Chapter 23: “Academic Probation”

Eric POV

“Eric.” I hear a Tris’ call out to me. “Eric it’s time to get up.”

“No.” I groan. I wrap my arms around her pulling her body to mine. I open my eyes and look at her. Her face is less than a foot from mine.

She just laughs. “This is how I feel when you wake me up early to go running.”

“I thought we said we were gonna sleep in.” I yawn in her face. “Sorry.”

“We did sleep in Eric, it’s noon.” She yawns back.

“Can we sleep in for a little while longer? I feel like we didn’t get enough sleep. Well maybe I didn’t get enough sleep.”

Tris laughs at me. “You know this is probably the latest that I’ve ever slept. Sleeping until twelve is not something I like.”

“But I like waking up next to you in my bed, so the time doesn’t matter.” I pull Tris to me so she’s resting against my chest.

“I like waking up next to you too.” She smiles.


“I really want to go running, and I was promised that my boyfriend would go running with me when we both woke up today.” She smiles wider. “And we are both up.”

“Five more minutes babe.”

“Since when do you call me babe?”

“Since yesterday?” I think back. I know I called her babe yesterday, twice if I remember correctly. Each time it’s just slipped out. I don’t mind at all. “It just started yesterday.”

“Okay.” She smiles. She gets up and climbs over me. “So get let’s get up and run. I’m excited to run. I’m excited to just relax for the day.”

I sigh. “Alright, you get dressed first.” I get up from the bed. “I’ll use the bathroom when you’re done.” I watch Tris grab her things from her draw. I like that she’s started keeping more clothes here, not to mention that she started to leave her toiletries here. Now if I could only get her to shower with me.

I grab a pair of running pants and a long sleeve shirt. Fuck it- if she walks in on me changing it’s not a big deal. As I put on my shirt, Tris walks out.

“I’m almost ready.” I smile. I go to the bathroom, do my business, and brush my teeth. I look at my reflection. I should shave tonight. I don’t think I’ve shaved at all this week. I’m starting to look like a bum. I open the door and see Tris stretching. She is really flexible. It’s extremely sexy. I resist the urge to tilt my head. “Ready?”

She nods. “Very much so. I haven’t been this excited to run in a long time.”

I smirk. I understand what she means. The runs in the afternoons aren’t the same as running first thing in the morning, right after you wake up. Maybe we can change it back. “Let’s go.”

We run through the normal routine, around the parking lot and around the campus. I glance at my watch we’ve only been running for an hour. We’ve gotten faster. I motion for her to follow me. I direct us out of the campus to the city. We run on streets that I’m familiar with, weaving through the other people on the sidewalk. After an additional hour of running we jog back through the campus to the dorm.

“How far did we run?” Tris asks after catching her breath.

“I’m guessing, about four miles.” I use my sleeve to wipe off sweat. I make a “what” face to Tris as she looks me up and down.

“You know, I think you look sexy when you’re sweaty.”

I groan.

“What?” Tris smiles.

“You’re driving me crazy.” I smirk.

“Why’s that?” She moves closer to me. Her hands fist my shirt pulling me to her.

“Because all I can think about is the both of us in my shower.” I smirk. I move my hands to her hips. “With my hands on your body.”

Tris bites her lip. “You want to take a shower together?”

“I really do.”

Tris closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “Eric.” She pauses. “You know that I’ve had boyfriends, but I haven’t… I haven’t had sex with anyone before.”

How is that possible? She is gorgeous and kind. Not to mention incredibly sexy. “Tris, we don’t have to. I didn’t mean to push you in to something that you didn’t want to do.”

Tris laughs. “Eric, it’s not that I don’t want to. I really, really, want to. It’s just new. It’s new to me. I… I want to experience it with you. I’m just not ready for that at this moment.”

I smile at her. “Believe me. I can wait. Waiting is definitely not a problem.” She’s the type of girl that you wait for. The girl that you settle down with in five years, the girl that you have kids with, and the woman you grow old with. Waiting will not be a problem for me.

“But the shower… Are we still doing that?” Tris smiles.

“You’re killing me.” I rest my forehead against hers, closing my eyes. “Are you sure you want to? I’m not pushing you in to something you don’t feel ready for.”

“Eric I like your idea.” She laughs. “Besides I said I wasn’t ready for sex, not that I wouldn’t take a shower with you.”


Eric pulled me to him, kissing me. He has a huge smile when he pulls back. He takes my hand and leads us to his room. He pulls me through the door to his room. He kicks the door closed.

He pulls me to the bathroom and lifts me up on the sink. “Don’t move.” Eric smirks. He turns on the shower. I kick off my shoes and socks. Eric turns around. “I said don’t move.”

“Too bad.” I smirk back at him. “If you don’t hurry up I’m taking off my own clothes.”

Eric shakes his head, laughing at me. “I will take off your clothes Tris. Deal with it.” He comes closer to me, his hands going to my waist. He wastes no time in pulling my shirt off. He kisses me.

My hands go to the bottom of his shirt, pulling it off him, and throwing it to the floor. I pull him back to me and kiss him. I reach for his pants and pull them down, pushing them the rest of the way with my feet.

I smirk when I pull back. “I think I’m a little over dressed for a shower.”

Eric smirks back. He taps my arms, and I lift them. He gently pulls my sports bra off. My hands go to cover my chest, but Eric stops me.

“Nope, you’re gorgeous. There’s no way I’m letting you cover yourself up.” He kisses my neck. He pulls me off the sink. He kisses down my body, pulling my pants and panties down until I’m left standing in front of him in nothing.

I raise an eyebrow at him. “Aren’t you over dressed?”

Eric laughs. He pulls his boxers down. Fuck me! I take all of him in… All of him! Well maybe some parts more than others. Just because you brush up against something doesn’t mean you can get an idea of size. “Hey Prior, my eyes are up here.”

I laugh at him. “Sorry, I got distracted.” I give him a pointed stare.

Eric laughs. “Wanna get in? I gotta kick off my shoes. And grab towels.”

I pull the curtain back, stepping under the warm water. I close my eyes and let the water wash over me. It’s hot, but it feels good on my muscles. I smile when I feel Eric wrap his arms around me. “Eric… Is your boner pressing in to my back?”

He laughs. “Sorry, it’s not going down. You’re gorgeous, and you’re dripping wet. This is definitely getting saved in my memory for a long time.” His hands unwrap from my waist and go up my sides. He kisses my neck before turning me around. “God you’re so gorgeous, and extremely sexy.”

I roll my eyes at him. “You already got me naked Eric, you don’t have to keep complimenting me.”

“Stop. You’re gorgeous. If you don’t like hearing it, then too bad.” He pulls me to him and kisses me. He pulls back and smiles. “You know it’s taking all my strength to not stare at your boobs. ”

I laugh at him. “You didn’t stare at all?”

“Not as much as I’d like.” He pouts.

I roll my eyes at him, but I take his hands and put them against my chest. “Better?”

“You tell me?” His thumbs gently circle my nipples, before his thumb and forefinger play with them.

“Eric.” I moan. I pull his lips to mine and kiss him hard.

He smiles and pulls back. He pushes me against the wall. He leans down and takes my nipple in his mouth. His teeth tease me and I arch my back.

“Eric, you’re making me lose all my self control.” I pull his lips back to mine and kiss him hard.

He pulls back so his lips are less than an inch away from mine. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” I breathe.

Eric kisses my lips before kissing down my body. His tongue licks my nipple before his lips wrap around it. His hand travels down my body, stopping at my waist and squeezing. He releases my nipple and continues to kiss down my body. I look down at him as he kneels down in front of me.

“Eric, what are you doing?” I breathe.

He smirks. “Trust me.” He lifts my leg, resting it on his shoulder. I feel his tongue brush against my clit. He does it again. It feels amazing. My hand ends up in his hair.

“Eric!” I moan. What he’s doing to me feels amazing. I’m thankful the wall is holding me up, otherwise my legs would have given up by now. I can feel Eric add another finger, and it feels amazing.

“You’re so wet Tris. Are you gonna let go and cum for me?’ I nod my head. “I can’t hear you.”

“Yes.” I scream as I feel my orgasm hit me like a speeding train. I slump against the wall. I watch as Eric licks his finger clean.

“You taste very good.” He smirks, kissing me.

I can taste myself on him. It’s a huge turn on. I pull away from Eric and kiss his neck. Before I can over think it and stop myself, my hand wraps around Eric’s dick. Eric moans. His hands wraps around mine showing me what he wants.

I smirk, pulling away from his neck. I continue to stroke him as I slowly kiss down his body, like he did mine. Unlike him, I leave a hickey on his chest, and his abs, and right above the little v cut.

I remove my hand from him, and I hear him growl. I hold back my laugh, and I lick from the base of his dick to the tip. My tongue swirls at the tip, before my lips wrap around and suck. One of Eric’s hands tangle in my hair as I take more of him in my mouth. I repeat my actions until Eric tells me he’s going to cum. I keep going and pull back stroking him as he cum’s over my chest.

Eric pulls me up, kissing me hard. “Where the fuck did you learn how to do that?”

I grab my loufa and pour on some body wash. “Before I moved out of my old room, Christina was very vocal about her oral skills.” I roll my eyes. I quickly wash off my body, smacking Eric’s hands away when he tries to grab me.

“So are we going to a party tonight?” Eric asks.

“Yeah, I’m waiting for Lynn to let me know where.” I wash the shampoo out of my hair. “I think we’re pre-gaming in my room.”

“You mean I actually get to drink with you for once.” Eric laughs. “This is a special occasion.” Eric steps under the water rinsing shampoo. God he looks sexy. “I can feel you starring at me.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I smile, as I put conditioner in my hair.

“Liar.” Eric opens his eyes. He steals some conditioner from me.

I switch spots with Eric and rinse my hair. I open my eyes and see Eric starring at me. I smile at him. I kiss him quickly. “I’m getting out.”

“I’ll be expecting you on my bed naked when I get out.”

“You must have no idea who you’re dating if you think that’s happening.” I close the curtain behind me. I wrap a towel around myself. I pick up my discarded clothes and throw them in the hamper. Eric can do my laundry with his.

I grab a pair of sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt from the drawer I’ve taken over. It’s crazy how half of my stuff has ended up in his room; my clothes, toiletries, my text books. I gave up on the toiletries fight after my mom visited. I quickly throw on my clothes.

I lay on Eric’s bed scrolling through my email. There’s a bunch of junk from the school, telling us to be safe and make smart choices. I quickly read through an email from Max telling us that Four will be on duty this weekend, and he will be making sure that we are making smart choices. I stop when I see an email from conflict resolution. This is the email that I’ve been waiting for:

Dear Miss Prior,

The conflict resolution panel has reviewed the statements made by both parties. We have found that there were mistakes made by the two parties on the night in question. While we feel the seriousness of the nature of your statements, since this is the first mistakes taken by Peter Hayes and Drew Tomins we see fit that they are placed on academic probation for the remainder of their time at Dauntless University, and it will remain on their permanent records.

The document you signed still stands, and the two mentioned parties are not able to contact you at any time. If they do so then you are to call the campus police department and they will be arrested. Actions will be taken by conflict resolution if they do so.

Thank you,

Jack Kang,

Conflict Resolution, Department Head.


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