Chapter Five: “Party?”

Chapter Five: “Party?”

Eric POV

The weekend went by quickly, for the first time. I spent a good time of it with Tris. It’s like we had a routine. She and I would end up getting breakfast together after our jog, we were the only one’s that were there. Then later at night we would hang out. It was like we started our days together and ended them together. Having a friend was a nice change.

I walk towards the basement. The building is having a “get to know you” party. It sounds just as horrible as it is going to be. Either way I have to be there. All RA’s have to be there. I arrive fifteen minutes early to help Max set up.

“So what exactly are we setting up Max?” I ask as I see him putting plastic tablecloths up.

“It’s not much, just some food and drinks.” He pauses. “Zeke said he would bring his speaker down and play some music.”

“Is that the one that was confiscated by him last year?” I say with a smile. “If I remember correctly, he took it from someone who was having a party in their room at 2 in the morning on a Wednesday. Zeke got so mad at this kid that he kept the speaker.” Max nods laughing.

“I’m hoping that kid isn’t in the building this year,” he pauses, “so I saw that you’ve been running with one of the transfer girls.” I shrug. “Are you friends with her?” I shrug again. “Seriously, don’t make me act like a girl getting clues from you.”

“Yes. We’re running buddies.” I set up the last tablecloth.

“Running buddies?” Max asks incredulity. “Eric can’t you just say that you have a friend? Why is that so hard?”

“Would I have a running buddy if they weren’t my friend?” Why is he asking so many fucking questions?

“Eric when was the last time you had a friend in this building that wasn’t me?”

“I was friends with Four and Zeke my freshmen year.” I respond back. We all roomed together. But Four and I got in a fight, and they separated us. We haven’t spoken on good terms since that night.

“Yeah, and you don’t speak to them.”

“I spoke to Four the other day.”

“And did that conversation include cursing?” I shrug like a child. “Eric I’m just glad you have someone else to talk to aside from me. It’s good for you to have a friend.”

“You wouldn’t consider Tori and I friends?” I ask. I lean against the pillar, waiting to hear his response.

“Eric the only time you talk to her is when she’s doing your tattoo’s. You can be friends with her, but I’m talking about someone that you can speak to without holding back. If the transfer is a friend to you, then I’m happy. It’s great to see you talk to someone.”

I go to respond, but Zeke comes in interrupting our conversation.

“Hey Max, I have the speaker and the playlist all ready.” Zeke looks at me. “It’s about three hours long, it should cover the length of the event.” Even Zeke knows that calling this a party would be a lie.

The other RA’s in the building arrived, followed by the remainder of the building. Halfway through Tris and her friends walked in. Tris was wearing a dress, it was kinda short, and she looked pretty. I smile at her when we make eye contact. She and her friends are talking to Four and Zeke. Four puts an arm around her shoulder. She’s laughing at something. I really want to go over there and move his arm. Before I could do that Uriah is pulling her away from Four, making her dance with him. She’s laughing, and she just looks beautiful. Finally she separates from her friends and walks in my direction.

“Hey.” She smiles.

“Hey.” I pause. “You look like you’re having fun.” I keep any tone of jealousy out of my voice.

“Eh, Four decided to use me as an arm rest, and Uriah pulled me to dance. I swear I think I flashed someone my panties.” She laughs.

“Well I didn’t see the color of them, so I think you’re okay.” I laugh.

“Good. So how come you’re standing here all alone?” She leans against the pillar with me.

“I’m just taking in the scenery. People watching is a past time of mine.”

“Mine too. See anything good?” She says excited.

“I did.” I pause. “There was this cute girl who all the guys were hitting on.”

She looks confused for a second and then begins to blush. “Only one guy is hitting on me.” She laughs.

“Two.” I bargain.

“Really? You and who else?” She blushes.

“Four.” I say simply.

She looks at me shaking her head. “No way.”

Suddenly, Christina is standing next to Tris. “Hi Eric.”

“Hi.” I say back.

“Tris, how’d you manage to get all the way over here?” Christina says with a huge smile.

Tris POV

I look at Christina, “I walked, ya know using my legs.” I hear Eric laugh next to me.

“Well come back, Zeke wants everyone to hear how he was able to get a free speaker.”

I sigh. I really want to roll my eyes. Christina knows that Eric and I are friends, but she just doesn’t like him. “I’ll be right there. I promise.” Christina nods and walks away.

“You better get back,” Eric says to me. “Your group misses you.”

“I know, are we still watching a movie tonight?” I ask hopefully.

Eric nods. “Yes, horror movie at ten.”

“Great, I’ll see you then Eric.” I walk back to our group.

Four stands next to me. “Eric seems chatty today.”

I laugh. “No, I just went to go bother him.”

“Why?” He says curiously.

“Just following my brothers advice.” I smile. Four seems way too interested in why I’m talking to Eric. Before he can say something Zeke begins to tell us this story about how he managed to get a free speaker from this freshman that was having a party at two in the morning. I laugh at the right parts, but it doesn’t interest me much.

“Hey everyone.” Max yells over the music. Zeke runs over and turns it down. “I just wanted to let you know that starting in two weeks, some of the RA’s will be giving self defense lessons. If you want to take part you should sign up now. We just want a head count, if you just show up it’s okay. But if you sign up now, you will definitely get a free shirt.” Max laughs.

I look over at Chris. “Think we should sign up?”

“Self defense would be good to know. I’d like to be prepared in case anything were to happen.” We look over at Shauna, Marlene, and Lynn. “You guys gonna sign up too?”

“I think so. Its been a while since I’ve taken a self defense class.” Lynn responds.

We all walk over and sign our names. I see that Four, Zeke, Eric, Max, and a girl named Tori are going to be teaching the classes. They are offered at different times during the week. The first one is two weeks from today.

After a while, Chris and I decide to head back. We take the long way back, working off some of the cake we ate. Well I’m working it off, I ate three pieces of chocolate cake. My mom rarely made cake at home, and if she did it was vanilla. Apparently chocolate had too much sugar in it. Food at home is kinda bland, barely any seasoning.

“So Four seems interested in you.” Christina says out of the blue.

I laugh. “What’d ya mean?”

“Exactly what I said silly. When you went to talk to Eric, he kept looking over at you.” She paused. “I think he’s gonna ask you out soon, I think he’s harboring a huge crush.”

“No way. But Will on the other hand. He is definitely feeling you. What happened that night? You haven’t gone in to too many details.” Chris is easy to distract.

“Oh we mainly made out.” She blushed.

“I know that. I was there for half of that.” I smile. “I stayed somewhere else in case you guys needed the room.” I say without thinking.

“Will left after he found out that I wasn’t going to have sex with him. I’m all for drunken hook ups, but not the first night I meet someone. Besides… Wait where did you stay? I distinctly remember seeing you in your bed when I woke up.”

Shit! I thought she knew I wasn’t there. “Oh, I crashed on Eric’s floor.” I pause. “Al said I could crash in Will’s bed, but I didn’t wanna have to go back to the room at four in the morning cause you guys were finished.”

“Eric had you sleep on the floor?”

“No he offered to give me his bed, but I wasn’t gonna steal his bed from him. He has a soft rug on the floor so it wasn’t so bad.” I lie. I can hear the lie coming out of my mouth, sounding horrible, but I’m gonna stick with it. I’m not sure why I feel the need to lie about my friendship with Eric.

Christina looks at me strangely. “Okay…” She says, “Anyway, Will is a great kisser.” She continues. She opens the door to the room.

I look at the time. There’s about fifteen minutes before ten. I start to get my stuff ready for tomorrow morning. I grab my books and folders, throwing them in my bag. All my classes are back to back. So I don’t have time to come back and put my stuff away. I put my workout clothes in my gym bag, shoes, socks, sports bra, pants, and a top. I throw my some extra hair ties in it, as well as my little toiletries bag. If everything goes as planned I should have enough time for a quick shower in the morning.

“Ready for classes to start tomorrow?” Christina asks are seeing me look through my closet.

“Yeah. I’m hoping that I can fit my morning run in each day.” I roll my eyes at myself.

“You know they have group classes at the gym each night. If you miss your run you’re more than welcome to join me there.” Chris offers. “If I don’t work out three times a week, my body starts to revolt against me.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” I quickly grab some jeans and a tank top. I fold them and place them on my desk. I grab some slip on shoes.

“You really like to be planned don’t you?” Christina asks.

“Once I have a schedule then I’m less organized.” I smile. “When are your classes tomorrow?”

“I start at 12. I don’t get done until 5 tomorrow. We should get dinner tomorrow when I get back.”

“That’d be great. I’ll try not to be loud when I get up tomorrow.”

Chris laughs. “I can sleep through just about anything. Don’t worry about it.”

I laugh. I look at the time and see it’s ten. I toss my pajamas in my workout bag. I exit quietly and knock on Eric’s door. He opens up with a smile.


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