Chapter 24: “Halloween Parties”

Zeke POV

“So what are you gonna do tonight? Binge on Netflix and pop tarts?” I ask Four.

He looks away from the game we’re playing. “Most likely.” He sighs. “I’ll probably watch House of Cards and if I finish that tonight then I’ll re-watch Sherlock. That should probably last me the weekend.”

I nod at him. I can’t believe that Four traded with Eric the first weekend. Not that I blame him. The first weekend is tough to work. You don’t want to be the one stuck on campus while you miss hanging with all your friends, but then there’s Halloween weekend. Being the RA on duty that weekend absolutely blows. You can’t leave the quad while everyone is partying.

Somehow I’ve been lucky enough not to have to work either of those weekends… Yet. I’d rather not jinx myself thinking about it.

“So who are you going out with tonight?” Four asks pulling me from my thoughts.

“Uh… Shauna, Marlene, Uriah, Lynn, as well as Eric and Tris.” I tell him avoiding eye contact. From the corner of my eye I see Four rolling his eyes.

“Of course Eric would go out with Tris tonight.” He mumbles.

“Still not over her?” I ask.

He shrugs. “I want to be. I’m trying to. Seeing her and Eric flirting and kiss all the time is sadly helping. I’ll get over it eventually.”

We go back to playing our game. Around eight fifty I get a text from Uriah that he has our costumes.

“Hey man… I gotta go. Sorry you got the shit shift.” I tell him.

“No worries. Have fun. What are you dressing up as?” He smirks.

“Uriah and I are Will and Carlton from Fresh Prince. Since I’m taller and better looking I get to be Will. Uriah has to spend all night doing the Carlton dance. I downloaded the Tom Jones song to my phone. He’s required to do it anytime I play it.” I laugh. My brother is an idiot for agreeing to it.

Four laughs. “Send me a video of it. I beg of you.”

I nod. “I’ll see ya later man.” I make my way to Uriah’s room, not bothering to knock and barging in, screaming.

Uriah jumps and screams like a little bitch. “You fucking asshole!” He screams, tackling me. He manages to pin me for a second, before I flip us and lay on him.

“Say uncle!” I yell, pulling his arm behind his back.


“Say uncle!”

“Never!” I pull his arm at an uncomfortable angle, and pull his leg too. “UNCLE!”

I laugh and get up. “You’re such an idiot Uriah. You really need to learn to lock your door.”

“You need to not scare me!” He throws a plastic bag at me. “Here’s your costume Will.”

I look at the goodwill bag. It has some crazy Bill Cosby sweater in it and some patterned pants. He even got me mardi gras beads and a crazy neon hat. There’s no way anyone can miss me tonight. “Dude, this is the best costume we’ve ever done. There’s no way we can top ourselves next year.”

“Definitely.” Uriah laughs.

“Will and Al coming out tonight?” I ask changing in to my costume.

“They’re going to some party with Christina and her new friends.” He replies. Uriah quickly gets dressed. “Do you think we all chose sides too fast?”

I look up at him. Where the hell did that come from? “What do you mean?”

“Like with Tris and Christina. And with Tris and Four.”

“Christina was crazy. We all shouldn’t have trusted her like we did.” I answer honestly, “She made the choice easy between her or Tris. Tris doesn’t start shit. That’s why we all picked her over Christina. If Four is going to hang with us, then Tris takes herself out of the equation. She doesn’t make us choose her or Four. She also doesn’t force Eric on us.”

Uriah nods at me. “He’ll be with us tonight, FYI.”

I roll my eyes. Just because I am friends with Tris doesn’t mean that I like Eric. She doesn’t force me to hang out with him, which is nice, but it doesn’t mean that I still don’t have issues with him. I still remember when Four switched rooms after their fight. He was fucking black and blue. It was nasty. He didn’t tell me what happened, but after what he said in that meeting I finally figured it out.

Why the fuck would Max allow Eric to become an RA? He has a drug problem. Had a drug problem? Why the fuck is he in charge of every one?

I’m pulled out of my thoughts when I hear a scream across the hall. Uriah quickly opens the door.

Tris POV

Eric hands me the bottle of whiskey he just took a sip from. I take a big sip. I’m starting to think that I’m getting good at taking shots of whiskey straight… That may be a problem.

“So where are we going tonight?” He asks, beginning to pour whiskey in his flask.

“Some random party. Lynn knows the details she just said to be at our room at nine to pregame for a little bit.” I shrug. “I don’t care, I just want to drink, dance, and make out with you.”

“But I don’t dance.” Eric tells me with a straight face.

“Seriously?” I stare at him.

“Seriously.” He stares at me for a couple seconds before he starts to laugh. “Your face was hilarious. I will dance you Tris, probably horribly, but after a couple drinks I with promise I will dance with you.”

“Good.” I go on my toes and kiss his cheek. “Let’s go.”

Eric locks his door behind us. He wraps an arm around my shoulder. “Excited for tonight?”

“Yeah, I always liked Halloween. You can pretend to be someone else for a night.”

We stop in front of my door. I can hear Zeke and Uriah yelling from his room. I use my key and unlock the door. I open the door and I see Lynn and some girl in a Cat Woman suit making out. They didn’t notice the door opening. I smirk at Eric.

“Got ya!” I yell.

The girl and Lynn pull apart with a scream.

“Prior I swear to god I am going to kill you.” Lynn yells.

“And you always give me shit! Maybe I should start doing the same to you. Who’s your friend Lynn? You guys must be close.” I smirk. I hear Eric trying to hold back his laugh behind me.

Lynn rolls her eyes at me. “This is Lauren. We have class together.”

Lauren smiles at me. “Hi.”

I smile back as I look at her. She’s pretty. She has dark brown hair and eyes. She has also her eyebrow and lip pierced, not to mention that her ears are covered in piercings from top to bottom. “Nice to meet you.” I look back at Lynn, “So are we pregaming soon?”

She nods. “Uriah! Zeke! Go get your girlfriends.” She calls over my shoulder.

I turn around and see Zeke and Uriah. They look hilarious dressed as the fresh prince and Carlton. They nod at Lynn and head in the directions of Marlene and Shauna.

Eric follows me in to my room, although it doesn’t really feel like it since I don’t spend too much time in here.

“Nice costume.” I smirk at Lynn. Her teenage mutant ninja turtle costume is hilarious, especially since she looks ready to kiss ass.

Lynn smirks. “You guys look nice. I never took Eric to be so whipped and agree to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween.”

“See!” He groans. “I’m never getting my man card back.”

I roll my eyes. “All the girls will think it’s adorable. Right Lauren?” My eyes beg her to agree with me. Silently pleading that she agrees.

“Yeah totally.” Lauren says unconvincingly before laughing, Lynn joining her.

“Well I like it. And all we had to buy was the ears. So-” I stick out my tongue at them.

Eric laughs and pulls me to him. “You’re so lucky I lo- like you. No other girl would be able to make me wear this. You should feel special.” He whispers in my ear, his lips right next to my ear. He gently bites my ear.

I open my mouth to say something, but Lynn stops me.

“Gross! You guys need to keep five feet between you at all times.” She says to us with a disgusted face. She looks over at Lauren. “If you don’t keep space between them then they eye fuck each other. It’s disgusting.”

Thankfully before I can respond, Zeke, Uriah, Marlene, and Shauna walk in carrying bags. We’d all given Zeke twenty dollars so he could go pick up some stuff for tonight.

My mouth opens when I see what Marlene and Shauna are wearing. Their costumes leave nothing to the imagination. Shauna is a fifties army pin up girl and Marlene is in something that looks military related. I close my mouth and look at Eric. He just shakes his head at me, essentially saying be quiet.

Zeke puts the bottles on my desk. “We have whiskey, tequila, vodka, and rum. Not to mention a thirty rack in the fridge in Uriah’s room.” He pulls the bottles out, as well as some soda, juice, plastic cups, and plastic shot glasses.

We all make ourselves drinks. Uriah goes to his room, bringing back a beer for each of us so we can play a new drinking game he learned. It’s horrible, you have to drink for as many seconds as there are cards if you guess wrong. I’m bad at this game. By the time we leave, I’ve already had three beers on top of the drink that I made and the shot that Eric and I took before we went to my room.

“You alright there Prior?” I hear Lynn yell at me.

“Perfect.” I reply.

Eric kisses the top of my head. “Go easy tonight.”

“Yes dad.” I roll my eyes. I yelp when I feel a slap against my ass. “Hey!” I glare at Eric.

“I’m not your dad baby, remember that. Especially since I plan a repeat of what happened earlier.” He whispers in my ear. I close my mouth after it feels like it’d been open for a while. Eric smiles at my reaction.

I look up at the house we’re standing in front of. This was the house that I walked away from… Well at least I know how to get home. I roll my eyes at my own stupidity.

I follow Eric inside. He has his hand wrapped around mine. Eric pulls me in front of him when we stop, wrapping an arm around my waist.

“There are way too many guys looking at your right now baby.” He whispers in my ear.

I roll my eyes. “No way. And there’s just as many girls looking at you like you’re the last piece of meat.” Since we got in here I saw five girls check out Eric, even though he was holding my hand and had his arm wrapped around me.

Eric laughs. “Good thing I’m here with you. You can beat ’em off with a stick for me.” He kisses my neck. “I’m gonna grab a beer. Want one?”

I nod. Eric separates himself from me. I take a few steps to Marlene, Lynn, and Lauren.

“So what the fuck are you Marlene?” I ask randomly.

She laughs, putting her left hand to the brim of her hat. “Major Trouble, reporting for duty.”

Lynn and I look at one another before we start laughing. “Where the fuck did you get the idea for that?”

“Uriah.” She laughs. “He said he always wanted to see me in uniform.”

“I can’t get that image out of my head.” I make a face.

Lauren laughs. “So Major Trouble, how come your counterpart didn’t dress up with you?”

“Because he and his brother are a married couple, and they have to dress up together.” She rolls her eyes. “How’d you get Eric to be Mickey Mouse, Tris?”

I shrugged. “I asked.”

“No way.” Lynn argues. “You took away his man card with this. How’d you do it?”

I laugh. “I gave him the face.” Marlene and Lauren look intrigued. “You know, the face that says “Baby I’m so excited for tonight, please do this for me. I promise to make it up to. Anything you want.” That face.” I laugh.

“Oh, “I’ll fuck you so hard” eyes.” Marlene laughs. “Uriah is more committed to Zeke than he is me.”

Eric comes back, holding my beer out for me. He winks when I smile to say thanks.

Eventually Marlene pulls Lynn, Lauren, and I to dance. I toss back the remainder of my beer and let the music guide. Marlene and I grind against one another. I can feel Eric’s eyes on me, but I ignore them. After a few songs, Uriah pulls Marlene from me and I dance on my own. I feel someone come up behind me. For a second I think it’s Eric, and then I smell the cologne. I stop dancing. It’s definitely not Eric, I know this smell, I haven’t smelled this since the last time I was here. I try to pull away, but their arms lock around my waist.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Peter asks me.

“Away from you.” I step on his foot, elbow him in the stomach, and punch him in the nose. He loosens his arms to grab his nose, which is bleeding. I run away from his grasp and search for Eric. I find him talking to some guy. I walk over to him, wrapping an arm around his waist.

Eric smiles down at me, putting his arm around my shoulder. I feel safe in his arms.

Eric POV

I laugh as Tris jumps on my bed. She kicks off her sneakers, letting them fall loudly to the floor. “Baby, can you do me a favor?” She smiles, lying on my bed, with her eyes closed.

“And what’s that?” I slowly walk to her. I smile at the thought of her calling me baby.

“Get my pajamas and then cuddle with me.”

“Pajamas?” I laugh. “You sure you wanna wear pajamas instead of my shirt?”

She nods. “Your shirt smells like cigarettes instead of you.”

I smile. I go to her drawer and grab a shirt that she wears as a pajama dress. I toss the shirt next to her, but she doesn’t move. I strip down to my boxers and toss my clothes in the hamper.

I gently wake Tris. “Come on baby, let’s get you changed. Then we can cuddle.” She lifts her arms indicating she wants me to undress her. I take her shirt off, before slipping on the pajama “dress”. I reach under and undo her bra, before taking it off. I gently pull her skirt off her, as well as her socks.

Tris smiles with her eyes closed. “I’m lucky to have you in my life.”

I smile. “I’m the lucky one babe.” I pick her up, and pull back the covers. Tris burrows herself in to the bed when I put her down. I climb in behind her, molding myself to her, pulling the blanket over us.

I listen to her even breathing. “I love you.” I whisper quietly to her, before I fall asleep.


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