Chapter Twenty One: “The Crap Shift”

A/N: This chapter is a time skip a couple of weeks later… Around Halloween Time.

Chapter 21: “The Crap Shift”

Eric POV

“Tomorrow is Halloween and it falls on a Friday. I really hate Halloween weekend.” Max tells us all. He called a ResLife meeting to remind us of tomorrow, as if any of us could forget. “Who’s on duty this weekend?”

We all look at Four. He got the shit shift. He’s the one who traded me for the first weekend instead. I would have gladly taken the Halloween weekend shift.

“I am.” Four says glumly.

“Great. So I’m expecting you to stay alert tomorrow. I don’t want to hear any complaints for you. I want you to do your damn job for once. You’ve been slacking.”

“How have I been slacking? Just because I don’t write as many people up as Eric?” Four retorts back.

He just fucked up. He royally fucked up. Everyone knows that you don’t mess with Max around two weekends; the first weekend here and Halloween weekend.

“Are you dumb? I don’t give a shit if you write anyone up. Only ten people have been written up since the semester started. I’m talking about you letting a resident walk back by themselves when they were drinking! Especially since that individual was underage and drunk!” Max yells.

“Oh just say her name! Everyone knows that I was the idiot who let Tris walk back by herself. Everyone knows that I fucked up. You’ve been waiting for me fuck up since that incident. Hell Eric’s done worse than me, but you made him an RA. Who the fuck allows a drug addict to be in charge of people? He got someone kicked out of school, and I’m the one who’s in trouble. So either fire me or get off my case. I’ve been trying to make it up to you and her.”

I roll my eyes and tighten my fists. I refuse to make a comment. Max can handle this. I’m not in the mood.

“You don’t have to make it up to her. You have to leave her alone. There was no reason for you to be in her room one week after the damn incident. Are you that stupid to think that she would feel comfortable with you there? Because I had to do the fucking paperwork for her to switch rooms. And you wanna know the reason I put down? She felt uncomfortable with one resident and one ResLife resident. So please Four just make my fucking day, because you’re the one with the attitude. And leave Eric out of it. This is your problem, don’t place any blame on him. He saved your ass that night.”

Four says nothing.

Zeke opens his mouth. “Max! What the hell man? We get that you’re mad at Four because of what happened, but stop holding it over his head! He knows he fucked up. Did you make great decisions when you went here? I’m assuming not!” Zeke yells. “So just leave him alone. He’s already having a hard time because he feels guilty and Tris won’t listen to him. So just let him be. He already has the shit shift this weekend. You know he’s not going to leave the quad. Just let him be!”

Tori and I look at one another. Zeke never speaks to Max like this. He’s furious.

“Fine, but you better not let me down this weekend. This is the start of you earning my trust back.” Max tells him. “Everyone can go. Make smart decisions this weekend.”

Four gets up immediately with Zeke running him after him. Tori and Bud leave quietly.

Max looks at me. “You kept quiet for once.”

“I’m not getting on your bad side.” I pause. “Have you heard anything from conflict resolution yet? I know Tris has been checking her e-mail constantly.”

Max frowns. “Not yet.”


“I will contact Jack Kang myself and speak to him tomorrow morning.”

Tris POV

I refresh the screen that holds my grades one more time. Oh my god! I stare at the screen. I got an A on all of my midterms. This isn’t possible. No freaking way. I thought I failed three. It’s not possible for me to do this well. I was barely able to concentrate studying for them I was dealing with the judicial hearing and facing Peter and Drew.

I glance at my watch. Eric should be back from his meeting soon. He should be knocking on my door in a minute.

I close the laptop. I can’t believe I did so well. I’ve never done this well on a midterm before, let alone all five of them. This never happens. I am celebrating tonight. Maybe I’ll steal a bottle of whiskey from Eric tonight.

A knock on my door pulls me out of my thoughts. That must be Eric. I open it and smile at him. “Coming in?”

“Yes.” He kisses me. “So what are you so happy about?”

“I got A’s on all of my midterms!” I jump on him and wrap my legs around his waist. I’m way too excited right now. I pull his lips to mine and kiss him again.

“Babe that’s great!” He holds me up like I weigh nothing. “So we’re celebrating this weekend?” He smiles.

“Yes!” I haven’t been this happy about something in a long time. “And we’re wearing costumes. The ones that I picked.”

“Fine.” Eric sighs. He hates my costume idea. It’s a couple’s costume. I thought it would be cute to be Mickey and Minnie mouse. “But I don’t want to wear the ears.”

“Eric you have to wear the ears.” I pout my lips.

“Fine.” He laughs. Eric puts me down on my bed. He climbs over me. My legs wrap around his waist.

“So what was your meeting about?” I ask carefully. Unscheduled meetings in the evening are never good.

“I’m not really supposed to say… But Max was just warning us that we need to do our jobs better.” Eric leans down and kisses me. He’s trying to distract me.

I pull away. “Does it have to do with Four?”

Eric sighs. “I really don’t want to talk about it. And I’m not supposed to be talking about it.” He sits up. “Why does it matter if it has to do with Four? Why does Four matter to you?”

“I was just asking.” I sigh, closing my eyes.

“But why does it matter to you?” He repeats. “Why does anything concerning Four matter to you? I thought you blamed him for everything?”

“He doesn’t matter to me. I blame him for telling me what he knew about you at that stupid party, but I don’t blame him for me leaving. I made the choice to leave. I know that.” I pause. “I just feel like a lot of it is being directed at Four.”

“Do you really think I care what happens to Four? He had no right to tell you about my past just because he didn’t like the fact that we were hanging out. He had a crush on you and he’s mad at me cause I’m the one that’s dating you.” Eric spits back. “That’s not how you get a girl to like you.”

I roll my eyes. “Big fucking deal, Four liked me and yet you ended up with the girl. He told me about your past and I’m still with you. But remember when everyone was against you? How alone you felt? Do you really not think that Four is going through that right now?”

Eric shakes his head at me. “You’re so fucking stupid! What are you gonna do? Go talk to Four? Go tell him how sorry you are that he’s fucking up at his job? Are you gonna tell him that you’re sorry for telling Max what happened that night? Because that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I never said that.” I yell back. “I just said that he’s having a hard time, and I feel responsible for it. It’s like when you were doing drugs. Four felt responsible for trying to knock some sense in to you. You guys were friends. Just like he and I were friends.” Granted he and I were horrible friends, but that’s not going to help prove my point. “So excuse me for having an opinion that differs from yours.”

“You are so stupid!” Eric yells. “I don’t give a shit that your opinion differs from mine, but now I have Four telling everyone my business up in a meeting and I have you feeling sorry for the asshole!”

I push Eric back away from me. “You’re an asshole. No wonder why everyone here hated you! All you do is insult anyone who disagrees with you.”

“And you’re reckless. You want to do what you want without thinking of the consequences. Go talk to Four. Go tell him how sorry you are. Tell him how much you miss him. Go say you want to be friends again. Then when you’re friends again watch him hit on you! Because that’s what he’s going to do Tris! If there is one thing that Four’s good at it’s making other people feel sorry for him.” Eric stands, pointing at the door. “Go! Go apologize to him for getting attacked! Show everyone how strong you are! Then the two of you can go tell everyone about my past. Go spread that rumor around!”

I stand in front of Eric. “Get out of my room!”

He rolls his eyes at me. “Please I’m not like you. I don’t run away from something that I don’t want to hear.” He says mockingly.

I can feel tears forming in my eyes. That was a low blow and Eric knows it. I bite the inside of my cheek. I will not cry in front of him. “Get out!”

Realization washes over Eric’s face. “Tris I’m sorry.”

“No!” I push him back away from me, but he wraps his arms around me. I keep trying to push myself away from him, but he’s too strong.

Eric POV

“Please I’m not like you. I don’t run away from something that I don’t want to hear.” I tell her without thinking.

Tris stares at me. She looks like she is going to kill me. I can see tears forming in her eyes. “Get out!” She screams.

Shit. Only now do I realize what I said to her. Fuck. “Tris I’m sorry.” I go to hug her. She fights me saying no. I’m an idiot. After another minute of her fighting she stops. I feel her shaking… Great I made my girlfriend cry.

“Tris I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I was mad and I said the first thing that came to mind.” I whisper in her ear. “I am more sorry than you know.”

She doesn’t say anything. She just sniffles and pulls away from me. “Please just go Eric. I want some time to myself.”

I nod. I kiss her forehead. “I am truly sorry.” I exit her room and go back to mine. I am an idiot.


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