in this building I’d consider a friend. I guess Max, but he’s my boss.

Thankfully though, since I’ve become an RA no one has really been interested in becoming friends with me. And since I don’t like eating with people it’s all worked out. And besides no one would be stupid enough to sit down with me… Until today! The two girls from before sit down a seat away from me.

“So I’m guessing you’re single since this hamburger has more of a personality than you do.” The blonde says.

I look over at her. I want to smile so badly, but I hold it back. “What makes you think that you can sit next to me? Let alone speak to me?”

“You said to find you if there’s an emergency.” She replied.

“And what’s the fucking emergency?”

“You need a new personality.” She smirks.

I want to be angry, but it was clever. “And your name is?” I smirk.


Tris… I wonder if it’s short for something. “Look I’m not paid enough to deal with your mindless flirting. So unless you have something important to say to me, just go back to talking with your friend.” I go back to eating; hoping that her friend will leave and I can just talk to her. I have no idea why, but I want to spend more time with her.


Oh my god, why did I open my mouth. If I weren’t sitting next to Eric right now my hand would be banging against my forehead. I never speak out of turn. I always keep quiet. Why am I opening my mouth to my RA? Caleb told me to be nice to the RA’s, don’t get in trouble with them because they can make your life a living hell. And I really think that Eric is gonna put me on his hit list right now with that look that he is giving me.

Christina looks at me with wide eyes. “Why did you do that?” She whispers.

I shrug unable to come up with an answer.

“Hey stiff, remember that I’m your RA not a friend. Don’t treat me like you’d treat her.” He nods his head to Christina. “And if I remember correctly you and her are right across the hall from me. So I’d be careful what you do, because all I have to do is knock.”

I nod at him. “Got it.” He walks away. “And by the way my name is Tris, you better learn it.”

He turns around. He smirks at me and walks away again. I watch Eric as he puts his stuff away. He turns to look at me again, meeting my eyes. He sighs and walks away.

“Tris, you’ve gotta learn to keep your mouth shut. I mean I thought I was a bit candorish, but that was even out of my comfort zone.” Christina said to me. “But I can’t believe you compared his personality to a hamburger. Who does that?” Christina laughed.

I joined her, but I kept thinking about Eric. How come he was eating alone? Every one else here was eating with someone talking except for him. Aside from the fact that this was one of the only spots left, I figured if someone sat next to him he would smile. The happiest I’ve seen him is when he smirks. That’s not a smile. That’s like “hey baby.” I smile at my joke.

“What are you thi-” Chris starts to say, but she’s interrupted.

“Hey, do you guys mind if we join you?” I looked up to see the guy who got yelled at by Max in the meeting standing there. He’s smiling at us. He’s already starting to take a seat.

“Sure.” I say after looking at Christina, who’s already nodding.

“Thanks, I’m Uriah.” He smiles. “This is Will and Al.”

“Nice to meet you guys.” Will says.

Al smiles. “Hey.”

Will sit’s next to Christina, Uriah is next to me. And Al pulls up a chair from another table to sit at the head of the table instead of being on the end.

“So you’re the girl who asked if the RA’s were single?” Will asks Christina.

She laughs. “It was supposed to be a joke, but Eric took it a little too seriously. You missed it, a few minutes ago Tris compared his personality to a hamburger when we sat by him.”

Uriah looks at me with his mouth open. “You did not! My brother is the RA on my floor. He says that Eric is crazy. Like no friends, and he’s that RA you hear about that tortures the floor.”

“I’d rather face him than Four.” I respond. “Four look’s like he could snap me in half without trying.”

“No way. Four is friends with my brother. He’s quiet, but he’s a good guy. Thankfully I live on my brothers floor.”

“Don’t you mean unthankfully?” Al jokes.

“I’d rather get in trouble from my brother. What’s he gonna do give me a wedgie.”

“No!” A voice calls. “I’m gonna call mom and tell her all the stupid shit you’re trying to pull Pedrad.” I’m assuming that’s Uriah’s brother. “Hey, I’m Zeke, I’m this pansycake’s brother, and RA. I’m assuming you all know Four.”

We all nod.

“Ah yes, the big mouth from earlier.” Four smiles with a laugh, his eyes lit up when he smiled.

“Oh so you can smile and laugh? I would of never known from earlier.” I say without thinking. Christina looks at me with wide eyes again.

Zeke laughs. “Four is hilarious. Not when he’s in RA mode though then he’s this colossal tool. Eric’s the one you gotta watch out for.” Four and Zeke join us. “So what’s on everyone’s agenda for tonight?”

“I wanna take Tris to a party. She’s never been to a college party.” Christina smiles.

“If you can find a party Christina, then you can take me. But I doubt you’re gonna find a great party tonight.”

“Well we could always have a party in our room.” Christina joked.

“That is a great idea.” Uriah smiled.

“Uriah, you do realize you’re talking in front of RA’s?” Zeke joked.

“Oh come on. We gotta play candor or dauntless.” Uriah smiles. “We haven’t played that in years, and we have new people to play with. It would be a blast.”

“Candor or Dauntless?” I ask.

“It’s truth or dare, but if you don’t answer you gotta take off a piece of cothing.” Uriah smiles.

“Bro, you forgot to mention that you’re drinking the entire time.” Zeke laughed. “And as long as you’re not on my floor I don’t care.”

“And I never heard any of this… As long as we’re invited.” Four laughed.

“Great. Candor or dauntless in our room tonight then.” Christina smiled.

After everyone had exchanged numbers Christina dragged me away from the group to get ready for “party”.


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