Chapter Thirteen: “Three Little Birdies”

Chapter 13: Three Little Birdies

Tris POV

I jerk awake after having a nightmare. I try to sit up, but I feel Eric’s arms tighten around me. I’ve spent the last week and a half sleeping in his room. I thought that I’d gotten used to sleeping next to Eric before, but now I can’t sleep without him. I feel safe when I sleep in his arms.

I listen to his breathing. Normally, it is able to lull me back to sleep, but it’s not working tonight. I stretch to look at the alarm clock. It’s only one in the morning. Normal college students are still partying at this hour, but Eric and I are asleep. Christina had invited me to go out tonight, but I passed. I spent time with the girls while they were getting ready, but I don’t want to go out with them for a while.

Over the last week, Christina’s been less pushy. I’m a bit surprised to be honest. Maybe she feels responsible for me getting attacked by Peter and Drew. She’s stopped pushing Four on me. So I’m just gonna call it a win, win.

Eric’s snore brings me out of my thinking. I turn around so I’m facing him. The only time Eric looks his age is when he’s sleeping. Eric snores again making me laugh. Eric jerks wake.

“Hey what are you doing up?” He smiles, pulling me closer.

“You were snoring.” I laugh. “You’re lucky you’re cute.” I stretch and kiss Eric. My tongue licks his lips demanding entrance. He does what I want and immediately I deepen our kiss. I maneuver myself so I’m straddling his waist. I pull back and kiss his neck. I bite harder than I meant to and Eric moans. He flips us so I’m underneath him. My legs have wrapped around his waist. My hands go under his shirt, I can feel all of his muscle contract when my fingers touch them. God, he’s built like a rock and it is so sexy. My nails scrape down his back. Eric grinds himself in to me and it feels amazing. Eric moans before pulling back.

“First of all I’m irresistible. Second, I don’t snore. And third, you can pounce on me like that any time you want.” Eric kisses my forehead, before he rolls off of me. “We should go back to bed though, I thought you wanted to go running in the morning?”

“I do. I just woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’ve only been up for fifteen minutes.”

“Nightmare?” He asks simply. He’s the only person that I’ve told about them. He’s woken me up from them a few times as well. I nod. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“I’m okay, it wasn’t as bad this time.”

“Okay.” He smiles at me. “Let’s go back to bed.” Eric shifts and pulls me to his chest. “Listen to my breathing or heartbeat to put you back to sleep.”

I do as he says, and within minutes I’m back to sleep. The next time I wake up it’s to an alarm. “Turn it off.” I bury my face in Eric’s chest.

He moves and the alarm goes off. “Let’s go running. You haven’t been running in a week.” His hand rubs up and down my back.

“Okay.” I sigh defeated. I really wish we would go running in the afternoons. I sit up and look down at Eric. “Can we ever sleep late on a Saturday?”

“Get dressed.” Eric laughs. “Tomorrow we sleep late. You can sleep until three if you want.”

“Fine.” I frown. I really hate Eric’s running schedule. It’s absolute torture. Sure I normally go back to sleep after running on Saturday’s, but I just wanna sleep late at the same time.

“Come on Tris.” Eric sits up and kisses my shoulder.

I follow behind him. I grab my keys and go back to my room. I quietly open the door. I look at Christina’s bed. She is the only one in it. Thank god. I’ve already had one awkward encounter with Will in the morning this week. I don’t need another one. I quickly change. I grab my toiletries and head to the bathroom. I quickly brush my teeth and throw my hair in to a braid.

I let myself back in to Eric’s room. He’s standing at the sink brushing his teeth… Shirtless. It’s like Eric doesn’t want us to go running if he’s shirtless. I walk to the bathroom door and lean against it. I look at his chest; specifically the tattoo that he has on it. It’s a watercolor raven. Instead of it being all black there’s a mix of colors instead. It goes across the top part of his chest, down his ribs, and down half of his arm. It’s beautiful.

“I know you’re starring.” He says after spitting.

“You’re the one who’s shirtless. You obviously wanted me to stare at you.” I smirk.

Eric smirks. He steps in front of me. His hands ghost up my sides. “You look way too sexy just to go for a run.” Eric pulls me to him and kisses me. This kiss is hungry, like the one from last night. He picks me up and pins me against the door. I wrap my legs around him. Eric kisses my neck. I can feel him leaving a mark, this time I don’t stop him. He pulls back and smirks at me.

“No complaints?” He asks. He has a huge smile on his face.

“Just one.” I smile.

“What’s that?” His hand moves to my ass to keep me in place.

“Do we have to go running right now?” I laugh. “I’m sure we could do something more productive with our time.” My hand plays with the hair at the base of his neck.

“Yes, we have to go running.” Eric laughs. He puts me down with a smile. “I miss having you next to me when I run. It’s not the same without you.”

A huge smile appears on my face. I pull Eric’s lips to mine for a brief kiss. “Okay I’m ready to run.”

I follow Eric out of the building. We start off with the normal route; around the main part of campus, before jogging around the walkway around the campus. Eric then veers off course; we jog back around the main part of campus before going back to the dorm. We stand in front of the building catching our breath.

“So I’ve been thinking.” Eric says after a few minutes of silence.

“Thinking’s good.” I stick my tongue out at him.

“I was thinking that we should go on a date.”

“A date?” I question. “Aren’t we already dating?”

“Yes, but we haven’t gone out on a date yet. And I’d like to take you out.” Eric smiles at me. “What’d ya think?”

“I’d like that.”

“Great, how about tonight?”

“I thought we were gonna chill out and just watch Netflix?” I ask.

“We did that last night Tris. Let’s do something different.” He smiles.


Eric POV

I smile when I see a text from Tris: What should I wear tonight?

Hm… I’m not exactly sure if she’s going to want to get a tattoo, but if she does then she doesn’t have to expose too much of herself. I reply: Wear something loose. I’ll knock on your door in twenty minutes.

I quickly throw on shorts and a tank, I grab my keys and I head to Tori’s room. Earlier this week I asked her to draw a new tattoo for me. I knock on her door.

She opens it with a smile. “Hey, I’ve been waiting for you to drop by.” She motions for me to come inside. “I think you’ll like this.” She hands me a piece of paper with a clockwork design on it.

“This is fantastic.” I smile at her. “Thank you.”

“No problem.” She smiles. “I think that is one of my best drawings yet. Where are you gonna put it?”

“My ribcage most likely.”

“That’ll hurt like a bitch-”

“But it’ll be worth it.” I smile finishing her sentence.

She closes her sketch book. “So how’s Tris doing?” She asks tentatively. “I haven’t seen her around the last week.”

“She’s alright. I think she’s doing better. I finally got her to go running with me this morning. I’m taking her on a date tonight. I’m hoping getting away from the school for a few hours will help.”

“You guys are finally dating?” She smiles. I nod. “Good for you. She’s hot. I’ve heard a few of the guys around the building talking about her. You’re gonna be the most hated guy around here… Well more than you already are.” She laughs.

I roll my eyes. “Hey for once I can say that I am the second most hated guy here.”

“True, Four is on everyone’s shit list. Max told me he’s trying to figure out a way to get him removed as an RA.”

Hm, I didn’t hear that. I guess Max is keeping me out of that. I shrug. I glance at my watch. “I gotta get Tris for our date. Thanks for doing this for me.”

“No problem. Have fun with Tris. Tell George I say hi.”

I jog up the steps to the third floor. I grab my phone from my room before knocking on her door. She opens it with a smile. She looks gorgeous. She has shorts and a tank top on.

“Ready?” I smile.


“Have fun.” I hear Christina yell as the door closes.

“So why am I wearing loose clothing?” Tris weaves her hand through mine.

“Well I was thinking of a less conventional date.” I hold the door for her. We make our way to my car. “I was thinking that we could go get tattoo’s together.”

“Really?” She smiles.

“Yeah. I wanted to get another and I thought that you might want to as well.” I open the car door for her.

“How come you never told me you had a car?” She asks as she gets in.

“It never came up.” I wink. I get in the drivers side and start it up. The drive to the tattoo shop is only twenty minutes. After five minutes of driving I reach over and hold Tris’s hand.

“So what are you getting?”

“Something Tori drew up for me. She normally draws a lot of my tattoos.” I let go of her hand and get the paper from my pocket, handing it to her. “I kinda just let Tori draw up what she wants when I say that I want to get a tattoo. She drew the bird on my chest.”

“It’s beautiful. I kinda want to ask her to make something for me when she gets the time.” Tris smiles.

“You should ask her.” I take her hand again and smile that she lets me.

“I will.”

We drive the rest of the way in comfortable silence. I like that we don’t have to always fill the silence when we’re together. I pull in to a spot in front of the tattoo shop.

George Wu, Tori’s brother, smiles when he see’s me. “So what has my sister made for you today Eric.”

“This.” I take the piece of paper out.

“Okay.” George looks at it then looks at Tris and our entwined hands. “Who’s this?”

“My girlfriend Tris.” I smile, squeezing her hand.

“Nice to meet you.” Tris smiles.

“You too. So are you getting a tattoo as well?”

“I think I might.” Tris smiles.


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