Chapter Nineteen: “Lunch Date Part I”

Chapter 19: “Lunch Date Part I”

Tris POV

“Hi mom, you’re here?” I ask.

“Hi Beatrice. I’m parking the car now.” She laughs. “I figured I’d come in and see your new room. And maybe while I’m there I could meet some of your friends.”

“Okay, I’ll be right down.” I throw a pillow at Lynn, hitting her shoulder, after hanging up. “Lynn, my mom’s coming up for a few minutes. Wake up! Then you can go back to bed and I will leave you the room for the rest of the weekend.” Lynn glares at me, but nods and gets up.

I quickly text Eric: My mom’s here. Knock in ten minutes.

I make my way to the first floor. When I hit the last step, I look up and see Max sitting in his office working on something. I knock on the door to notify him of my presence. “So you and my mom are friends?”

Max laughs. “Old friends, yeah. I never put two and two together until she called you Tris the other day.”

I shake my head. My family is the only one who still call me by my full name; no matter how many times I tell them I prefer Tris better. “Well my mom’s here, parking the car, if you wanna come meet her at the door with me.”

“Sure. I can put off this paper work for a little while longer.” He closes the laptop in front of him. He locks the office door behind him.

“By the way, I’m kinda waiting to tell my mom about Eric… And the tattoo. Can you hold off on mentioning it for a little bit?”

Max nods. “Hey it’s your business. I’m just here to see an old friend. I also plan to embarrass Eric. He’s the friend that you’re bringing tonight right?”

“My mom has never been able to keep a secret.” I shake my head. I open the door and see my mom standing in front of the building. She’s facing away from the door looking at the campus.

She turns around at the sound of the door closing. “Beatrice!” My mom pulls me in to a hug. “You look beautiful.” She whispers in my ear.

“Hi mom.” I hug her tightly. It feels like it’s been years, instead of weeks. “How was the ride up?”

“Easy.” She laughs. “You know that I drive faster than your father.” Max laughs at her comment and for the first time in a minute she looks away from my face. “Max, how lovely to see you.” She lets go of me and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

They definitely dated when they were younger… Gross. I’d rather not think of my mom dating any one other than my dad. Actually I don’t want to think of my mom and dad dating. I’m just gonna picture them happily married with two point five kids, the house with a white picket fence, and the dog. That poor puppy goes through too much with my mother.

We got him for her when I found out that I got in to Dauntless. My dad works during the days, so she’s home by herself nine out of ten times. She’s now permanently attached to that dog. I think the only reason she left him at home is because she wouldn’t be able to bring it in to the dorm. Poor Zoro. I hold back my laugh at our poor excuse of a dog.

“Well come get me when you’re ready for lunch. Tris knows where my office is.” Max says with a huge smile. I’ve never seen him smile this much before. Maybe he’s still in to my mom… Awkward.

I nod. “So you wanna see the new room?”

“Sure. How’s your new roommate? You never told me what happened between you and Christina? I thought you guys were going to be great friends with one another.”

I lead the way to the stairs. “Lynn’s great. She and I are really good friends.” I smile. “Better than me and Christina were.”

“So what happened between the two of you? You’ve managed to avoid my questions about it when we speak on the phone.”

I pause at the door. “We just didn’t get along. We had different ideas about what was important in regards to school and our social lives. We had a fight and Lynn told me her roommate moved out so I transferred rooms. Anyway this is the new room.” I open the door and my room is packed with my friends. All of them, including Eric. They look up and I have to refrain myself from cursing. “These are all of my friends, who I was pretty sure would be sleeping, mom.”

Uriah comes over. ” Hi Mrs. Prior it’s nice to meet you. I’m Uriah, I live across the hall.”

My mom pulls him in for a hug, which Uriah happily returns as I shake my head. “It’s nice to meet you too Uriah.” Uriah introduces her to everyone in the room. Apparently he makes a better host than I do.

“Well I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m going back to bed.” Uriah moves his head to tell everyone to get out. Marlene, Shauna, and Zeke all give my mom a hug on the way out. Lynn and Eric are left with us.

“Now I remember you.” My mom says look at Eric. “You’re the RA right?” She has this look on her face, it’s as if she’s trying to get him to crack.

Eric laughs. “Yes ma’am that’s me.”

Lynn excuses herself, as she tries not to laugh. She’s either going to the bathroom or somewhere else to sleep for a little while longer. I wish I could of left with her. This is so awkward. I really hate that Eric wanted to meet my parents. Why did I let him talk me in to this? I really am an idiot. I’m brought back to reality and away from my thoughts when my mom starts talking again.

“And you two are just friends?” She raises an eyebrow at us.

I guess when I was wrapped up in my thoughts I had subconsciously moved closer to Eric so he was standing behind me. Even without thinking I wanted to protect him from the crazy lioness, that wants to protect her cubs, that is my mother.

I resist the urge to make a face. “Well yes and no.”

“Yes and no?” My mother repeats back to me.

“Actually, Mrs. Prior, Tris and I are dating.” Eric says before I can even think of what to say. I look back at him and he shrugs. “Well it’s not as if you were gonna open your mouth to say anything.”

“And how long have you guys been dating?” My mom has a smirk on her face, as if she already knew.

“About a month.” I reply before Eric could. We’d been debating about this topic for a while. He wanted for it to include when we first kissed, but I thought that we weren’t a couple then so it should really be the morning after I got my ass beat.

“About a month? It’s either a month or it’s not Beatrice.” My mom laughs.

“She says a month because that’s when we decided to be a couple. I say about 6 weeks because I want to include when we first kissed.” Eric tells my mom.

“Hold up. Didn’t you just start school six weeks ago?”

Where is Lynn? She could interrupt us right now. “Yes.” I reply.

“So you two kissed the first night you were here then?” My mom laughs, full out laughs. “Who knew you and I were the same Beatrice.”

I make a noise of disgust and Eric laughs. “Gross Mom.” Ugh I don’t want to eat lunch now.

Eric POV

“So let’s all go to lunch. I can get to know Eric more.” Mrs. Prior smiles. She doesn’t wait for us. She just walks out like she knows where she’s going. Hell she probably does since Tris told me that she went here.

Tris reaches in to her closet and grabs a purse. She throws some stuff in there and looks at me. “Ready?” She frowns.

I go to her and hug her. “Relax. You’re mom’s hilarious. This is going to be fun.”

Tris takes a deep breath. “I know.” She pulls back. “At least Max is going to be there and he mentioned that he would embarrass you.”

I laugh. “See then we can both be worried.” I place a kiss on her forehead. She pulls me back to her and brings my lips to hers.

“Okay I’m ready.” She smiles. We walk to the first floor and follow Max and Mrs. Prior’s voices. They’re in his office. Mrs. Prior is sitting on the edge of Max’s desk. Max has his hand on her leg and it looks a lot more flirty than friendly.

Tris smirks at me and knocks on the door. “You guys ready to go?”

Max removes his hand and Mrs. Prior’s face is red. So that’s where Tris gets her blush.

Mrs. Prior laughs. “We’re ready, just waiting on you two.”

Tris rolls her eyes at me with a smile. “Yeah they were definitely waiting on us.” Tris whispers.

I laugh. I put my arm around her shoulder, pulling her to me. We follow Mrs. Prior and Max out to her car.

“You know, I remember my mom saying that my dad stole her away from some guy their senior year of college.” She says with a smile. “I think Max was that guy.”

I laugh. “Maybe they’re just old friends catching up?” Tris gives me a look that says yeah okay. “Okay maybe he was that guy.”

Mrs. Prior leads us to a cross over. I thought she would of driven a minivan, she has that minivan mom feel to her, but instead we’re standing infront of a cross over.

“So where are we headed?” I ask Max.

“A café not too far from the school.” He smiles back at us.

“Great I’m starving.” I respond. Tris shakes her head at me as I open the car door for her. I close her door and get in on the other side.

“Since when are you such a gentlemen Coulter?” Max asks turning back to look at me.

“He’s always a gentlemen.” Tris laughs. I take her hand squeezing a bit.


Chapter Eighteen: “Cleaning Frenzy”

Chapter 18: “Cleaning Frenzy”

Tris POV

“Tris will you please stop cleaning my room.” Eric groans. He moves his arm so it’s covering his face. My cleaning must have woken him up. “You cleaned last night. And the day you found out that your mom is coming to see you. Not to mention the fact that you cleaned your room within an inch of its life.”

I stare at Eric. “Hey this your fault. You’re the one who wants to meet my mom. I was gonna prolong it, but “Mr. I’m-great-with-parents” just has to meet her.” I go back to cleaning his mirror.

“You can’t possibly be stressing out this much.” Eric turns and looks at me.

I stare at him through the mirror. “Yes I can. I don’t let people meet my parents. My mom’s made it her life’s mission to embarrass me in front of my friends.”

Eric laughs. “Please, Tris, it can’t be that bad. At least you don’t have a big brother who tells your girlfriends all your horror stories.”

“That’s because my big brother intimidates them. Half of them don’t call me again after meeting him and most of those meetings were just unwanted encounters in the kitchen.”

Eric smiles. “You never told me that you had a brother.”

I roll my eyes. “I also have a dad too.” I see him shake his head. I finish the mirror and put the Windex and paper towels down. “Are you done sleeping? Can I please make the bed now? Hell I’ll even change the sheets and start whatever laundry you have.”

“No. I’m not done sleeping. It’s only seven. I planned to sleep longer. Who knew the one time I don’t wake you up at the ass crack of dawn that you would wake yourself up for once.” He sits up. “Come back to bed for one hour. Then you can go back to frantically cleaning. I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna have to clean your room again anyway.”

Shit! Lynn is a slob. Her side is definitely going to be messy. I just cleaned all her shit up yesterday. It was so pristine that you could eat off the damn floor. Fuck it, I give up. I climb up next to Eric; I cuddle myself up next to him. I see him give me an “I told you so” look.

“Shut it.” I smirk.

Eric wraps his arm around me. “I have nothing to say.” He kisses the top of my head.

I listen to Eric’s breathing even out. He falls asleep faster than I do. I finally feel my eyes close and I drift to sleep once again. Unfortunately, I get two hours of rest before I feel my pillow move.

“Tris.” Eric calls. “Your phone is ringing.”

I sit up and take the phone from him. “Hello?” I grumble.

“Hi honey.” My mom’s chipper voice came through the other line. “Did I wake you?”

“In the morning on a Saturday? No way Mom I was just getting ready for the day.” I say with a large amount of sarcasm.

My mother laughs. “Well I figured you’d need a wake up call. I should be at the school by 12ish. I figure we can grab some lunch. My friend Max told me about a restaurant not too far from the school.”

“Max?” I question.

“Yes. I think he said that he knew you. He works at one of the quads.”

I hold back the groan that wants to escape my lips. “That’s my RD mom.” Eric looks over at me.

“Well he should join us for lunch since you know him.” I can hear the smile in her voice as she says this.

“Okay.” I reply. “Oh, by the way, I’m bringing a friend with me to lunch.”

“Just a friend?”

“Yes mom, a friend.”

“Okay. Lunch is going to be so much fun.” She laughs. “I can’t wait to meet your “friend”.”

“Yeah mom it’s going to be a blast.” I roll my eyes. “I’ll see you around noon then. Send me a text when you’re on campus.”

“See you then.”

I groan when I end the call. “Max and my mom are friends.”

“What? How?” Eric asks.

“No idea. But I have this strange feeling that they both went to school here together.” I sigh. “And if I’m guessing correctly I think they used to date.” Gross. That is not something that I want to think of.

Eric laughs. “You have horrible luck with your mom don’t you.”

“Yes. Not to mention I have to find a shirt that covers the tattoo.” I laugh. I’m having the worst luck today.

Eric shifts so he’s on top of me, resting his weight on his hands. “Well I’m pretty sure that you’ll look beautiful with anything you pick today.”

I smile and pull him to me for a kiss. “I still think you’re bias.” I laugh.

“I am very bias.” He laughs. He kisses me one last time before he goes back to “his” side.

“Okay. I’m gonna go back to my room. I gotta shower, get dressed, and clean.” I climb over Eric, fast enough that he can’t grab my waist.

He pouts. “You could just shower here.”

“Yes, but then I’d smell like you. And as much as I’d love that I don’t want my mom to ask me why I smell like a guy.” I frown. Showering here would save me fifteen minutes.

Eric laughs. “You Miss Prior live a way too complicated life.” He sits up.

“Only when I have to deal with my parents. My mother is way more perceptive than I give her credit for.” I kiss him one last time. “I’ll text you when my mom gets here and you can meet her. Don’t forget to not to mention the tattoo.”

He laughs at me. “I won’t. I’ll text Max and tell him to say nothing too.” He pulls me back and kisses me again. Unlike my kiss that was chaste, his is powerful. My hands wind up on his neck and his end up in my hair. He gently bites and sucks on my lower lip. He pulls back with a smile. “Now that’s a see you later kiss.”

I laugh at him. I leave his room and make my way back to mine. When I open the door I see that Lynn left the room clean when she came back last night. Even her clothes are in the hamper. I’m impressed. It’s not that she’s dirty she’s just messy. And I really didn’t want to have to explain to my mother that it doesn’t really matter because I barely sleep in my room at night.

I grab my toiletries and towel. I take a quick shower. It’s probably the second shower I’ve taken on this floor. I might as well just leave my stuff in his room, but then it’s like we’re living together. Although I did leave some of my clothes in a free draw in his dresser, I feel like leaving my toiletries there means that I spend more time in his room than I do mine.

I quickly walk back to the room. Thankfully no one’s in the hall, I hate the walk back when there are people in the hall. Some of the guys are just crude… And in moments like these it’s when I realize I sound like my mother.

I throw my hair in a braid and pray that it will dry before I see my mother. I grab a dress and boots and put them on my bed.

Eric POV

After Tris leaves I get up and shower. I wish Tris had showered here. Hell she can leave her stuff here I don’t care. I can’t remember the last time she slept in her room. It was probably the first and second night that she moved in with Lynn.

I even bought that mattress topper that Tris has on her bed for her to sleep comfortable, but more for me because I was jealous of how soft her bed was. Why didn’t I ever get one like that?

I turn off the shower and dry myself off. I wrap the towel around my waist. I grab my phone and call Tris.

“Hey what’s up?” She answers immediately.

“How dressed should I be? Actually what are you wearing?” I hear myself asking this and I feel like an idiot. I never think about what to wear when I meet a girl’s parent. I just wear what I feel like.

“I’m wearing a denim dress with brown boots. Just be casual.” She tells me.

“Yeah but casual for me is jeans and a t-shirt. Normally I’d wear that red t-shirt I like, but I’m pretty sure that it’s buried somewhere in your draws.”

Tris laughs. “What about that black t-shirt I like on you. The one that makes you look sexy.”

“Babe, I look sexy in everything I wear.” I counter.

“You do.” Tris replies. “But you should wear that black shirt that I know you know what I’m talking about.”

I roll my eyes at myself. I could of thought of that. “Just over a month and you’re already dressing me. What’s next?”

“A dinner date that takes place out of your room.” She replies.

“We can do that.” I smile in to the phone. “Alright I’ll let you go. I’ll see you in an hour.”

“Text you in a bit.” Tris replies before hanging up the phone.

“Text you in a bit.” Tris replies before hanging up the phone.