Chapter Fifteen: “Waiting Game”

Chapter 15: Waiting Game

Tris POV

I smile as Max walks away. I look at my old room and roll my eyes. I don’t have deal with Christina anymore. Later today I can move in to Lynn’s room. I go back in to Eric’s room. He looks up from his phone and sees the huge smile on my face.

“So I take it you’re moving far away from me?” He laughs.

“Yep, one floor below you. It’s so far.” I roll my eyes. “Whatever will we do with all that distance?”

“I’m pretty sure that you’ll be spending most of your nights here anyway.” Eric laughs, sitting up.

I smile. “Probably. Maybe I’ll leave some clothes here too.” I laugh. I jump up on his bed, climbing up his body, pushing him back and straddle him.

“You know, there’s no need for you to leave clothing here.” He smirks. “You steal all of my clothes anyway.” He pulls at the shirt I’m wearing as proof.

“But I like this shirt. It’s so comfortable. Besides this shirt is too small for you. I’m saving you from yourself.” I laugh.

Eric flips us over. “That’s my favorite shirt you’re wearing.” He kisses my neck. “But it does look better on you.”

I pull Eric’s lips to mine and kiss him. My tongue licks his bottom lip and he immediately opens up and deepens the kiss. I moan against his lips when I feel him grind himself against my core. His hands slides up my stomach, stopping right below my bra.

Eric moves his kisses to my neck. “I told you the first time I saw you in these shorts that they were distracting. Now that you’re wearing my shirt with these shorts you look sexy.” Eric whispers in my ear. His teeth graze my ear lobe.

I bite my lip. I can feel myself blush at his comment.

Eric pulls my lip away from my teeth. “It’s also sexy when you do that.” He kisses me again. My hands go to the bottom of his shirt, I slowly lift it and pull off him. “What are you doing Tris?” Eric asks me with a smile on his face.

“Just making you more comfortable.” I smirk. I run my hands over Eric’s chest. My nails gently scrape against his abs, and I can feel “Eric Jr” harden.

Eric kisses my neck. His hands go to the bottom of my shirt, and he gently pulls it off me. “It’s only fair.” He smirks. His hand tangles itself in my hair as he kisses me. He pulls it a little and I moan at the sensation. He breaks away from my lips and slowly kisses down to my chest. Immediately, he kisses the three ravens on my collarbone. Slowly he moves to the edge of my bra. Eric kisses the outline of the bra. He has the cup in his teeth ready to pull it down when my phone rings.

A huge sigh leaves both of our mouths. Eric rests his forehead on my chest. I grab my phone from the dresser.

“Hello?” I say without looking who’s calling.

“Beatrice, honey, how are you doing?” My mom’s voice comes through the phone.

“I’m good mom, how are you doing?” I reply. Eric lifts his head to stare at me with a smirk.

“Oh everything’s good here. I haven’t heard from you since Thursday. What have you been up to?” I can hear her ruffling through papers as she sits at her desk in the kitchen.

“Nothing really. I’ve just been hanging out with friends. We’ve just been… binge-watching stuff on Netflix.” I laugh. “Just normal college life.”

“And you’ve been getting your school work done?”

“Yes mom.” I sigh.

“How’s your roommate… Christina, right?”

“Good I guess. I’m actually switching rooms later today.” I say as casually as I can.

“How come?” I can hear the gears in my mother’s head turning.

“She and I have two different ideas about what college is about, so I’m gonna be moving in to a friends room one floor down.” I look at Eric. He’s shaking his head at me trying not to laugh.

“Is this new girl nice?”

“Yeah, Lynn actually came to my defense when I got in to an argument with Christina. She’s probably a better friend to me than Christina was.”

“Well you always make smart choices.” She says simply. Yeah if only that was true. “So who are you getting to help you move all your stuff?”

“Just a few of my friends. Maybe Lynn, Uriah, Zeke, and Eric… So how’s dad doing? I sent a text to him Friday, but he never responded back to me.”

My mother laughs. “Oh his job is keeping him busy as usual. You know he actually took me on a date night last night. It’s was lovely, we went to an Italian restaurant.” She pauses. “So who’s Eric? I haven’t heard you mention him before.”

“That sounds nice mom. You and dad deserve a date night.” I say trying to avoid answering her question.

“Don’t ignore the question Beatrice.” My mother says.

“Oh he’s just a friend. He’s nice. He’s actually my RA.” I can feel Eric’s eyes burning holes in my head. Fuck…

“Is he the one with the piercing and tattoos or the one with a number?”

I sigh. “The piercings.” Eric laughs next to me. He must be getting such a laugh outta me.

“Good, he looks strong enough to help you carry all the stuff you just had to take with you. I wish you would of let me ask him for help at the beginning of the year. Imagine how easy it would have been to take everything up to your room?”

I laugh. “Were you checking out my RA?”

“You can always use more strong friends Beatrice.” My mother laughs. “But I’ve gotta go, I should start making dinner for me and your father tonight. I’ll tell him to give you a call when he gets home from work. Love you honey.”

“Love you too mom.” I say before hanging up the phone. I look over at Eric. He has the most amused look on his face. “How much did you hear?”

“Everything.” Eric laughs. “It’s a good thing you have such strong friends.”

I bring my hand to his bicep and squeeze. “Uh such a strong man. Whatever have I done without you in my life so far.” I say in a horrible southern accent, bringing the back of my hand to rest against my forehead.

“Yes, I am the strongest man in the entire building.” Eric kisses me again. “How do you feel about packing your stuff now? Then you can ask your friends to help you move?”

I make a face. “Ask me after our next make out session.” I smile pulling his lips back to mine.

Eric POV

I put a box on Tris’s bed. “Is this the last one?” I look over at her.

“I think I just have something small in the room, but I’m gonna handle it.” She smiles. I nod. Tris walks over to Uriah. She says something that makes him laugh.

Between Lynn, Uriah, Tris, and I we were able to get everything out of her room in three trips. Zeke planned on helping, but Max called him in to his office. I shrugged when Uriah asked me if I knew what it was about. I suspect that it has something to do with Four, but I plan to stay out of it.

Lynn walks over to me. “So you and Tris are really a thing?” She says in a low voice.


“I shouldn’t expect to walk in on the two of you doing anything should I?” She laughs.

I laugh at her. “No. Christina only walked in on us napping. I swear she made it sound like Tris had her hand down my pants.”

“When did Tris have her hands down your pants?” Uriah yells from his door across the hall.

“Shut up Uriah.” Lynn laughs.

Tris’s cheeks are bright red. She rests her head against the doorframe. “One day you will all stop embarrassing me 24/7.”

“It’s only cause we love you Tris.” Lynn laughs.

Tris laughs. “I’m gonna go grab the last bag. I’ll be right back.” She leaves before I can even mention joining her.

I look at Lynn. “So, what happened after you broke up that fight with Christina and Tris?” I’ve been curious ever since Tris told me. I know she hasn’t asked Lynn yet, but I want to know without Tris giving me the abridged version.

“Zeke and Chris got in an argument. It was basically that she was playing Four and Tris against one another and she knew that Tris didn’t feel comfortable with him in the room anymore. It kind of got crazy from there. Everyone started to argue with Christina. Then Shauna literally tried to slap some commonsense in to her. That’s when you knocked on the door. Four almost shit his pants; he thought you were there to kill him. That was hilarious. I think everyone is sick of Christina. I know Will and Al are on speaking terms with her, but that’s about it.”

Oh. I didn’t know that. I thought everyone was still buddy-buddy. I look at my watch and it’s been ten minutes since Tris left. “I’m gonna go check on Tris. You gonna stay here?”

“I’ll go with you. There’s something about Christina that I don’t trust.” She makes a face. “I also told Tris I have her back. She probably needs back up right now.”

Lynn and I walk up the stairs to the third floor. When we reach the third floor we both stop when we hear yelling

“You don’t think they’re fighting do you?” Lynn asks.

I don’t answer and I run to the room. Tris and Christina are starring at one another. I feel Lynn bump in to me.

“You’re overreacting! You move out because we get in a fucking argument! What are you a child? Big deal Four told you some shit you didn’t like! Who just runs off without telling anyone where they’re going? Stop blaming Four because you acted like a petulant little child!” Christina yells.

“I’m over reacting! I’m over reacting! I almost got raped because of him! You don’t just get over that! What the fuck is wrong with you? You are a horrible human being. You never cared what happened to me. You pushed me on Four once you found out that I was interested in Eric. You made it so I had to spend time with him. You only pushed me on him so you could spend time with Will instead of trying to be friends with me. You are only out for yourself!” She screams. “Anyone would be crazy to think that they could be friends with you! And now I’m done with you. I don’t have to live with you and deal with your shit! I’m ridding myself of you for good!”

Tris picks up her last bag. She looks surprised that Lynn and I are standing there, but she doesn’t say anything she just walks past us. Christina looks livid. She slams the door in our faces.

Lynn and I look at each other.


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