Chapter 23: “Academic Probation”

Eric POV

“Eric.” I hear a Tris’ call out to me. “Eric it’s time to get up.”

“No.” I groan. I wrap my arms around her pulling her body to mine. I open my eyes and look at her. Her face is less than a foot from mine.

She just laughs. “This is how I feel when you wake me up early to go running.”

“I thought we said we were gonna sleep in.” I yawn in her face. “Sorry.”

“We did sleep in Eric, it’s noon.” She yawns back.

“Can we sleep in for a little while longer? I feel like we didn’t get enough sleep. Well maybe I didn’t get enough sleep.”

Tris laughs at me. “You know this is probably the latest that I’ve ever slept. Sleeping until twelve is not something I like.”

“But I like waking up next to you in my bed, so the time doesn’t matter.” I pull Tris to me so she’s resting against my chest.

“I like waking up next to you too.” She smiles.


“I really want to go running, and I was promised that my boyfriend would go running with me when we both woke up today.” She smiles wider. “And we are both up.”

“Five more minutes babe.”

“Since when do you call me babe?”

“Since yesterday?” I think back. I know I called her babe yesterday, twice if I remember correctly. Each time it’s just slipped out. I don’t mind at all. “It just started yesterday.”

“Okay.” She smiles. She gets up and climbs over me. “So get let’s get up and run. I’m excited to run. I’m excited to just relax for the day.”

I sigh. “Alright, you get dressed first.” I get up from the bed. “I’ll use the bathroom when you’re done.” I watch Tris grab her things from her draw. I like that she’s started keeping more clothes here, not to mention that she started to leave her toiletries here. Now if I could only get her to shower with me.

I grab a pair of running pants and a long sleeve shirt. Fuck it- if she walks in on me changing it’s not a big deal. As I put on my shirt, Tris walks out.

“I’m almost ready.” I smile. I go to the bathroom, do my business, and brush my teeth. I look at my reflection. I should shave tonight. I don’t think I’ve shaved at all this week. I’m starting to look like a bum. I open the door and see Tris stretching. She is really flexible. It’s extremely sexy. I resist the urge to tilt my head. “Ready?”

She nods. “Very much so. I haven’t been this excited to run in a long time.”

I smirk. I understand what she means. The runs in the afternoons aren’t the same as running first thing in the morning, right after you wake up. Maybe we can change it back. “Let’s go.”

We run through the normal routine, around the parking lot and around the campus. I glance at my watch we’ve only been running for an hour. We’ve gotten faster. I motion for her to follow me. I direct us out of the campus to the city. We run on streets that I’m familiar with, weaving through the other people on the sidewalk. After an additional hour of running we jog back through the campus to the dorm.

“How far did we run?” Tris asks after catching her breath.

“I’m guessing, about four miles.” I use my sleeve to wipe off sweat. I make a “what” face to Tris as she looks me up and down.

“You know, I think you look sexy when you’re sweaty.”

I groan.

“What?” Tris smiles.

“You’re driving me crazy.” I smirk.

“Why’s that?” She moves closer to me. Her hands fist my shirt pulling me to her.

“Because all I can think about is the both of us in my shower.” I smirk. I move my hands to her hips. “With my hands on your body.”

Tris bites her lip. “You want to take a shower together?”

“I really do.”

Tris closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “Eric.” She pauses. “You know that I’ve had boyfriends, but I haven’t… I haven’t had sex with anyone before.”

How is that possible? She is gorgeous and kind. Not to mention incredibly sexy. “Tris, we don’t have to. I didn’t mean to push you in to something that you didn’t want to do.”

Tris laughs. “Eric, it’s not that I don’t want to. I really, really, want to. It’s just new. It’s new to me. I… I want to experience it with you. I’m just not ready for that at this moment.”

I smile at her. “Believe me. I can wait. Waiting is definitely not a problem.” She’s the type of girl that you wait for. The girl that you settle down with in five years, the girl that you have kids with, and the woman you grow old with. Waiting will not be a problem for me.

“But the shower… Are we still doing that?” Tris smiles.

“You’re killing me.” I rest my forehead against hers, closing my eyes. “Are you sure you want to? I’m not pushing you in to something you don’t feel ready for.”

“Eric I like your idea.” She laughs. “Besides I said I wasn’t ready for sex, not that I wouldn’t take a shower with you.”


Eric pulled me to him, kissing me. He has a huge smile when he pulls back. He takes my hand and leads us to his room. He pulls me through the door to his room. He kicks the door closed.

He pulls me to the bathroom and lifts me up on the sink. “Don’t move.” Eric smirks. He turns on the shower. I kick off my shoes and socks. Eric turns around. “I said don’t move.”

“Too bad.” I smirk back at him. “If you don’t hurry up I’m taking off my own clothes.”

Eric shakes his head, laughing at me. “I will take off your clothes Tris. Deal with it.” He comes closer to me, his hands going to my waist. He wastes no time in pulling my shirt off. He kisses me.

My hands go to the bottom of his shirt, pulling it off him, and throwing it to the floor. I pull him back to me and kiss him. I reach for his pants and pull them down, pushing them the rest of the way with my feet.

I smirk when I pull back. “I think I’m a little over dressed for a shower.”

Eric smirks back. He taps my arms, and I lift them. He gently pulls my sports bra off. My hands go to cover my chest, but Eric stops me.

“Nope, you’re gorgeous. There’s no way I’m letting you cover yourself up.” He kisses my neck. He pulls me off the sink. He kisses down my body, pulling my pants and panties down until I’m left standing in front of him in nothing.

I raise an eyebrow at him. “Aren’t you over dressed?”

Eric laughs. He pulls his boxers down. Fuck me! I take all of him in… All of him! Well maybe some parts more than others. Just because you brush up against something doesn’t mean you can get an idea of size. “Hey Prior, my eyes are up here.”

I laugh at him. “Sorry, I got distracted.” I give him a pointed stare.

Eric laughs. “Wanna get in? I gotta kick off my shoes. And grab towels.”

I pull the curtain back, stepping under the warm water. I close my eyes and let the water wash over me. It’s hot, but it feels good on my muscles. I smile when I feel Eric wrap his arms around me. “Eric… Is your boner pressing in to my back?”

He laughs. “Sorry, it’s not going down. You’re gorgeous, and you’re dripping wet. This is definitely getting saved in my memory for a long time.” His hands unwrap from my waist and go up my sides. He kisses my neck before turning me around. “God you’re so gorgeous, and extremely sexy.”

I roll my eyes at him. “You already got me naked Eric, you don’t have to keep complimenting me.”

“Stop. You’re gorgeous. If you don’t like hearing it, then too bad.” He pulls me to him and kisses me. He pulls back and smiles. “You know it’s taking all my strength to not stare at your boobs. ”

I laugh at him. “You didn’t stare at all?”

“Not as much as I’d like.” He pouts.

I roll my eyes at him, but I take his hands and put them against my chest. “Better?”

“You tell me?” His thumbs gently circle my nipples, before his thumb and forefinger play with them.

“Eric.” I moan. I pull his lips to mine and kiss him hard.

He smiles and pulls back. He pushes me against the wall. He leans down and takes my nipple in his mouth. His teeth tease me and I arch my back.

“Eric, you’re making me lose all my self control.” I pull his lips back to mine and kiss him hard.

He pulls back so his lips are less than an inch away from mine. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” I breathe.

Eric kisses my lips before kissing down my body. His tongue licks my nipple before his lips wrap around it. His hand travels down my body, stopping at my waist and squeezing. He releases my nipple and continues to kiss down my body. I look down at him as he kneels down in front of me.

“Eric, what are you doing?” I breathe.

He smirks. “Trust me.” He lifts my leg, resting it on his shoulder. I feel his tongue brush against my clit. He does it again. It feels amazing. My hand ends up in his hair.

“Eric!” I moan. What he’s doing to me feels amazing. I’m thankful the wall is holding me up, otherwise my legs would have given up by now. I can feel Eric add another finger, and it feels amazing.

“You’re so wet Tris. Are you gonna let go and cum for me?’ I nod my head. “I can’t hear you.”

“Yes.” I scream as I feel my orgasm hit me like a speeding train. I slump against the wall. I watch as Eric licks his finger clean.

“You taste very good.” He smirks, kissing me.

I can taste myself on him. It’s a huge turn on. I pull away from Eric and kiss his neck. Before I can over think it and stop myself, my hand wraps around Eric’s dick. Eric moans. His hands wraps around mine showing me what he wants.

I smirk, pulling away from his neck. I continue to stroke him as I slowly kiss down his body, like he did mine. Unlike him, I leave a hickey on his chest, and his abs, and right above the little v cut.

I remove my hand from him, and I hear him growl. I hold back my laugh, and I lick from the base of his dick to the tip. My tongue swirls at the tip, before my lips wrap around and suck. One of Eric’s hands tangle in my hair as I take more of him in my mouth. I repeat my actions until Eric tells me he’s going to cum. I keep going and pull back stroking him as he cum’s over my chest.

Eric pulls me up, kissing me hard. “Where the fuck did you learn how to do that?”

I grab my loufa and pour on some body wash. “Before I moved out of my old room, Christina was very vocal about her oral skills.” I roll my eyes. I quickly wash off my body, smacking Eric’s hands away when he tries to grab me.

“So are we going to a party tonight?” Eric asks.

“Yeah, I’m waiting for Lynn to let me know where.” I wash the shampoo out of my hair. “I think we’re pre-gaming in my room.”

“You mean I actually get to drink with you for once.” Eric laughs. “This is a special occasion.” Eric steps under the water rinsing shampoo. God he looks sexy. “I can feel you starring at me.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I smile, as I put conditioner in my hair.

“Liar.” Eric opens his eyes. He steals some conditioner from me.

I switch spots with Eric and rinse my hair. I open my eyes and see Eric starring at me. I smile at him. I kiss him quickly. “I’m getting out.”

“I’ll be expecting you on my bed naked when I get out.”

“You must have no idea who you’re dating if you think that’s happening.” I close the curtain behind me. I wrap a towel around myself. I pick up my discarded clothes and throw them in the hamper. Eric can do my laundry with his.

I grab a pair of sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt from the drawer I’ve taken over. It’s crazy how half of my stuff has ended up in his room; my clothes, toiletries, my text books. I gave up on the toiletries fight after my mom visited. I quickly throw on my clothes.

I lay on Eric’s bed scrolling through my email. There’s a bunch of junk from the school, telling us to be safe and make smart choices. I quickly read through an email from Max telling us that Four will be on duty this weekend, and he will be making sure that we are making smart choices. I stop when I see an email from conflict resolution. This is the email that I’ve been waiting for:

Dear Miss Prior,

The conflict resolution panel has reviewed the statements made by both parties. We have found that there were mistakes made by the two parties on the night in question. While we feel the seriousness of the nature of your statements, since this is the first mistakes taken by Peter Hayes and Drew Tomins we see fit that they are placed on academic probation for the remainder of their time at Dauntless University, and it will remain on their permanent records.

The document you signed still stands, and the two mentioned parties are not able to contact you at any time. If they do so then you are to call the campus police department and they will be arrested. Actions will be taken by conflict resolution if they do so.

Thank you,

Jack Kang,

Conflict Resolution, Department Head.


Chapter 22: “Not Over You”

Eric POV

God I am an idiot. I should not be allowed to talk. I can’t believe I said that to Tris. I’ve spent so many nights up with her telling her it wasn’t her fault that she walked away from Four without thinking of the consequences. Why did I throw that back in her face?

I stare up at my ceiling, my hands resting my on stomach.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she broke up with me over this, if I was her that is what I’d do. I wouldn’t want to put up with me anymore.

Hell before her I didn’t really speak to anyone, except Max and sometimes Tori and Bud on occasion. I didn’t spend time with anyone else in the building, so being on my own for hours on end was perfect. Now that I’ve been spending time with Tris I realize I don’t like being on my own anymore. She managed to change my life more than she realizes. I miss her. She’s only one floor below me and it feels like she’s across the country.

I sigh. I grab my phone. Maybe she will respond to my texts:

6:30 pm: Tris I am so sorry. More sorry than you know. I was angry that you felt like owed something to Four. Please forgive me.

7:00 pm: Would you consider getting dinner with me?

8:30 pm: Babe I’m sorry please talk to me.

Thirty minutes later, she still hasn’t answered me. I got texts from Lynn and Uriah though.

Lynn 9:05 pm: What the hell happened? Tris has been laying in her bed since I got here after class at 6. She won’t talk to me or Uriah. She didn’t even go to dinner. WHAT DID YOU DO?

Uriah 9:15 pm: Yo what happen with Tris? I heard you guys fighting earlier and when I went to go speak to her she ignored me. I was only able to check on her bc Lynn let me in. I swear to god if you hurt her I am going to kill you! Remember I know your weaknesses!

I want to smile at what Uriah said, I really do. I know that he probably would try to kill me. Lynn would probably help him bury my body. Marlene would probably be their alibi.

I send them one group message: We got in a fight. Leave me and Tris alone.

Since I have my phone in my hand already I dial my brothers number. It only rings twice before he picks up.

“Eric what’s up? I haven’t heard from you in a while.” I can hear the smile in his voice. Trevor always had smile on his face. He was the nice brother and I was the grumpy one.

“Nothing laying in bed.” I frown. “What are you up to?”

“Taking a break from doing homework. I hate it.” He sighs. “So why are you really calling? The last time I heard from you it was to tell me about meeting your girlfriends Mom. The time before that it was you telling me about your girlfriend. And the time before that it was because you made a friend, and if I remember correctly that friend became your girlfriend.” He laughs. “So what’d you do?”

“Why do you think I did something?” I laugh. I hate that my brothers knows me way too well.

“Really Eric? The only time you call me is because of your girlfriend. Not that I mind, it makes me take breaks from my homework filled reality.” He laughs. “So tell me what you did and maybe we can make it right again.”

I sigh. “Yeah I don’t see you being able to help me make it right.” I pause. “You remember how I told you that a resident got attacked? Well it was Tris. We were fighting about how she feels responsible for Four getting shit from my boss, because she was angry with him at a party and walked back to the dorms alone. That was the night she got attacked and almost raped.” I frown at myself. “Anyway when we were fighting she told me to get out. I said no, that unlike her I don’t walk away from situations that I don’t like.”

“Eric!” Trevor yells. “What the hell man?”

“It just came out. I meant it like I’m not leaving you when I’m mad at you. Let’s fight it out, say your worst.” I sigh.

“Eric you’re my brother and I love you, but you’re a fucking idiot. Did you really think saying that to her was gonna go well?” He waits for my response.

“No.” I mumble in to my phone.

“You need to think more before you open your mouth.” He sighs.

“I know. I know I fucked up. I tried to apologize to her, multiple times. She told me she wanted to be alone. So I left to give her space. I thought I was doing the right thing, but she won’t respond to any of my texts. Her friends are threatening me. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to kill me I went to her room.”

Trevor’s silent for a while. “Look give her some time. I’m sure she’ll come back to talk to you.”

“Yeah maybe.” I reply. He and I talk for a little while longer. Eventually we part ways. I see that it’s ten. I decide to get ready for bed. I text Tris again.

10:05 pm: I’m going to bed. Once again I’m sorry. I wish you were here. My bed is too big without you. I miss you. Good night.

I put my phone down and turn off my light. I stare at the black ceiling until I fall asleep. I dream about me and Tris. We’re driving in my car, laughing, horribly singing songs on the radio.

I’m woken up from my dream by loud knocking on my door. I look at the time. It’s three in the morning. I bet someone locked themselves out of their room. I get up and open the door. I see Tris standing in front of me. She still has the clothes on she was wearing earlier. I stand up straighter.

“I can’t sleep.” She sighs.

I open the door wider. “Coming in?” She nods and walks past me.

“I’m sorry for waking you.”

“It’s fine. It took me a while to fall asleep anyway.” I reply. “Do you want to change?” I motion to her sweats.

“I guess. I’m not exactly sure why I came up here. I’m still mad at you, if I’m being honest, but my bed isn’t comfortable because you’re not in it.” She tells me. “I’ve gotten used to sleeping in your bed every night.”

“I know the feeling. I didn’t move to your side of the bed at all when I was sleeping.” I take off my shirt and hand it to her. “Want to sleep in this?”

She smirks at me and rolls her eyes. “You’re just trying to distract me from being mad at you.”

I stand in front of her. My hand goes to her waist, pulling her against me. “Is it working?”

“Yes.” Tris whispers. She pulls my lips to hers. Her kiss is fiery and passionate. Her teeth graze my bottom lip and I moan in response.

I pick her up and move us to my bed. I climb over her, resting my weight on my forearms. I look down at her; she’s so beautiful, I’m so happy she knocked on my door. My lips are drawn to hers. Her hands rest on my chest for a moment before her nails scrape gently up and down my chest and stomach. Tris wraps her legs around my waist.

I pull away from her lips and kiss her neck. “I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight.” I breathe.

“Me either.” She kisses my cheek. “But I read your last text, and I missed you too.”

I smile at her. “Do you want to change in to my shirt?”

“Don’t I have pajamas here?” She smirks.

I reach over and pick the shirt up. “Yes, but I think I’d like seeing you in my shirt more. And hey, maybe you’ll give me a little show.”

Tris rolls her eyes at me. “I’ll go change.” She winks before closing the bathroom door. She comes out a minute later in my shirt. She puts her discarded clothes on my desk and from what I can tell I think I see her bra in that pile. “So are we gonna talk about our fight?”

“I guess.” I glance at the time, its 3:45 in the morning. There’s no way we are going to finish this talk before 5:30 at the earliest. “Just a quick question. Are we going to class today? Because if we are there’s no way I’m going to be able to make it with four hours of sleep.”

Tris shrugs. “We can skip.” She sits down across from me, legs crossed.

I tilt my head and I can see her panties.

“Hey! My eyes are up here Coutler.” She says in a hard voice. “So do you want to start?”

I let out a big sigh. “Look I know I fucked up, but I didn’t mean what I said how it sounded. I meant it like I’m not backing away from this fight. I will not run out on you. I’d rather you say the worst thing possible to me then leave you when I’m angry and do something stupid.”

“And I heard what you said like, you solve problems by running away. You don’t want to hear something you make the stupid mistake of leaving. And the last time I did that you know what happened. I felt like you were comparing me to that one snap decision I made.” Tris takes a deep breath and looks me in the eye.

“I didn’t mean it. Honestly I didn’t. I just don’t want you to feel like you owe anything to Four. Not many people see how much of a jerk he can be and I know that he feels bad for what happened. But he wasn’t the one who found you with those two assholes. He wasn’t the one who was scared that you were dead. He wasn’t the one who thought he lost the greatest thing in his life.” I sigh, trying to hold in my anger.

I look away from Tris. I can’t look her in the eye right now. It’s this moment when I realize that I could possibly be in love with her. Is it even possible for me to love someone? I didn’t think I could even like someone, but here I am in a relationship with Tris. I look up and I see tears in Tris’ eyes. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you cry.” I tell her.

“I didn’t realize what you went through that night. You never told me how you found me and what happened. I know that you beat up the two guys, but I didn’t know what you were feeling.” She frowns. “I’m sorry for defending Four.”

“I’m sorry for making you relive what you felt that night. It honestly wasn’t my intention.” I pause. “I just want you to know that I will always fight for you. Especially if I think you are making a horrible decision.”

Tris laughs. It’s the first time I’ve heard her laugh in hours. I’m never going to forget that sound.

I look at the clock. It’s five in the morning. How the hell did time go by so fast?

“Eric… Can we please go to bed? I just want to wake up with your arms wrapped around me. Then when we’re awake we go for a run. A long run.”

I smile. “Yes to all of it.”

Tris climbs to her spot, getting under the covers immediately. I do the same, turning off the light before molding myself to Tris.

“Good night Eric.” Tris kisses my hand.

“Night Tris. I… Sleep tight.” I kiss her shoulder.

Dauntless Date

“Christina why am I getting notifications for some dating app?” I glare at my friend. She had asked to borrow my phone to text Will to tell him that we would be late to dinner since we were running late at the tattoo parlor.

“What do you mean you’re getting notifications?” She asks feigning innocence.

I roll my eyes at her. “You know exactly what I mean, so tell me what you did.”

She smiles taking my phone out of my hands. “I signed you up for a dating app. It’s only with the people in our faction. Erudite created it with Candor about a month ago. I’m surprised that you’re not on it. Just about anyone who is single is.”

“Why did you sign me up for a dating app?”

“Because I thought that it was time that you got some. When was the last time that you got laid?” She’s still playing with my phone. Her finger going left and right every few seconds.

“I’m not going to answer that.” I glare again. Just because I hadn’t had sex with anyone since Four and I split up doesn’t mean that I need to get some. I don’t like random hook ups. I’d prefer to be with someone versus just spending a night with them. It isn’t as if I haven’t had offers from plenty of drunks guys in the pit during parties, I just haven’t taken any of them up on their horrible offers.

“That means that you need to get laid. You and Four broke up last year.” She replies. “I know that Four has moved on. So why don’t you?”

“Because I’m not interested in anyone.” I reply, grabbing my phone back from her.

We make our way in to the cafeteria, grabbing food before sitting down at the table with our friends. I watch as Christina and Will make love-y doe eyes at one another; it’s disgusting to watch especially since I was hungry prior to sitting down here. I attempt to eat my dinner quietly without any incidents, but Christina isn’t feeling that today.

“So Tris are you gonna try out the app?” She asks.

“What app? Did you download that dating app? What’s it called?” Uriah asks.

“Dauntless Date.” Christina answers. “It’s not that original of a name, but swiping left for no and right for yes is oddly satisfying.”

“Why are you swiping left and right on a dating app?” Will asks.

“I’m helping Tris find a new man.” She shrugs.

God, I don’t want everyone to know my business. I shake my head at her. “I will date someone when I want to. You cannot force me to do anything with this app.”

Uriah laughs. “Think of all the fun you can have Tris. There are so many guys here that you don’t know. Maybe you’ll meet one of them and fall in love and have little babies running around you.”

I make a face at that. “Shut up, Uriah.” He laughs, but he quickly changes the topic for me to something that happened today.

I’m able to extract myself from Christina when I head up to our apartment. Thankfully she’s spending the night at Will’s so I don’t have to worry about her bugging me.

I lay on my bed starring up at the ceiling. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. It’s another notification from Dauntless Date. Grudgingly, I open up the app. Maybe I can change the settings so I don’t get the damn updates anymore.

I search through it see that I’ve been matched up with well over 20 different guys. A few of them have already messaged me, some being bold enough to ask if I want to go to the bar with them and get a drink others asking me if I want to come over to their apartment to hook up with them. As if.

However, I am surprised when I see that I got matched with the ruthless dauntless leader. Why would Eric be matched up with me? What did Christina do?

My phone pings all of a sudden and I see that Eric sent me a message: What are you doing on here Stiff?

I roll my eyes at him: I’ve been in dauntless for a year already Eric. God forbid you use my name for once.

He responds instantly: What are you doing on here Tris?

At least he’s trying, but why he’s talking to me is beyond me: Christina signed me up today. How did I get matched up with you?

I swiped right instead of left; you must have done the same. Unless Candor swiped right for you, he replies instantly.

I laugh at his idea. That is something that Christina would do. Probably as a joke because she didn’t think that we would get matched up. So how come you’re on here? I thought you only did one-night stands? That’s what I hear from all the girls who pine over you when they get their tattoos done.

It takes a minute before I get his response: I thought why not. If I really wanted to I could use this as a way to hook up with girls, or maybe I could try and see if someone would actually want to be in a relationship with me. I’m not the persona that I project when I’m in public you know.

Oh… I can see that. In order to be a leader you have to be tough and unyielding. That’s the reason that I didn’t want to be leader. I didn’t want to have to hide my personality from people. Who knew the ruthless Eric had a soft side. I should spread that around and see what happens. 😛 I laugh at my horrible joke.

You wouldn’t! Besides I’d just spread a lie about you, like the fact that the first jumper sleeps with a teddy bear.

I laugh harder. No one would believe you!

Just like no one would believe you 😉 So have you spoken to any other guys on this thing yet?

Why does he care? Just you, but I’ve had plenty of drink offers. Maybe when I feel thirsty enough I’ll respond to them. Until then I’ll just bug you.

How did I get so lucky?

I smirk. You must have natural lucky I guess.

Am I lucky enough to get your phone number? I feel weird using this thing to talk, especially since I actually know you. Not to mention that you only live four floors below me.

Hm… Do I give it to him? What’s the worst that could happen? The ruthless leader and I become friends? He would be a good person to have on my side. Aren’t you a leader? I’m sure that if you wanted my number you could get it without asking me.

Probably. He responds.

Well if you really want my number you can go get it from someone. Until then I’m going to bed. Night Eric 🙂

I turn off my phone and put it in to charge for the night. I change in to pajamas- well really just a shirt that was Four’s. He never wore it so when we broke up I took it. Sucks to suck. I get comfortable in bed, burrowing myself in the sheets and comforter.

I wake up the next morning feeling well rested. I shower quickly and throw on some clothes. I turn on my phone. I see that I have some more notifications from Dauntless Date. There’s a notification from someone I’ve never heard of before, Gabe, and this “introduction” isn’t asking me if I want to go to the pit for a drink, but asking me: How are you, beautiful? I look through his pictures. He’s good looking. His hair is a light brown with dark green eyes. He also has his septum pierced. He’s good looking. His little description says that his “goal in life is to zipline from the Hancock Building as many times as he can for the rest of his life. #YOLO.”

I feel like an idiot because I have no idea what YOLO means. I shake my head. I grab an apple from the counter and head to my job. I open the front door and see that there’s a small note on it. There’s no name, but there’s a number. Eric. I have to admit that’s pretty creative. I take the note from the door and put it in my pocket. I can put the number in my phone later.

Work is uneventful. Working the day shift is always boring, usually there’s only one person working; so there’s no one to talk to. The dependents are in school and everyone else is working, so there’s not really much to do. I’m sitting at my stations chair, reading some book that Christina gave me, when I hear the bell on the door ring.

I look up and see Eric standing there. He sees me and makes his way over to my station. “What can I do for you Eric?”

“I was wondering why I haven’t gotten a text from you yet?”

I shrug. “I didn’t realize that I had to add your number to my contacts right away.”

“I would have liked it. I’ve been bored out of my mind all day. I started moving the trash bin in different spots of my office, throwing paper at it.”

“And I could help you how?” I roll my eyes at him.

“You could have been my source of entertainment.” He replies with a smile. I’ve never seen Eric smile before and this one is genuine. He actually looks like a nineteen year old instead of a hard-ass.

“Well I would say I was busy, but you can obviously see other wise.” I shake my head. “So why don’t you be my source of entertainment and let practice my tattooing skills on you?”

“Do you still need the practice?” He raises an eyebrow at me.

I shrug again. “Probably not, but can’t anyone use the practice to up their game?”

He rolls his eye at me. “Fine, you can use my body for practice.” He shrugs off his vest and pulls off his shirt, depositing them on the tattoo chair at the next station.

I stare at him, looking at all of the muscles on his body. I avert my eyes before he can see me so blatantly staring at him, but my cheeks give me away.

“See something you like Stiff?” He smirks at me.

“I’ve seen better.” I reply nonchalantly. “So what do you want?”

“Surprise me, but I want it on my rib cage.” He replies. He lies down on the chair, with his head resting on his hand to keep it out of my way.

I get to work. I decided that I would do a skull with roses. It will be light with a lot of shading. We’re quiet for a while, when I hear my phone ping. I ignore it, but it pings again.

“You can get that if you want.” Eric tells me.

“It’s okay. I know that sound. It’s the sound for Dauntless Date.” I frown.

“Oh really. Who would be sending you a message?”

“No idea. The last message was one from someone named Gabe. No idea who he is.” I shrug, and get back to outlining.

“Hold up. Gabe sent you a message?” He smirks. “Gabe, brown hair with a ring in the septum?”

“Yeah. How do you know him?”

“I’m a leader. It’s my job to know him… He’s also my drinking buddy. He didn’t tell me that he signed up for it.”

I look up at Eric, his face is unreadable. “I didn’t know you had buddies.”

“I have friends. Not a lot, but there are people that I get along with. I’m pretty sure that we would have gotten along, if I hadn’t hung your friend over the chasm and if you hadn’t been dating Four.”

“What does Four have to do with any of this?” I sigh.

“Oh come on. You know that Four hates me. I’m pretty sure he’s able to blame me for anything that goes wrong in this faction, even if I’m not there at the time.” Eric rolls his eyes.

I hold in my laughter. “You’re right.” Four does have a strange obsession with Eric, it has to do something with his old trainer Amar. I never asked, nor did I want to get involved. I’ve seen them fight on one occasion and it didn’t end up well for Four.

“So.” Eric says, bringing me out of my thoughts, “Are you going to talk to Gabe?”

I go back to his tattoo, thinking. “I haven’t really thought about it too much. I’m not on this thing because I want to be. Christina signed me up because she thinks that I need to be with someone just because she is and just because Four moved on with Lauren.” I roll my eyes. “I’m not looking for a relationship, or even someone to hook up with. I’m just trying to go about my business. If I find someone then I find someone, if don’t then big deal.”

I begin to start the shading of Eric’s tattoo. It looks really good. I’m not only shading in grey, but a burnt red and orange too. His tattoo is starting to look great.

“I was surprised to see you on it. You don’t seem like the type who just meets random people.” He says looking at me.

“Then why’d you swipe right?” I ask out of sheer curiosity.

“You are very beautiful Tris. Why wouldn’t I?” Eric says bluntly.

I can feel myself blush. I continue to look down at his tattoo, doing my work creating a masterpiece. “And getting one over on Four is great too right?” I say it matter of fact, but if this is true then it pisses me off.

“While making Four angry is a favorite past time of mine, my statement still stands. You are very beautiful. Four was an idiot for letting you guys end. Half the guys in dauntless are either in awe of you or scared of you since you ranked higher than them. Me, on the other hand, I’m just trying to decide if I’m worthy of you and until I make that decision I’m just gonna talk to you. You only live once, right?”

“Oh that’s what YOLO means.” I laugh.

Eric smiles at me, but doesn’t say anything. I finish up my work in silence. I sit back from Eric and watch him as he looks at his new tattoo in the mirror.

“This looks great. Thanks.” He smiles. “So how many points do I owe you?”

“None. It’s on me. You were able to keep me entertained until the end of my shift.” I smile. “Do you need the cream to help it heal or you have some already?” I fiddle with the small jar in my hand.

“I need a new one. The last one’s all gone.” He replies. “I already know it’s two points, so take the points from me.”

I nod with a smile, handing him the jar. “Let me just bandage you up, and then you can head out.”

“Thanks Tris.” He smiles when I’m done. He walks over to the door and pauses. “I’ll be expecting a text from you later today.” He walks out without looking back.

A couple of days pass, since I did Eric’s new tattoo. I finally texted him a day after I did his tattoo, ever since we’ve been texting quite a bit. Christina tried to get my phone away from me to see whom, but I’ve managed to keep her from it.

I’ve also been speaking to Gabe. He seems nice. He’s not pushy like some of the other guys who have messaged me.

So do you think you’d be interested in getting drinks with me tonight? Gabe asks me.

Hm… Should I do it? What’s the worse that can happen- I get a free drink? Yeah I’d love to.

Meet you at the bar in the pit in an hour?

Sure. I throw my phone on my bed as I try to figure out what to wear. If I was smart I’d ask Christina for help, but if I did that I’d have to tell her that I was going out tonight with someone from that damn app. I really don’t want to give her the satisfaction that she was right.

I remove my hair from the bun its been in all day, letting it fall down my back in waves. I look in my closet. I don’t have anything that I could wear tonight. I was thinking about a dress, but any dress I’ve worn has been Christina’s. She should still be working in the infirmary so I should be able to sneak in her room to grab some clothes.

I gently open her door and find her asleep on her bed. Crap. I can’t just go in her closet when she’s here. I lightly tap on the door. Christina sits up on the bed and stares at me for a second before she yawns. “What’s up?”

“Um… I was wondering if I could borrow a dress.” I say timidly. I really don’t want to give her any more details.

Instantly, she perks up. “Why?”

“I’m getting drinks with someone and I’d like to dress nice.”

A wide smile appears on her face. “You have a date don’t you?”

“I’m just getting drinks with him. That’s it. No dinner. Just drinks and some conversation.” I say firmly.

“Well I guess I just have to dress you so well that he just has to spend more time with you.” She gets up from her bed and goes to her closet. How she is able to find anything in there is beyond me. It is packed from top to bottom with clothes, shoes, and purses. “Did you really want a dress or are you open to what I was thinking?”

“I’m open to options.” I sit on her bed and watch her pull out clothing after clothing. She must spend twenty minutes looking for stuff.

“Ah, just what I was looking for.” She throws a black lace skirt at me, alone with a black-cropped shirt. I duck when shoes come flying at me. The heels almost took my head off. “Come on, go try it on. How much longer before you have to leave?”

I look down at my watch. “Fifteen minutes.”

“That’s not enough time. Go change and then come back so I can do your hair and make up.” She pushes me to the bathroom.

I quickly change and go back to her. She sits me down and quickly does my make up and hair.

“You look beautiful. That guys jaw is going to drop.” She smiles. She steps away from the mirror and lets me look at myself.

I look great. The make up isn’t overwhelming. I look like me, but my features have been enhanced. “Thank you.” I smile at her.

“No problem. You just have to tell me the details when you get back later. I also want to see a picture of him when you get back.” She hands me the heels.

I quickly put them on and grab my phone. I see I have a message from Gabe: I’m heading to the bar now, see you in a bit. That was ten minutes ago. I yell to Christina that I’m heading out. I slowly make my way to the bar. I feel someone slap my ass, and I turn around to knock whoever it is out.

Uriah stands in front of me with a grin on his face. “Where you going dressed like that hot stuff?”

“To the bar. I have a date.” I answer him with a smile.

“Trissy has a date? When did this happen?” He puts an arm around me and walks with me to the bar. “Who do you have a date with?”

“I will never tell. You’ll just have to figure it out.” I reply, separating myself from him. “I’ll see you later.”

I walk inside, and it’s packed. Just about everyone here is drunk. I walk up to the bar and sit on a stool.

“What can I get for you Tris?” Lynn smiles at me. She works here every now and then when it’s busy.

“Whiskey, neat.” I reply.

“Make that two.” A voice says next to me.

I turn and see Eric sitting next to me. “You’re definitely not who I’m supposed to be getting drinks with.”

“Well I’m stealing his date.” He smirks. “He’ll never know.”

“I’ll never know, really Eric?” The person who I can only assume is Gabe shakes his head at Eric.

“You were late.” He laughs. He gets up from the seat with his drink. “That’s on me for the tattoo. Have fun you two.” He walks away from us disappearing in the crowd.

“Nice to meet you.” Gabe smiles. He leans down to kiss my cheek.

“You too.” I smile at him.

“You look beautiful by the way. No wonder Eric tried to steal you away from me tonight.”

I can feel my cheeks go red. “Thank you.” I take a sip of my drink.

“So why are you on that stupid app? I’ve seen five guys check you out since I started talking to you.” He laughs.

“Um… My friend signed me up for it. I just haven’t been able to figure out how to delete it.” I shrug. “Why are you on it?”

“I thought I’d just try it out.” He smiles. “Didn’t think I’d get lucky enough to go out with a girl as beautiful as you though.”

I blush again. “You really have to stop complimenting me. I’m going to be as red as a tomato by the time you’re done.”

Gabe laughs. “I will stop talking about your beauty then.”

Instead we talk about our jobs. I tell him about the drunk people who’ve come in for tattoos and piercings. He tells me all the crazy things he’s seen working in the control room. The best thing I heard about was how many people he’s seen hook up- where they think there aren’t any cameras.

“The best was I saw was Four and Lauren in this corner of the pit.” He laughs. “You think he’d know not to have sex there. Maybe he gets off on that.”

I laugh along with him, but I wish I hadn’t heard that. I don’t want to think about Four and Lauren. Lauren is the reason that Four and I broke up. After three more glasses of whiskey, I politely tell Gabe that I’m gonna head home because I have an early day tomorrow. I give him a quick hug goodbye, and make my way out.

I take a break when I get to the chasm. I lean against the railing watching the water. I hear footsteps come closer to me. I turn my head and see Eric standing there next to me.

“How’d the date go? You looked like you were enjoying yourself.”

“It was alright until he mentioned Four and Lauren. After that I thought of every possible excuse to get out of there.” I roll my eyes.

“Well in your haste to get out of there you left your phone. Gabe was gonna bring it to you, but he wasn’t sure where you lived. So I volunteered to do so.” He hands it back to me.

“Thank you. Who knew you were such a gentlemen.” I smile.

“I’m not that much of a gentlemen.”

“Why’s that?” I ask.

“Because I’m definitely gonna steal the girl that my friend wants to get with.” Eric smirks. He puts his hands on my waist pulling me to him. He captures my lips with his. He kisses me hard. His tongue explores my mouth while his hands are exploring my body. My hands grab his shirt, keeping him close to me. One of his hands slides down from my waist, grabbing my ass.

I pull my lips away from his. Eric decides to kiss and nip my neck. “Eric, if you’re gonna keep this up then take me to your place.” I whisper in his ear. I’m not sure why I’m so bold all of a sudden. But I’m glad I am. I haven’t been able to stop thinking of Eric all week.

“No problem.” Eric picks me up, putting me over his shoulder. He spanks my ass.

“Eric!” I laugh. “Wait until we’re at your place.”

He walks faster. When we get to his door he puts me down. I stand behind him as he tries to open his door. My hands snake down his chest to his pants. I unbutton them and slowly pull down the zipper.

“You better hurry up Eric. Otherwise I’m going to get on my knees and suck you right here.” I say slipping my hand down his pants. Eric releases a loud groan. I can feel how hard he is and how big he is. And let me say it is definitely bigger than I thought it’d be.

Eric finally gets the door open. He pulls my hand out of his pants and pulls me inside. He slams the door closed and pins me against it. His lips attack my neck. I can feel him biting and leaving a mark.

“God Tris, this outfit has been teasing me all night. You are dressed too sexy just to get drinks with Gabe.” He groans against my neck.

My hands go to the hem of his shirt and pull it off him. He is ripped like a greek god. My fingers trace the muscles of his abdomen.

Eric’s hand goes to my skirt. He reaches behind me unzipping it. “You’re lucky I’m not ripping this off you like I want to do.” He nips my ear.

“Why’s that?” I ask before catching his lip with my teeth.

Eric pulls away with a groan, getting on his knees in front of me. “Because you’re gonna wear it again for me.” He pulls it down my legs. His hands glide back up my legs. It’s sweet torture. He rips off my panties. “Next time with nothing underneath.”


“They look better this way Tris, trust me.” He smirks. He picks up one of my legs putting it over his shoulder.

Before I can make a remark, Eric’s tongue is licking my folds. My hand goes down to his hair, pulling it. The tip of his tongue swirls around my clit.

“That feels amazing Eric. Don’t stop.” I moan.

Eric doubles his efforts. His tongue felt like heaven. Fucking amazing. When Eric’s fingers enter me I moan louder.

“You’re fucking tight.” Eric whispers. His fingers curl inside and I scream cumming over his hand and tongue. I watch as he licks his fingers clean.

I catch my breath for a second. “Get up.” I command him.

He smirks as he does what I ask. His hands reach behind me and he unzips my shirt, and undoes my bra, pulling them down my arms together. His hands reach for my chest, but I push them away.

“You’re overdressed Eric. I need to remedy that.” I flip us so he’s against the door. Eric pulls me for a kiss. I break away from him and kiss down his jaw to his neck. I bite his neck hard, hard enough to hear him hiss, my tongue soothes the bite. I continue to kiss down his body, pushing his pants down.

I smirk at Eric before running my tongue from base to tip. I hear Eric groan. Before he can make any more remarks I take him completely in my mouth. Eric’s hands tangle in my hair. I suck hard, my tongue running the length of his cock. My teeth graze his shaft, and his hands tighten in my hair. Before I can finish, Eric pulls me off him.

“You have fifteen second to get on my bed. And you better have those fingers in your pussy when I get there.” He whispers in my ear. His hand reaches up and plucks my nipple.

I take a step away from him, and I feel his hand spank my ass- hard. I look over my shoulder at him.

“Twelve seconds left Tris.”

I make my way to his bed. I lay back on it. My hand trails down my body making its way to my opening. My fingers push inside me. I’m wet. Actually drenched is the proper word. My other hand reaches up to my nipple and tugs on it.

“You are so fucking sexy.” I hear Eric say.

I look up and see him standing in the doorway. His hand is stroking his cock. My hand focuses on his. “Come fuck me already.”

Eric smirks at me. He goes on the bed, leaning over me. My legs part wider for him. He enters me in one quick stroke. He pauses, his head in the crook of my neck, “You’re so fucking tight.”

I tighten my muscles around him. “Fuck me Eric. Fuck me hard.” I whisper in his ear. He pulls all the way out before thrusting in hard again. My legs wrap around him, as he thrusts in to me. My nails rake down his chest.

My moans get louder as Eric keeps thrusting in to me. Eric’s tongue circles around my nipple before taking it in his mouth. He sucks on it before biting.

I can feel myself tightening around him. “Fuck Eric. I’m gonna cum.” I moan out.

“Good.” He thrusts in to me again. My orgasm washes over me. God I haven’t had an orgasm this powerful… Ever. Eric slows down while I ride out the bliss. He pulls out of me and I whimper. “On your hands and knees.”

I flip over and do as he says. I feel Eric’s hand come down on my ass and I moan. Eric enters me, pounding in to me.

“Fuck.” He groans. “You feel so fucking good.” His hand snakes under me. His fingers rub my clit.

“Shit you’re gonna make me cum all over your dick again Eric.” I moan. My arms give out so my ass is stick in the air.

“Good. I love how fucking tight you are when you come.” He leans over me, kissing the back of my neck.

I can feel myself tighten around him again. Eric brings his hand down on my ass again, making me cum. I let out a loud moan. “Fuck how many more times are you gonna make me cum tonight?”

I can feel his smirk against my back. “As many times as I can before I cum.” He pulls me up flush against him, kissing my neck. His fingers play with my nipples, pinching and pull them hard. My hand reaches back and I begin to stroke him.

“Lay on the bed Eric, now.” I feel him smile against my neck, before he does what I asked. Who knew Eric was open to suggestion. I hold back my snicker as I look down at him.

He grabs my waist guiding my body to what he wants. I straddle him. I start off slow teasing him, before I give in and ride him fast. His grip on my waist gets harder. I know I’m going to have finger shaped bruises there in the morning. My clit is grinding against him as I ride him. I’m going to cum again, and I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to go any more after.

Eric pulls me down, kissing me. His kiss is hot and demanding. I pull away from his lips resting my head in his neck.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum again Eric.”

He groans. “Good.”

I feel my orgasm release. It’s so fucking powerful I feel my body shaking. I feel Eric twitching inside me.

“Fuck Tris.” He breathes after a minute. He pulls my lips to his. He kisses me hard.

I get up and go to the bathroom, cleaning myself up. When I get back out Eric is under the covers on his back. I climb back in to bed with him.

He pulls me to him. “If I’d known you were such a sex bomb I would of tried something with you sooner.” He laughs.

I shake my head at him, but smile. “So did I really leave me phone or did you take it when you sat next to me?”

Eric laughs. “How’d you know?” His arms tighten around me.

I smile at him. “I was looking for it to text Christina to help me get out of there.” I laugh. “I figured I’d get it back eventually.”

“I deleted that app off your phone.” He states.

“Why?” I’m rather curious now.

“Because after the mind blowing sex, I’m not sharing you with anyone. You’re mine now.” He kisses my neck, nipping it.


“Fine? What? You’re not gonna fight me on this?” He sounds shocked, but satisfied.

I turn so I can see his eyes. “Because I’m staking claim on you. Then again I already did that with the hickey on your neck.” I smirk at him.

Eric laughs. “Clever. Get some sleep Prior. I’m expecting round two in the morning, and I want you to be well rested.”

I smile at him. I settle myself against his chest with his arm wrapped around me. I fall asleep sated with a smile on my face.

Chapter Twenty One: “The Crap Shift”

A/N: This chapter is a time skip a couple of weeks later… Around Halloween Time.

Chapter 21: “The Crap Shift”

Eric POV

“Tomorrow is Halloween and it falls on a Friday. I really hate Halloween weekend.” Max tells us all. He called a ResLife meeting to remind us of tomorrow, as if any of us could forget. “Who’s on duty this weekend?”

We all look at Four. He got the shit shift. He’s the one who traded me for the first weekend instead. I would have gladly taken the Halloween weekend shift.

“I am.” Four says glumly.

“Great. So I’m expecting you to stay alert tomorrow. I don’t want to hear any complaints for you. I want you to do your damn job for once. You’ve been slacking.”

“How have I been slacking? Just because I don’t write as many people up as Eric?” Four retorts back.

He just fucked up. He royally fucked up. Everyone knows that you don’t mess with Max around two weekends; the first weekend here and Halloween weekend.

“Are you dumb? I don’t give a shit if you write anyone up. Only ten people have been written up since the semester started. I’m talking about you letting a resident walk back by themselves when they were drinking! Especially since that individual was underage and drunk!” Max yells.

“Oh just say her name! Everyone knows that I was the idiot who let Tris walk back by herself. Everyone knows that I fucked up. You’ve been waiting for me fuck up since that incident. Hell Eric’s done worse than me, but you made him an RA. Who the fuck allows a drug addict to be in charge of people? He got someone kicked out of school, and I’m the one who’s in trouble. So either fire me or get off my case. I’ve been trying to make it up to you and her.”

I roll my eyes and tighten my fists. I refuse to make a comment. Max can handle this. I’m not in the mood.

“You don’t have to make it up to her. You have to leave her alone. There was no reason for you to be in her room one week after the damn incident. Are you that stupid to think that she would feel comfortable with you there? Because I had to do the fucking paperwork for her to switch rooms. And you wanna know the reason I put down? She felt uncomfortable with one resident and one ResLife resident. So please Four just make my fucking day, because you’re the one with the attitude. And leave Eric out of it. This is your problem, don’t place any blame on him. He saved your ass that night.”

Four says nothing.

Zeke opens his mouth. “Max! What the hell man? We get that you’re mad at Four because of what happened, but stop holding it over his head! He knows he fucked up. Did you make great decisions when you went here? I’m assuming not!” Zeke yells. “So just leave him alone. He’s already having a hard time because he feels guilty and Tris won’t listen to him. So just let him be. He already has the shit shift this weekend. You know he’s not going to leave the quad. Just let him be!”

Tori and I look at one another. Zeke never speaks to Max like this. He’s furious.

“Fine, but you better not let me down this weekend. This is the start of you earning my trust back.” Max tells him. “Everyone can go. Make smart decisions this weekend.”

Four gets up immediately with Zeke running him after him. Tori and Bud leave quietly.

Max looks at me. “You kept quiet for once.”

“I’m not getting on your bad side.” I pause. “Have you heard anything from conflict resolution yet? I know Tris has been checking her e-mail constantly.”

Max frowns. “Not yet.”


“I will contact Jack Kang myself and speak to him tomorrow morning.”

Tris POV

I refresh the screen that holds my grades one more time. Oh my god! I stare at the screen. I got an A on all of my midterms. This isn’t possible. No freaking way. I thought I failed three. It’s not possible for me to do this well. I was barely able to concentrate studying for them I was dealing with the judicial hearing and facing Peter and Drew.

I glance at my watch. Eric should be back from his meeting soon. He should be knocking on my door in a minute.

I close the laptop. I can’t believe I did so well. I’ve never done this well on a midterm before, let alone all five of them. This never happens. I am celebrating tonight. Maybe I’ll steal a bottle of whiskey from Eric tonight.

A knock on my door pulls me out of my thoughts. That must be Eric. I open it and smile at him. “Coming in?”

“Yes.” He kisses me. “So what are you so happy about?”

“I got A’s on all of my midterms!” I jump on him and wrap my legs around his waist. I’m way too excited right now. I pull his lips to mine and kiss him again.

“Babe that’s great!” He holds me up like I weigh nothing. “So we’re celebrating this weekend?” He smiles.

“Yes!” I haven’t been this happy about something in a long time. “And we’re wearing costumes. The ones that I picked.”

“Fine.” Eric sighs. He hates my costume idea. It’s a couple’s costume. I thought it would be cute to be Mickey and Minnie mouse. “But I don’t want to wear the ears.”

“Eric you have to wear the ears.” I pout my lips.

“Fine.” He laughs. Eric puts me down on my bed. He climbs over me. My legs wrap around his waist.

“So what was your meeting about?” I ask carefully. Unscheduled meetings in the evening are never good.

“I’m not really supposed to say… But Max was just warning us that we need to do our jobs better.” Eric leans down and kisses me. He’s trying to distract me.

I pull away. “Does it have to do with Four?”

Eric sighs. “I really don’t want to talk about it. And I’m not supposed to be talking about it.” He sits up. “Why does it matter if it has to do with Four? Why does Four matter to you?”

“I was just asking.” I sigh, closing my eyes.

“But why does it matter to you?” He repeats. “Why does anything concerning Four matter to you? I thought you blamed him for everything?”

“He doesn’t matter to me. I blame him for telling me what he knew about you at that stupid party, but I don’t blame him for me leaving. I made the choice to leave. I know that.” I pause. “I just feel like a lot of it is being directed at Four.”

“Do you really think I care what happens to Four? He had no right to tell you about my past just because he didn’t like the fact that we were hanging out. He had a crush on you and he’s mad at me cause I’m the one that’s dating you.” Eric spits back. “That’s not how you get a girl to like you.”

I roll my eyes. “Big fucking deal, Four liked me and yet you ended up with the girl. He told me about your past and I’m still with you. But remember when everyone was against you? How alone you felt? Do you really not think that Four is going through that right now?”

Eric shakes his head at me. “You’re so fucking stupid! What are you gonna do? Go talk to Four? Go tell him how sorry you are that he’s fucking up at his job? Are you gonna tell him that you’re sorry for telling Max what happened that night? Because that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I never said that.” I yell back. “I just said that he’s having a hard time, and I feel responsible for it. It’s like when you were doing drugs. Four felt responsible for trying to knock some sense in to you. You guys were friends. Just like he and I were friends.” Granted he and I were horrible friends, but that’s not going to help prove my point. “So excuse me for having an opinion that differs from yours.”

“You are so stupid!” Eric yells. “I don’t give a shit that your opinion differs from mine, but now I have Four telling everyone my business up in a meeting and I have you feeling sorry for the asshole!”

I push Eric back away from me. “You’re an asshole. No wonder why everyone here hated you! All you do is insult anyone who disagrees with you.”

“And you’re reckless. You want to do what you want without thinking of the consequences. Go talk to Four. Go tell him how sorry you are. Tell him how much you miss him. Go say you want to be friends again. Then when you’re friends again watch him hit on you! Because that’s what he’s going to do Tris! If there is one thing that Four’s good at it’s making other people feel sorry for him.” Eric stands, pointing at the door. “Go! Go apologize to him for getting attacked! Show everyone how strong you are! Then the two of you can go tell everyone about my past. Go spread that rumor around!”

I stand in front of Eric. “Get out of my room!”

He rolls his eyes at me. “Please I’m not like you. I don’t run away from something that I don’t want to hear.” He says mockingly.

I can feel tears forming in my eyes. That was a low blow and Eric knows it. I bite the inside of my cheek. I will not cry in front of him. “Get out!”

Realization washes over Eric’s face. “Tris I’m sorry.”

“No!” I push him back away from me, but he wraps his arms around me. I keep trying to push myself away from him, but he’s too strong.

Eric POV

“Please I’m not like you. I don’t run away from something that I don’t want to hear.” I tell her without thinking.

Tris stares at me. She looks like she is going to kill me. I can see tears forming in her eyes. “Get out!” She screams.

Shit. Only now do I realize what I said to her. Fuck. “Tris I’m sorry.” I go to hug her. She fights me saying no. I’m an idiot. After another minute of her fighting she stops. I feel her shaking… Great I made my girlfriend cry.

“Tris I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I was mad and I said the first thing that came to mind.” I whisper in her ear. “I am more sorry than you know.”

She doesn’t say anything. She just sniffles and pulls away from me. “Please just go Eric. I want some time to myself.”

I nod. I kiss her forehead. “I am truly sorry.” I exit her room and go back to mine. I am an idiot.

Chapter Twenty: “Lunch Date Part II”

Chapter 20: “Lunch Date Part II”

Eric POV

The ride to the restaurant is quiet for Tris and I. Mrs. Prior and Max are catching up having a blast in the front seat. She parks in the small parking lot and we make our way inside. I’ve been waiting for the questions to start since I got in the car. Once we’ve placed our order Mrs. Prior starts.

“So Eric what are you studying?” She asks me.

“Criminal justice. I’d like to be a cop, and hopefully a detective one day.” I reply.

“You and Tris both.” She laughs. “Are you gonna take out the eyebrow piercing in the future?”

“Eventually.” I smile. Tris laughs. I know she likes the piercing. “I might have to fight Tris on it. I think she likes it more than I do.” Oh yeah, I’m definitely gonna put her on blast.

“How old are you?”

“Twenty. I’ll be twenty one by Christmas.” I smile.

“Are you a big drinker?”

Max laughs at this and I shoot him a look. “Not any more. I learned my lessons.” I kick Max under the table. I swear if he opens his mouth I’m gonna hurt him.

“And what were those lessons you learned?”

“That I shouldn’t drink whiskey, tequila, or vodka if I want to make it home.”

“Do you do any drugs?”

I pause. I feel Tris and Max’s eyes boring in to me. “No. I barely even take Tylenol or Advil. I have to force myself to take it when I’m sick.” It’s not a lie per se. She asked if I take drugs, not if I used to take drugs.

“So what do you parents do? Do you have any siblings?”

“My mom’s a psychologist and my dad is a neuroscientist. I’ve never really been sure what my dad works on. He always gives vague answers.” I pause. “And I have an older brother, Trevor, he’s getting his masters in engineering at Loyola right now. I’m the black sheep of my family wanting a blue collar job.”

Mrs. Prior smiles. “So what do you do outside of school?”

“I’m pretty big in to running, as well as boxing. Max has been making me and all the other RA’s teach self defense.”

“So you and Beatrice go running together?” She raises an eyebrow at Tris.

“You should see them.” Max tells her. “They run around the entire campus for 2 hours everyday.”

I smile at her.

“So mom, how do you and Max know one another?” Tris asks raising her eyebrow at her mother. Check and mate.

“Oh we used to date.” Mrs. Prior answers casually.

“Way back in the day.” Max adds.

“So are you the one she kissed the first night at the school?” Tris asked Max.

“Tris.” Her mother scolded. This is like getting a front row seat to a train wreck.

“Oh come on, you and dad never told me or Caleb about how you two got together.”

Max laughs. “Your mother and I had been dating for two months. We weren’t serious, we were thinking about it, but one day your mom comes back from class and just ends it.” He laughs. “She didn’t really give me a reason, but about a week later I saw her and your dad together. And at twenty-one years old it sucked, but even then I could see how happy they were, much happier than when your mom and I were dating. Then four years later I got a wedding invitation to your parents wedding. Then a year later your brother was born. And then you were born a year after him. And every year you were growing up I got the Christmas cards with those cheeky smiles you and your brother had. Hey maybe I can show them to Eric sometime. I’m pretty sure they’re somewhere in my office.”

Mrs. Prior smiles. “Looks like you finally got your answer.”

“Hey you’re the one who said I’m just like you. Obviously I’m gonna be curious.”

“Speaking of that how did you two come to be?” She turns it around on Tris.

“Which time?” I ask. Mrs. Prior gives me a look to elaborate. “The first time had a conversation or the first time we kissed?” I see Tris’ cheek go red out of the corner of my eye.

“Both. I’m rather curious what my daughters been up to.”

I laugh. “The first time we spoke we didn’t get along. I might have been a jerk and-”

“Might have been?” Tris says with raised eyebrows. “You told me that I couldn’t sit with you. It was like I stepped in to mean girls.”

Max and Mrs. Prior laughed.

“Anyway, she compared my personality to a hamburger.” I smirk at Tris. “The first time we kissed it was a dare.”

Tris glares at me. “I didn’t wanna look like pansycake.”

“Pansycake?” Max laughs. “You’ve been hanging out with Uriah too much.”

Thankfully, our food comes and I’m saved from answering questions for a few more minutes. Max and Mrs. Prior start reminiscing about the past, telling us about the crazy things they did when they were our age.

Tris smiles at me. I wink back at her. After that lunch goes smoothly and I learn about Tris growing up.

Tris POV

“Mom don’t show them the pictures.” I groan.

“Tris, you were so cute as a baby. Not to mention I have your prom photos on here.” My mom smirks.

“No. Please don’t show them that.” I sigh. My mom hands to phone to Eric and I see him swipe through a few photos before stopping. He turns the phone to me.

“Who was your date?” He smirks.

I look at the photo. It’s of Robert and I, doing the pose that every prom couple does. “That was my neighbor and my brothers best friend. Caleb was so mad that he asked me to prom. I mainly said yes so it would piss him off.” I shake my head. “The joke was on me, because my friend Susan, Robert’s sister, asked Caleb to prom. She did that to get back at me. Although now they’re dating so they can thank me when they get married.”

Eric laughs. “And you and Robert never dated?”

“Nah, he was my brothers best friend that’s just gross.” I laugh.

Eric hands the phone to Max. “You look just like your mother.” He smiles.

My mom just blushes and shakes her head. “She is a gorgeous girl.”

I look over at Eric. He winks at me. I smile back.

The waiter brings the check to the table. Eric reaches over to grab it, but my mother smacks his hand away.

“You we’re invited to lunch today. You do not pay.” She shakes her head at him.

“That’s right, because I’m paying.” Max takes the bill from my mother. She just shrugs at him.

After Max pays we head back out to the car. Eric takes my hand as we walk back. He opens the car door for me again. I roll my eyes at him and that causes him to smirk. The ride back is silent, at least for Eric and I.

My mother and Max on the other hand are catching up. It’s still strange to think about the two of them dating. How did my dad steal really her away from Max? Why are they still friends? It’s such a strange concept.

Before I can think too much about it my mom pulls up in front of the building, parking in the fire lane. She leaves the car running, but we all get out. My mom says goodbye to Max. She looks at Eric. “It was very lovely to meet you Eric. I’m sure that I’ll be seeing more of you in the future.”

Eric smiles. “It was nice meeting you too Mrs. Prior.” He looks at me. “I’ll see you inside.”

My mother and I watch him walk away. “You know Beatrice, he is very good looking.”

“I know that mom.” I smile.

“He’s also a very nice young man. I can see why you’re dating him.” She laughs. “I’m sure that your father would be interested in meeting him too. Maybe you can invite him over during one of your breaks.”

“Maybe mom.” I smile. “Thank you for letting him come today. You know Eric was the one who wanted to meet you.”

“Ah… No wonder why I met this one. Either way, I like him. He has that look in eye.”

“What look?” I question.

“You’ll figure it out, it’s not for me to tell you.” She laughs. “Anyway, it was lovely to see you Beatrice. I missed you. Your father does too, but he couldn’t get off of work today, but Marcus is having a publicity nightmare. Unfortunately, your father had to stay.”

“It’s fine mom. I understand. What’s going on with Marcus?”

“Something from his past, but it’s nothing that you need to worry about.” She smiles. “I gotta get on the road, I’d like to be home before your father so I can rub it in his face.”

I laugh. “You’re horrible mom. I’m happy I got to see you. I’ll be home for thanksgiving soon. Hey maybe I’ll bring Eric as a buffer.” I joke. I give her a hug and kiss. “I’ll see you again soon Mom.”