Chapter Seventeen: “Compromises”

Chapter 17: “Compromises”

Tris POV

Living with Lynn was a lot easier than Christina. After a couple weeks we were able to get a schedule down. We’ve also become better friends; I’m probably closer to her than anyone else. I wouldn’t tell Eric that though.

“What about her?” I ask Lynn. She looks in the direction my heads tilting. A really good looking girl walks by, she has long brown hair with an hourglass figure. We’re sitting in the middle of the campus on one of the benches. I’ve been trying to find someone for her since we sat down. Joking about it… Mostly.

“Nah, I go more for blondes.” Lynn replies with a laugh.

I look over at her. “Platinum blondes?”

“Yep.” She laughs. She looks down at her phone and smiles.

“Who are you talking to that makes you smile like that? The only other time I saw you smile like that is when Uriah jumped on Eric’s back and he thought it was me.” I laugh at the memory. Eric was walking with Tori talking about something. Uriah, Lynn, and I were going in the same direction. When Tori went in a different direction, Uriah sprinted off and jumped on Eric’s back. He called Uriah babe before he realized it wasn’t me.

“Just our friends.” She rolls her eyes.

“The only one who texts you that much is Marlene… No way! You like Marlene?” I say with an open mouth.

“Shh!” Lynn covers my mouth. I lick her hand to get it off. “Ew! Prior you’re disgusting.”

I laugh. “So you’re crushing on Marlene?” I say in a low voice incase she walks by.

“Since freshmen year, but she doesn’t like me like that. Her and Uriah have unofficially been a thing since they first met. It’s more disgusting than watching you and Eric.”

I nudge her. “Never thought of saying anything?”

“We had a drunk conversation when I told her I was a lesbian after high school, but I just don’t get that vibe from her. It blows. Especially since Uriah is in love with her and I know that she feels the same way.” Lynn looks out and smiles. “Her! She’s hot.”

I look up and see Marlene walking to us. I laugh at Lynn, nudging her with my shoulder. “You’re crazy.”

“Hey.” Marlene smiles. She pushes me over and joins us. “What are you guys doing?”

“I’m waiting for Eric to get done with class.” I reply.

“I’m joining her until I have to go to my next class.” Lynn frowns. She hates this next class. It’s some required course.

“Oh, and you guys are checking out everyone that walks by?” She laughs.

Lynn and I turn ours head to look at her. “How’d you know?” Lynn asks.

“Because you have that look in your eye like your gonna score. And Tris’s eyes go to every guy that walks by.” She laughs. “He’s hot by the way.”

I look over and see Uriah walking to us.

“Gross. You’re the only one he thinks he hot.” Lynn laughs.

“Hey what’s up?” He throws his bag on the ground.

“Lynn and Tris are being like the guys and checking out everyone that walks by.” Marlene laughs.

Uriah laughs at us. “See anybody good looking?” Marlene hits the back of his head.

“Oh, that guy’s really hot.” I smile and point to the right. They all look where I’m pointing to and see Eric making his way to us.

“Hey guys.” Eric leans down and kisses me. I’m rather surprised that my friends are getting along with Eric. I think the girls see what I do- a great man, a man who takes care of those he loves.

“How was class?” I ask.

Eric sighs. “I really hate that class. I’d never take it if I didn’t need it to graduate.”

I shake my head. “Are we still grabbing lunch?”

“Yes.” Eric smiles back. “I’m fucking starving.”

“Hold up.” Lynn interrupts. “Is lunch some nasty code that you two use around us when you plan to bring him back to the room to fuck?” Uriah makes a face and laughs.

I go beet red. “You walked in on us making out one time Lynn. It’s not like Tris was riding my dick.” Eric says in a joking tone.

“Put a sock on the door.” Uriah laughs.

“No, go fuck in his room.” Lynn laughs. “But I gotta go to class. See all you love-birds later.” She grabs her bag and makes her way to the closest building.

Marlene rolls her eyes. “I gotta go to my next class. See you all later.” She walks away. Uriah waves and catches up with her, putting his arm around her shoulder that she brushes off.

Eric picks up my bag handing it to me. “Food?” I nod getting off the bench. “Campus center or dining hall?”

“I don’t care I just wanna nap after.” I laugh.

“No way!” Eric laughs. “You have homework to do.”

“Hey I get all my work done.” I lightly push him. I’ve gotten stronger from the self-defense classes we’ve all been taking.

“Yeah, you do it when I wanna sleep next to you.” Eric wraps an arm around my shoulder pulling me to him. He kisses the top of my head. “I think we just need to get you on a schedule.”

“I think we are gonna have to reevaluate our running schedule. I don’t think I can do the five in the morning runs anymore.” I reply.

Eric laughs. “Fine. Then what if we go running when we are done with our classes?”

“I thought you don’t run in the afternoons?” I say in a deeper voice trying to imitate him.

Eric rolls his eyes. He opens the dorms door. “Shut it Prior. If it means that I can wake up next to you each morning then I’ll compromise, but you have to get on a sleeping schedule. I don’t like going to bed while you’re still doing homework at my desk.”

I laugh at him. “Deal.” We go up the stairs and I drop off my stuff in my room. I pick up my phone from my desk. “I was wondering where I left this.” I see that I have a missed call and a voicemail from my mom.

I put the phone up to my ear. “Hi honey. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be in Chicago visiting a friend and I’m gonna stop by Saturday so we can grab lunch. I’ll call you back later, but I can’t wait to see you. Love you, bye.”

Eric POV

“So my mom’s dropping by Saturday.” Tris tells me.

I look up from the email I was reading. “How come?” So far I haven’t heard much from Tris about her parents since that time her mom called.

“I guess she’s visiting a friend and wants to get lunch.” She shrugs.

Tris is lucky. Her mom must care about her a lot. “That’s good. I wish my parents would visit me every now and then.” Tris raises an eyebrow at me. Yeah I know what I said. “Well I wish my mom would visit me.”

Tris moves and stands in front of me. I put my hands on her waist I pull her to stand between my legs. She wraps her arms around my neck.

“Have you mentioned me to your parents yet?” I ask curiously.

“Not yet.” She replies. “Have you mentioned me to your parents?”

“I haven’t spoken to my parents since I moved in earlier during the summer.” I tell her honestly. “I’ve spoken to my brother about you, he’s rather curious to meet you.”

“You never told me you have a brother. Is he younger or older?”

“He’s older than me. He’s working on his masters at Loyola right now.” I pull her to me and kiss her. “So if you ever want to meet part of my family you can.”

Tris smiles at me. “Do you want to meet my mom? I was gonna prolong it as possible if I’m being honest.”

I laugh. “Why were you gonna prolong it?”

“My mom already thought you were the good looking RA with the piercings. I didn’t want her to say something too embarrassing. My mom has made it her past time to embarrass me.” Tris says rolling her eyes.

“I’d like to meet your mom, she sounded funny on the phone. Even if it’s just a quick hello, I wanna meet her.” I pull her to me and kiss her, deepening this kiss when she opens her mouth. I gently bite her bottom lip and I pull back with a smile. “I want to meet her as your boyfriend, not just that cute RA who’s harboring a huge crush on her daughter.”

Tris laughs. “Okay. You can meet Natalie Prior. You have two days to mentally prepare yourself.”

I laugh at Tris. “I’m ready. By the end of lunch your mom is going to love me.”


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