Chapter Ten: “Dirty Little Secret Part II”

Chapter Ten: Dirty Little Secret Part II


Oh so this is about Eric?” Four rolls his eyes. “What do you see in him?”

Eric and I are just friends. Why does it matter so much to you?”

Because Eric is an asshole! He’s just gonna get you in trouble.”

What do you mean?”

Four POV

“Eric hasn’t mentioned to you why he and I don’t get along? Why barely anyone around here likes him?” I laugh. This is just hilarious. He hasn’t mentioned anything about his past to her.

Tris shakes her head at me. She looks confused. “What are you talking about?”

I resist the urge to roll my eyes. I take the whiskey bottle out of my bag. I take a sip and hand her the bottle. “You may want this.”

“I’m fine.” She hands the bottle back to me. “Tell me what you’re talking about!”

“Eric and I were roommates our freshmen year, along with Amar.” I pause and look at her.

“Get on with the story Four.” Tris says in an annoyed tone.

“In the beginning the three of us were friends. We were all great friends, actually. Slowly though Amar and I noticed a change in Eric. He was either high or low. He was always going to parties. He barely went to school. Before winter break I found a packet of coke on the floor. Amar and I knew that we weren’t doing coke. We figured that it had to be Eric’s. We tried to speak to him about it, but he ignored us. There wasn’t a change when we got back from winter break. I thought Eric would go back to normal if he was away from all the parties, but I was wrong.”

“Go on.” Tris says taking a sip of her beer.

“I ended up going home one weekend. I just wanted to get away from Eric and the tension in the room. When I got back Sunday, the room was a mess. All of Amar’s stuff was gone. I found out that Amar got arrested and he was automatically kicked out of school. Someone made a complaint that the room smelled like pot, and Max came in to search the room and found the coke. Eric somehow pinned it on Amar. Eric and I got in a huge fight.”

“What?” She questions. “This doesn’t sound like Eric.”

“Eric had the nerve to blame Amar. And Eric and I got in a huge fight. I ended up with a few bruised ribs, three broken fingers, and a broken wrist. They were able to separate me and Eric, and he and I haven’t spoken since. I got placed to live with Zeke. I’m not sure what happened with Eric. He was gone for the rest of the semester. The next year he returned back and he was an RA. I’m really not sure how that happened, but whatever.” I look at her. Tris looks confused, a little angry too. “I just wanted you to know the person that you’re hanging out with. You do deserve to know how he’s treated people.”

Tris POV

I sigh at Four. There’s a time and a place for things. This isn’t the time or the place. I shake my head and take a sip of my beer. Maybe Christina and Eric are right; maybe Four does have a thing for me. And I’m the idiot.

“Why are you telling me this?” I question. I’m not sure who to be angry at right now, Four or myself. Probably myself for believing that I could ever like a guy like Four. He was so sweet tonight.

“Tris, you deserve to know the truth. Especially, if you and Eric are going to hang out. I don’t want something to happen to you like what happened to Amar.” Four says this with one of the most sincere looks I’ve ever seen. It’s actually sickening. “It was my fault that Amar got kicked out. If I hadn’t gone home that weekend, then he wouldn’t of gotten kicked out. I refuse to let that happen to you.”

I take a deep breath. I just stare at Four. “You’re not my father. You don’t get to decide who I like, who I hang out with, who the fuck I choose to be with. You have this superiority complex.”

Four looks at me with wide eyes. “He’s already made you think I’m the enemy.”

I just want to scream. “Please! When I’m with Eric, he and I don’t talk about you. You’re not even on his radar, let alone mine! You’re just an asshole! A fucking asshole who can’t get it through his head that I am my own person. I decide who I spend time with. And right now I’m refusing to spend time with you. So just leave me alone for the rest of the night. I don’t even want to look at your pathetic face.” I walk away from him. From all of my friends.

Does he really think that bashing Eric is the way to get me to like him? Because it’s not. It just makes me mad at Four. It’s not his place to tell me Eric’s secrets. I’m mad Eric hasn’t mentioned it to me, but still Eric should still be the one to tell me.

I can hear Four saying my name, but I keep walking. I walk out the door we came through. I begin to head back to DU. After a minute of walking I stop. I look around, I’m not exactly sure where I am. I recognize the area, but I’m not sure. I shouldn’t of left with out someone else with me.

Someone bumps in to me. “Sorry.” They say. I look up at them. I recognize their face, but I’m not exactly sure why.

“It’s fine.” I smile weakly at them. “I’m sorry, but you look very familiar.”

The guy laughs. “I think I live on your floor at DU. I remember you getting called out by the RA.” He smiles at me. “I’m Peter.” He holds out his hand.

I shake it. “Tris.”

“Nice to meet you.” I pause. “Can you just tell me which way it is to the dorms?”

“My friend Drew and I are walking back now… Well once he gets done at the deli.” He smiles. “If you wait a minute, you can walk back with us.”

I nod. “Thanks.” I look at Peter as he looks to the deli. He looks nice, but there’s something about him that I’m not exactly trusting of. I grab my phone out of my purse. I scroll through my contacts. I pull up Eric’s number. Just as I’m about to hit send Peter speaks again.

“This is my friend Drew.” He introduces me to a stocky looking guy. He looks like he could crush me.

“Hi.” I say quietly.

“This is Tris, since we’re heading back to the dorms I said we’d walk her.” Peter smiles.

“I thought we were-”

“Walking back to the dorms to grab Molly.” Peter cuts Drew off.

Drew nods. “Right.” He smirks at me. “Let’s go.”

I follow them as they begin to walk. I stay a step behind them. There’s something off about them. I dial Eric’s number, but I keep the phone away from my ear.

“So how much longer until we’re there?” I ask loudly.

“Just up another block.” Peter smiles at me.

“Great.” I continue to walk with them. A few minutes later we’re in front of the dorm, Drew stops to tie his shoe. I turn around to say thank you to Peter, but someone wraps their arms around me.

“Hey! Let go of me.” I yell.

Peter puts his hand over my mouth to silence me. I struggle to move my head. I scream again. Peter covers my mouth again, and this time I bite. I bite until I taste blood.

“Help!” I scream. I feel a blow at my jaw, then at my temple, and everything starts to get fuzzy. I feel my dress being ripped, and suddenly I’m on the ground.

“Help.” I whisper.

I feel a hand with a soft touch on my cheek. And then the blackness around my vision gets fuzzy, and I allow it to takeover me.

Eric POV

I smile as I see Tris’s face appear on my phone. It’s a picture I took of her when she was sleeping in my bed earlier this week.

“Hey what’s up?” I say with a smile.

I don’t hear her respond. But I do hear her voice, it’s far from the phone but I can hear it.

“So how much longer until we’re there?” I hear Tris ask someone.

“Just up another block.” A voice responds back.

I keep listening. Why would Tris have called me if she was busy with some guy? I keep listening. She wouldn’t of called me unless something was up. I keep listening until I hear her scream.

“Hey! Let go of me.” Her voice comes from my phone.

Immediately I grab my keys and run. I run down the stairs, and out the dorm. I abruptly stop and listen. I can hear a struggle. I run to it. I see a guy hit Tris in the face. I run to them, and he gets another blow to her head.

I hit him, enough for him to go to the ground hard. I hit the guy holding Tris. She falls to the ground. I hit the guy that was holding her. I hear a crunch on his face. I broke his nose. Good. I kick him in the ribs. I turn to the other guy, who is just getting up. I punch him in the face, like how he did to Tris. I punch his ribs, enough that I know they’re bruised.

“Help.” I hear barely above a whisper. I look over at Tris. I let go of the asshole in front of me.

My hand reaches out to touch her cheek. She looks at me like she can’t see me. And all life goes out of her body. I stop breathing. I check her pulse. It’s still there thank god. I look around me. The two guys are gone. I didn’t even hear them leave. Shit. I should of gotten names from them.

I pick up Tris. Her bag falls. I bend down and pick up her phone and bag. I shove them in my pocket. I carry her through the building to my room. I place her on my bed, on what I’ve started to call her side. I take off her shoes, letting them fall to the ground. I put her phone and bag on my dresser. I grab my phone and keys. I go in the hall and call Max.

“Hey Eric, what’s up?”

“One of the residents was attacked.”

“Who?” He yells.

“Tris.” I breathe out.

“Where is she?” He asks.

“In my room.” I say. “She’s out cold. She’s alive and breathing, but she’s passed out.”

“I’ll be right there.” He hangs up. Less than a minute later Max is standing in front of me out of breath. “Is she okay?”

“Still in my room. What do you wanna do?” I ask.

Max runs a hand over his face. “We will file an incident report of what you saw. Do you recognize the attackers faces?”

“A bit, but I’m not sure from where.” I sigh. My heat is beating so fast; I’m surprised I’m still able to form a sentence.

“Okay. Write a statement of what happened, and what you saw.” Max says quickly. “Then get it to me as fast as possible. When Tris wakes up ask her if she wants to file a report. If she does, call me immediately and I will come here immediately. I don’t care if it’s three in the morning, call me. Hell just text me when she’s up.”

I nod. “Max, I beat the shit out of those guys. The two guys that we’re looking for are going to have busted up faces and bruises. If they are in this building we will see them and know who they are.”

“Good.” Max laughs. “Take care of her until she wakes up and call me.” He hands me two instant ice packs. “Give these to her when she wakes up.”

I nod. I go back in my room and look at Tris. She looks so small lying in my bed. Who would do this to her? I let out a breath I had no idea that I was holding.

Quickly I write up a statement; what I heard on the phone, what I did, and what I saw. I send it off to Max. I set up an ice pack. I put it on Tris’ head. I climb in to bed with her. I put my hand on the ice pack keeping it in place. I lay there next to her until I fall asleep listening to her breathe.


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