Tris Chapter Six

Tris Chapter Six

Champion capri

Activewear top

NIKE black sports bra

NIKE sport shoes
$170 –

Timex wristband watch

Chapter Six: “Movie Night”

Chapter Six: “Movie Night”

Tris POV

I walk in to Eric’s room. I put my stuff on the floor near his desk. I only meant to bring my pajamas with me, now it looks like I planned on staying the night. I sigh. I turn around to see him standing a foot away from me. He pulls me to him and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck. He picks me up, and pins me against the door. I moan lightly. He pulls back with a smile.

“What was that for?” I ask.

“That’s what I wanted to do when Four had his arms around you earlier.” He starts to kiss my neck, sucking lightly. My head rests against the door. “Is it bad that I just want to give you one hickey so guys know not to flirt with you?” He breathes against my neck.

“No hickeys. You’re the only guy that flirts with me.” I smirk.

“That’s not true. Four is definitely flirting with you.” He bites my ear lobe. “I don’t like it.”

“Well I’m definitely not interested.” I laugh. “Are you jealous?”

“Of Four? No way.” He smiles, “I’m the one that you’re kissing.” He kisses me again. He bites my lip. “I am right?” He pulls back looking me in the eye.

I blush. “Yes, you’re the only one that I’m kissing.” I want to say something about me kissing the guys in the group, but it’s not like I plan on kissing any of them again. It’s not like it’s a lie, just an omission.

“Okay.” He nods before kissing me again.

“So if you’re the only one I’m kissing is it the same for you?”

“Yes Tris, I only kiss myself.” He laughs.

“Eric! I’m serious.” I look him in the eyes.

“Tris you are the only person on this floor that I’ve kissed.” He kisses me again. “I’d really like to keep it that way though.”

“Me too.” I nod. Eric smiles at me before depositing me on his bed. “So what horror movie are we watching?” I ask.

“Whatever catches our eye.” He climbs up, settling in what I’ve discovered is his spot. I lay next to him, using him as my pillow. “Comfortable?” He asks.

“Very. You make a great pillow.” I burrow myself in to his side more. I generally stay off my bed, so once I’m on one I’m ready to pass out.

We decide on an old horror movie that was on TV. Fifteen minutes in I’ve stopped pay attention to the movie. I close my eyes and listen to Eric’s breathing. It’s calming and I find myself falling to sleep.

Eric POV

Halfway through the movie I look down at Tris and see she’s fallen asleep on me. I guess we’re gonna have to make movie night earlier next time.

I disentangle her from me, and grab some basketball shorts. I quickly change and climb back in to bed.

“Tris.” I gently shake her.

“No.” She burrows herself in my bed more.

“Tris either change in to pajamas or get up and go to bed.” I say in a firm voice.

Still in a haze, she gets up and goes to her bag. She quickly changes in to her pajamas and then goes back in my bed, covering herself with the blankets. I guess she planned on spending the night.

I climb back in my bed. I make sure my alarm is set. I turn off the TV. I pull Tris close to me. Instantly I fall asleep.

Tris POV

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. I hear an alarm go off. It’s too early for running. The sun is just coming out. I wanna go back to bed. “Turn it off.” I moan.

Eric hit the snooze button, “Five more minutes, then running.” He wraps his arms around me pulling me closer. Unfortunately, his alarm goes off again. “Come on Tris.” Eric pulls the covers back.

I groan again. This seemed like such a good idea yesterday. Five in the morning is too damn early to get up. I get up grudgingly. I look up and see Eric shirtless. It’s the first time I’ve seen him with out his shirt on. He has more tattoos on his chest. He looks really good without his shirt on.

He looks up and laughs. “My eyes are up here.” He pauses. “Leave in fifteen.” He heads to the bathroom.

I go to my bag and quickly change. I throw my other stuff in there. I wait for Eric to be done in the bathroom. I finally look around his room. I’ve spent more nights here than in my own. Three out of the four nights I’ve been here, two were unintentional.

Eric comes out from the bathroom. How is it that even with him just waking up he looks good? I’m sure I have crazy bed head, and he just stands there looking like he’s been up for ages. I go in quickly throwing my messy hair in a bun and brushing my teeth.

“Okay I’m ready.” I come out and find Eric stretching. I tilt my head to get a better view and thankfully he doesn’t catch me. I put my keys in my bra.

“Great. Let’s go.”

We run from the room, down the stairs, instead of starting through the campus we run through the parking lot, going around the entire campus twice, we then we run through the main campus. We make it back to the dorm in an hour and a half. We stand outside the building catching our breath.

“So are you ready for the first day?” Eric asks after a few minutes of silence.

“I guess. I’m not ready to sit through four classes though.” I laugh.

Eric laughs. “What time are you done?”

“One oh five.” I look over at him.

“Great we should get lunch.” He smiles.

“It’s a date.” I laugh.