Chapter Three: “Candor or Dauntless Part II”

Chapter Three: “Candor or Dauntless: Part II”

Tris POV

I go back in my room to cheers and whistles.

“Damn Tris way to get everyone hot and bothered.” Shauna smiles. “Who knew you had it in you.”

“So is Eric a good kisser?” Christina asks.

The guys look revolted. Four looks angry. “I don’t kiss and tell.” I laugh with the girls. I grab my phone and quickly save Eric’s number. “So are we still playing?”

We kept playing until the second bottle was gone. In that time I had managed to kiss all the guys- Four was by far the best kisser in the group, Four had to go skipping up and down the hall wearing a fluffy skirt of Christina’s, Zeke had to touch up his make up, Al had to kiss Lynn, Marlene kept having to kiss Uriah, Shauna had to kiss Zeke and Uriah had to use my nerf gun and get a kill shot on the next person who walked in the hall. He got this girl who looked so angry.

After the last sip, Uriah, Zeke, and the girls left. Four stood by the door. “Make sure they get to bed.” He says looking at Will and Christina. They were kissing in the corner. “If you need a place to stay Tris just text me.” I nod, but I’m not gonna take him up on the offer.

Al tapped me on the shoulder. “Do you want me to take him back to the room?”

“Nah, I’ll talk with Christina.” I replied.

“Okay, if you need a place to crash just text me and I’ll sleep on Will’s bed and you can stay on mine.” Al offered.

“Thanks, I’ll let you know if I need to.” I smiled.

He and Four left together. I could hear them laughing as they walked down the hall. I looked at the pair left in the room. There’s no way that they are going to separate. I sighed. I looked at the door. I quickly grab some pajamas, my keys, and my phone.

“Chris I’ll stay somewhere else for the night.” I say. I hear her say something like okay. I walk out and stare at Eric’s door. I knock on the door.

Eric POV

I hear a knock on the door. It’s 1 in the morning who’s knocking? God this better not be a fucking emergency on the first night. I peer through the peephole. Tris is standing there.

“What’s up?” I yawn.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but Christina has a guy in the room and I was wondering if I could crash with you.” She says with a small smile. “I mean Al said I could sleep in his bed, but if Will comes back in the middle of the night then I’m gonna have to get up. And Four said if I need a place to crash to text him, but I don’t wanna take him up on that offer.” She rambles.

I laugh at her rambling. “Sure, you can crash here.” I open the door wider allowing her to pass.

“Thank you.” She smiles

“So how’d the game go?” I ask pushing the lock on the door.

“It was alright, I’m sure you could hear us laughing, we were kinda loud.” She laughs, “It was nice to get to know people though. Too bad you didn’t join us. What’d you end up doing tonight?”

“I just relaxed. I read a book and then went to bed not too long ago.” I hop on the bed. I should of joined them. They sounded like they were having fun. All did was read a book.

“Mind if I change?”

“Do what you gotta do.” I look at her one last time before laying back on the bed. As much as I want to look it’s not right.

“Enjoy the show?”

I laugh, “I’m a gentlemen, I looked away.”

“Thanks.” She smiles. “If you give me a pillow and extra blanket I’ll sleep on the floor.”

I look at her like she has two heads. Why would she sleep on the floor? “Tris, the bed is huge. We can both sleep on the bed and not even touch.”

She laughs and climbs over me to where I hadn’t been sleeping. “Thank you Eric. And thanks for putting up with us tonight. I’m pretty sure we were loud.” She never mentions the kiss. Why? I liked that kiss. I vote for another.

“It’s fine. The only time you guys were loud was after we kissed.” I laugh laying back. I reach over and turn out the light. “So… why did you go through with that kiss?” I ask before I could stop myself.

“I don’t know. I didn’t wanna seem like a wimp.” She sighs. She lays back turning to me. She’s less than an arms length away from me.

“That’s the only reason?” I smirk.

She stares as me. “Well… Why wouldn’t I kiss you? You’re good looking.” She smiles. “You obviously enjoyed it before.”

“I did. And I think that’s why you’re here now.” Eric moved his hand to my waist. “Am I wrong?”

“Not exactly. Chris does have a guy in the room, but I wasn’t trying to make a move on you.” She says.

“I know, because I’m the one who’s making a move on you.” I laugh. My hand goes from her waist to her hair.

Tris smiles at me. She leans forward and kisses me. I pull her closer to me. Her lips are soft. Her tongue trails against my lips, exploring my mouth. After a few minutes I pull back.

“I really did only knock on your door to crash.” She laughs. “Not for a booty call with the cute RA.”

I laugh at her comment. “Don’t worry. I don’t have any condoms, so that thought never crossed my mind.”

Tris laughs. “We should probably get to bed.”

“Probably. Just so you know my alarm is set for 8 so I can go running. You stay here while I run if you want.” I lay flat on my back, ready for sleep.

“Could I join you?” Tris yawns. “I was planning to go when I got up anyway.”

“Won’t you have a hangover?”

“I’m not drunk Eric, just buzzed. I’ll be fine.” She settles next to me.

“Okay Tris.” I smile.


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