Chapter 26: “Thanksgiving Day Part I”

Tris POV

Thanksgiving morning is always hectic at the Prior house. Normally, my mom gets up at the crack of dawn. Immediately, after putting on the coffee, she puts the turkey in the oven. The turkey has been thawing for days as well as marinating for the past 48 hours. Then, once that’s done, she wakes me up against my will. That’s when I’m put in charge of preparing certain sides. Now that’s a normal Thanksgiving morning. Today however, it was anything far from normal. My mom woke up two hours later than she planned. Those 120 minutes behind schedule caused her to go crazy.

“Beatrice! I need you to prepare the potatoes; peel, cube, and boil them. Then while that’s happening need you to prepare the green bean casserole.” She tells me in a sharp tone. The tone that says do not disobey me.

I nod in response. I go to the potatoes sitting on the kitchen table. “Prepare the entire bag right?”


I look at the ten-pound bag in front of me. I hate peeling potatoes. I’ve always hated it. Normally, I’d bargain with her to chop onions and celery for the stuffing, but I’m too scared to make her angry. I do everything she asks. I even make sure that the potatoes are cut in even sizes so they all cook evenly. Compared to that the green bean casserole is a piece of cake. I prepare that in under ten minutes; including cleaning all of the bowls and utensils that I’ve used in the past hour.

“Hey mom.” I say quietly, not to disturb her. “I’m done. Is there anything else I can do to help you before everyone gets here?”

“Just make a simple salad and set the table for ten people. Then you are free to get ready for later. Everything will be done. All that we need to do is put it in the oven when everyone is here. Thank you for your help and not complaining about the potatoes.”

“No problem mom.” I smile at her. I do as she asks, placing the salad in the fridge to stay cool. I put a tablecloth down, and take the good china out of the cabinet. I set ten places, with the cloth napkins down as well. “Hey mom! I’m gonna head upstairs for a quick shower before dad and Caleb get back from the homeless shelter.”

I head up to the bathroom and take a quick shower. I get the nasty smell of potato juice off my hands. “Mom!” I yell. “I’m out of the shower!”

I quickly change and blow dry my hair. I know that my dad’s boss, Marcus Eaton, and his son are coming for dinner. I haven’t seen Tobias since I was eight or nine. After his parents divorced he spent thanksgiving with his moms family. I’m excited to see him again.

I head downstairs and see my mom’s already dressed. She looks up at me when I enter. “Go change.” She tells me.

“What?” I look down at my outfit. I’m wearing a black pencil skirt with a black long sleeve shirt with a white peter pan collar. It’s appropriate. “Why?”

“You look like you’re going to a funeral. This is a holiday. You should be wearing something festive with color, not looking like someone killed your closest relative.” She looks me up and down. “Marcus and Tobias are going to be here in thirty minutes. Go change.”

I shake my head, but do what I’m told. I pass my dad on the steps.

“We missed you at the homeless shelter today.” He smiles. “You look beautiful by the way.”

“Thanks, but I’m changing. Mom’s making me.” I say shrugging. My dad laughs, but nods at me.

I get to my bedroom and change in to a red, “festive”, sweater and some black dress pants. I grab my phone and head down stairs. I hear a beep and I see that I have a few text messages from some friends. I also saw that Eric called me earlier. I take a seat on the couch and call him back. It rings for a couple seconds before he picks up.

“Hey Tris. What’s up?” He says, I think I can hear a smile in his voice.

“Hey. Nothing really, my mom made me change out of my first outfit because she said I looked like I was going to a funeral.” I laugh. “What are you up to?”

“I’m just watching the football game with my brother and having a few beers.” He replies. “Just out of curiosity, what were you wearing before?”

I roll my eyes. “I had on a black pencil skirt with a black long sleeve shirt with a white collar.”

“I bet you looked good. Too bad you didn’t send me a picture.” He laughs.

I smile in to the phone. “I’m sure that you look good right now. What are your parents making you wear for thanksgiving? Casual or dressy?”

“Well we have about three more hours until my parents colleague Janine comes over with her husband. So I’ll be forced to wear a suit when that happens, but right now I’m in sweats.”

“You should send me a picture of you in your suit.” I giggle. “I’m pretty sure that you’d look sexy wearing your suit, but I’d like a picture confirmation.”

“That could be arranged. My parents are even making me take out the piercing, so you’ll see what straight laced Eric looks like. Trust me it’s not as sexy.” He laughs.

“I’m sure that I’ll like him just the same.” I smile. The doorbell rings. I hear my mom yell for me to answer the door. “Hey I gotta go Eric, but I’ll text you a picture of what I’m wearing and call you later tonight.”

“Okay. Enjoy your holiday and wish your parents a happy thanksgiving for me. Bye babe.”

“Bye.” I smile. I stuff my phone in my pocket and go to the door. I open it and smile at Marcus standing there, holding a bottle of wine for dinner. “Hello Mr. Eaton, happy thanksgiving. Please come in.”

“Happy thanksgiving Beatrice.” He smiles as he steps past me in to the house.

I look at the figure that’s standing in the doorway. That can’t be Tobias! There’s no way. I make eye contact with Four who’s just as shocked as I am. “Happy thanksgiving. Please come in.” I say in a tense voice. He steps inside without a word and goes to say hello to my mother and father.


Eric POV

I end my phone call with Tris with a smile. I look over at Trevor. “What?”

“You, Eric Coulter, are in love with her. It’s actually kinda disgusting.” He makes a face. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that you and her are dating, but having to witness all the sexual tension between you two is nasty.”

I think back to our phone call last night…

How come you didn’t tell me about the email from conflict resolution?” I sigh in to my phone.

Because what are you going to be able to do? I didn’t want you to constantly worry about me. I was able to slip away from Peter on Halloween. I’m able to take care of myself. You shouldn’t have to worry about this.” Tris tells me in a calm voice.

How the hell is she so fucking calm? I want to go beat his fucking face in, go do more damage than I’ve already done. I want conflict resolution to give me five minutes alone with him with no repercussions. “It’s my job to worry about you. I care about you Tris.”

I care about you too Eric, but you can’t always worry about me. There are some things that I have to face on my own. This is one of them. You’ve been there with me throughout this entire experience, but I need to just face this on my own. I’ve already been doing so for a month.” She tells me.

I know that she’s right. She’s gotten better at dealing with everything that happened. She told me a couple weeks ago that she decided to go see the therapist, Johanna Reyes, so I guess she’s working towards getting over this.

Fine, but I’m still going to care about you.” I smile in to the phone.

I know you are Eric.”

Good, but just know that if I was there I’d definitely put you over my leg and spank you.”

I’d love to see you try.” Tris replies back confidently.

I’d definitely be able to baby. Then once you’d taken your punishment I’d go down on you, eating that sweet pussy of yours.” I breathe in to the phone. Just the thought of going down on her already has me hard. I reach in to my pants, absentmindedly stroking myself. I groan in to the phone without thinking.

Are you trying to start phone sex Eric?” She asks, and I can hear the smile in her voice.

Yes.” I smirk. “All I can think about is your mouth sucking my dick.”

That’s all you can think about Eric?” Trevor says from the door.

Shit, I gotta call you back Tris.” I end the phone call and throw a pillow at my brother. “Ever heard of knocking asshole!”

“You’re the one who barged in to my room last night. I know for a fact the fucking door was closed.” I roll my eyes.

Trevor laughs. “Yeah, yeah. I just wish I could get that damn image out of my mind bro. So have you told her?”

“Told her what?” I look at him, keeping my face void of emotion.

“That you love her.”

“We’ve only been dating for three months. You can’t love someone in three months. I’d scare her of if I said I love you to her now.”

Trevor shakes his head. “You’re an idiot. I can’t wait to see when you bring her to meet mom and dad. I really hope I’m there for that.”

“Shut up.” I take a sip of my beer. We watch the remainder of the game in silence. When we have about an hour before our parent’s guests are set to arrive we part ways to get ready.

I hop in the shower. What meant to be a quick ten-minute shower, was actually thirty minutes. Every time I’ve stepped in the shower all I can think about is Tris in here with me, which leads to me getting hard, which then means I have to remedy the situation. I get out from my shower relaxed and calm. I know this isn’t going to last long.

Normal holidays end up in arguments. Mostly between me and my father. He starts off going on about how I’m an idiot for getting an eye brow piercing, which then leads to why I would get so many tattoos, and then it leads to how I’m the failure of the family. Yes, I’m the failure because I’d like to become a cop and help people. Yeah, I’m the crazy one here.

I take out the eyebrow piercing and look at myself in the mirror. I look like a child without it on. I really don’t like it. Screw it. I put the piercing back in place. I’m not going to cower down to my parents anymore. If worse comes to worse then they cause a fight and I don’t come to anymore family holidays. I get dressed in the suit my mother left on the bed for me, it’s navy blue with a white shirt and royal blue tie.

I look at myself. With the piercing I look like myself. Good. I deserve to be myself at my own home. I take a mirror selfie of myself and send it to Tris. God I wish she had invited me to her house for Thanksgiving. I would of rather been there than here.

I go downstairs and meet my brother in the kitchen. He looks at me, then raises an eyebrow at me. I shrug in response. He hands me a beer… This is going to be a long night.


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