Chapter Two: “Candor or Dauntless Part I”

Chapter Two: “Candor or Dauntless: Part I”

Tris POV

Christina spent an hour and a half getting me ready for this stupid “party”. It’s not even a party if it’s in your room. Whatever, I just let her do what she wants. It’s not worth starting a fight over on the first night there.

“I can’t believe how great you look.” Christina smiles at me.

“You look pretty great yourself Chris.” I smile as I look at her outfit. She has a short skirt and a crop top on. She tried to get me to wear something similar, but it’s not me. I convinced her to let me wear soft black shorts and a black crop top.

“Tris, someone is gonna end up making out with you tonight. You look hot.” She smiles. “Look for yourself.”

I glance at myself in the mirror. Wow, she made plain old me look stunning. She kept my makeup simple with sparkly brown eye shadow and a muted pink lip. I look like me, but more polished.

“Thank you Chris.” I smile. “You made me look beautiful. And you even got my hair to curl.” I laugh.

Chris’s phone went off. “Uriah and the guys are coming. They have a bottle of whiskey with them.”

“We’re seriously drinking tonight?” I ask.

“Yeah! That’s what you do at a party.” Christina turns on some music. Not too loud, but louder than what I would put on.

Someone knocks at the door. I look through the peephole and see Eric there. I open with a sigh. “Yes Eric?”

Eric looks at me with his mouth open. He looks up and down at me. I want to cross my arms, but I don’t want him to see that his gaze is bothering me, even though I can feel my cheeks getting red. “I, uh, came over to say to lower the music a bit. It’s kinda loud.”

“Got it.” Chris says lowering it a bit. “Better?”

“Yes, thank you.” Eric looks at Christina. I can hear her putting stuff away. “You look good Tris.” He smiles at me.

“Thanks Eric.” I want to invite him tonight, but he doesn’t seem like the type to join in. “Have a good night. If it’s too loud let me know.” I watch as Eric opens the door to his room.

“Have fun.” He smiles.

I close the door. Turning back to Christina. “What?” I ask when I see her starring at me with the evilest smile.

“You look good Tris.” She says in an Eric like tone. “I think tough guy Eric likes you.”

I roll my eyes at her. “No way. Not possible.”

“Nope. I think he likes you. “Oh Tris you look good.” She laughs. A knock on the door interrupts her. “We will finish this later.”

Christina opens the door. Standing in front of us are Uriah, Al, Will, Zeke, Four and three girls that I don’t recognize.

“Hey, we brought some more people.” Uriah smiles. “This is Shauna, Marlene, and Lynn. They live on my floor.”

“Nice to meet you guys.” I smile at them. They seem nice. And who can’t use more friends.

Uriah pulled out two bottles of Whiskey. “Shall we play candor or dauntless?”

“Shots first bro.” Zeke smiles. Uriah hands him the bottle. Zeke takes a sip and passes it on. Once we’ve all taken a sip the game begins. We’ve all sat down in a circle on the floor.

“So the rules are you have to do a shot before your challenge, and if you don’t want to answer or do it then you can take off an article of clothing.” Uriah starts. “So who wants to go first?”

“I will.” Christina says. She takes a sip of whiskey.

“Candor or Dauntless?”


“Kiss the person you think is the best looking.” Uriah laughs.

Christina looks around the room. “Hm.” She smiles as she makes eye contact with Will. She goes over to him and kisses him, tongue included.

“Oh my.” Will laughs.

“Four, candor or dauntless?”

“Dauntless.” He says after his shot.

“What’s your real name?”

“I said dauntless.” He laughs,

“Well I dare you to answer the question.”

Four just rolls his eyes, as he takes off his shirt. The girls holler and whistle. I can’t help but stare at him. His body is amazing. I look away before I get caught.

“Tris, candor or dauntless?”

“Dauntless.” I smile. He hands me the bottle.

“I dare you to give Zeke a makeover.”

I laugh. “Chris can I use your makeup?” She nods as she laughs.

“Why do I have to get the makeover?” Zeke laughs.

“Don’t worry, I will make you look like the beautiful flower that you are.” I quickly gather Chris’s make up slathering Zeke in blush and bronzer, blue eye shadow, and red lipstick. “See I told you you’d look amazing.” I say as I show him his face.

“Shit. I look like our mom.” Zeke laughs.

“Uriah, candor or dauntless?”


“Who do you have a crush on?”

Uriah looks uncomfortable, but answers. “Marlene.”

Marlene looks red, but smiles.

The game continues. After two rounds we finished the first bottle. Marlene had to kiss Uriah, Zeke had to go knock on the neighbors door asking for ice while wearing his beautiful face, Lynn refused to answer a question about who she liked, Al had to kiss then he had to speak in third person for the remainder of the round, and Shauna had to French kiss Zeke.

We played again. Christina got a look in her eye as she asked me “Candor or dauntless.”


“You have to play seven minutes in heaven with Eric.” She laughs.

I stare at her. “W-what?” I stutter.

“You heard me. Go!”

“Tris, just take something off. Don’t bother Eric.” Four says, all traces of smiles gone from his face. He looks downright angry at Eric’s name being mentioned.

“I’ll do it.” I get up. “You better knock on the door when seven minutes is up.” I tell Christina. I open the door. I can hear everyone rushing to the door when it closes. I gather some amount of courage and knock on Eric’s door.

He opens it up wearing basketball shorts and a shirt with the selves missing. “Yes?” He looks good, like a normal college kid.

“Um…” I stare. I look at his arms, they are covered with tattoo’s, but only to where it would be covered by a shirt.

“You must want something if you knocked on my door.” He smirks. He’s leaning against his door starring at me.

“Yes I do.”

“And what’s that?”

“This.” I pull him to me and kiss him. At first he doesn’t do anything, but then he gets in to the kiss. His hand goes to my waist and pulls him closer to me. The other one goes to my hair. His tongue licks my lips and I open my mouth. I feel his tongue against mine. He tastes like mint.

Eric POV

I hear someone knock on my door. I open without looking. I see Tris standing there. She’s biting her lip. She doesn’t say anything.

“Yes?” I say as I stand there. I can hear noise coming from her room. She must have people in there. Why is she standing in front of me then?

“Um…” She trails off.

“You must want something if you knocked on my door.” I smirk. I lean against the door waiting for her to say what she wants.

“Yes I do.”

“And what’s that?” I ask curiously.

“This.” She pulls me to her and kisses me. For a moment I stand there, not doing anything. But then my hand is on her waist pulling her closer to me. The other is tangled in her hair. My tongue licks her lips, wanting in. I deepen this kiss more. She tastes like whiskey. It’s not what I expect from her. Her hands are around my neck keeping me against her, like I’m gonna go anywhere.

She pulls back for a second looking me in the eyes with a smile. I smile back at her before I pull her to kiss her again.

Suddenly, there is a knock coming from her door. Not just any knock, but people pounding on her door. We pull apart, starring at one another.

She bites her lip. “Sorry.”

“For what?”

“Randomly kissing you. I didn’t have it planned it sorta just happened.” She smiles.

“What do you mean?” I say laughing.

“We’re playing a game. Christina dared me to kiss you.” She pauses. “I didn’t think I’d actually go through with it. I thought I’d chicken out when you answered.”

“You’re playing truth or dare?” I smile. I realize my hands are still in her hair and on her waist. She nods. “Why’d you get dared to kiss me, of all people?”

“Chris heard your comment earlier.” She gets red. “Well I should get back.” She moves her hands from my neck.

“Okay.” I frown. I move my hands off her. I want to put them back; they were comfortable there.

“Do you wanna join us?” She asks.

“Who’s with you?”

“Chris, me, some people from our floor, people from other floors.” She looks like she’s hiding something.

“Anyone I would know?”

“Maybe Zeke and Four.”

When I hear Four’s name I sigh. “I better not.” She looks sad when I say no. “But you’re more than welcome to join me later.” That sounded creepy. Like I’m gonna kidnap her.

She smiles. “Do you have your phone?” I pull it from my pocket and hand it to her. She puts her number in and texts herself. “I’ll talk to you later tonight then.” She smiles and goes back to her room.

What just happened?


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