Chapter 2

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It’s been a week since my birthday. Ever since Eric kissed me I keep seeing him everywhere. I see him in the cafeteria when I get food. I always see him in the halls. Hell I even see him in my office. The day right after my birthday, Eric was waiting in there for me. He was just dropping in to see what I was teaching the initiates that day.

I lock my door behind me and make my way to the training room. I walk in exactly at nine. Any initiate who walks in after me is getting punished. When I walk in I see that everyone’s there before me. Too bad, I was hoping to make an example out of the initiates who are the bullies.

I show them how to properly hold a gun. I explain my stance and why it works. They watch me shoot. “It’s your turn now. You should have been able to pick up the stance. I don’t want to see any of you flinch when shooting. You joined Dauntless to be brave.” I yell.

I watch as the initiates try to shoot. I’ll correct them after the next round. I just want them used to holding a gun. A few of the initiates jump when the door bangs open. I don’t even have to look to know that it’s Eric. He’s been coming here once or twice a day. He says it’s to make sure that I’m doing my job properly.

“They suck.” He says loud enough for some of them to look over at him. “Keep your fucking eyes on the targets initiates. You can’t be that stupid!”

I hold in my smirk. “If one of them pisses themselves I’m making you clean it up.”

Eric glances at me. “I still have seniority over you.”

I bite the inside of my cheek. I’ve been trying to keep my mouth shut ever since he kissed me. He lost that little bit of edge that used to scare me. Now I just see him as a guy with a job to do not some ruthless leader who’s going to beat the shit outta me. “Okay Eric.”

He walks away from me. He goes to correct some of the initiates posture. I can see some of the girls either cringing away from him or leaning in to him. One was so close to him that her back was against his chest. I feel a small pang of jealously. It’s so stupid. I know that he can’t be interested in any of them. They’re still children.

He comes back and stands next to me. “God that Candor transfer is trying to get killed.”

“Whatever do you mean?” I smirk.

“You saw her. She was all over me. God I can’t stand this shit. It reminds me of you and Four. It was disgusting watching the two of you.” He makes a face.

“You could always push her over the chasm to teach her some respect.”

“Two completely different things.” He rolls his eyes. He glances at his watch. “Go to lunch. You all suck at this. I want you to be better when you come back.”

The initiates leave without a word. It leaves Eric and me in silence. I head to the tables and clean up their mess. I should really start to make them do this.

“So are we just going to ignore this?”

“Ignore what Eric?” I look over at him.

“Ignore that kiss.” He says bluntly.

“You’re the one who left. What was it you said? Have a happy birthday?”

He rolls his eyes at me. “It’s been a week. How many fucking hints do I have drop to you?”

“So you stalking me is a hint?”

“I was trying to talk to you, but you don’t give me the time of day. The only time you talk to me is when the initiates are here.” He yells suddenly. “Do you really thing that I enjoy watching these children? Not to mention having to deal with the desperate ones rubbing against. That’s not the body I want against mine.”

I shake my head. “You should have just opened your mouth.”

Eric walks to me. He roughly pulls the gun out of my hand. He lifts me up so I’m sitting on the table. “How’s this?” One of his hands goes to my neck while the other is gripping my waist. He pulls me to him, kissing me.

I moan against his lips when he does. This kiss is better than the one on my birthday. I run my tongue against his bottom lip and immediately Eric opens his mouth. His tongue runs against mine. God kissing him is always different.

My legs wrap around his waist to keep him close. His hand travels from my waist to my lower back rubbing small circles. He gently bites my lower lip when he pulls back.

“You never answered me.” He whispers in my ear.

“I like it.” I smile. I pull Eric to me. His kisses are addicting.

“Tris why the fuck are you still he-” a familiar voice yells.

Eric and I pull apart, staring at Christina. I unwrap my legs from his waist. Eric on the other hand doesn’t move. He stays at the spot between my legs. His hands are still on my body.

“Chris, give me a minute and I’ll meet you outside.” I tell her. I watch as she walks out of the door.

“I’ll let you go then.” Eric takes a step back.

I hop off the table. “Are you going to get food?”

Eric nods with a smile. “I’ll see you back here in a bit.” He walks out, ignoring the questions Christina is yelling at him.

I follow him, stopping when I see Christina standing there with her eyes wide. “What the hell was that?”

“Nothing you need to worry about.” I reply. I start to walk to the cafeteria.

“No that was definitely something. Why were you kissing Eric?” She yells.

“Gee why do you kiss Will? Is it because you like him?” I ask her like I’d speak to a child.

“That’s different Will and I are in a relationship. You and Eric aren’t anything. If you were you would have told me.”

“Maybe I kept something to myself so that it could be private. Not blabbed to the entire compound because you can’t keep your fucking mouth shut.” I yell at her. It wasn’t my intention to yell, but she just never knows when to be quiet.

I grab something that I can eat quickly since I have twenty minutes. I look over at Christina as she sits with Will. I can practically see the steam coming out of her ears. I see that Eric is sitting alone. I walk over to him, sitting across from him. He looks up at me and then goes back to his food.

“What are you doing here?” He asks blankly.

I roll my eyes. “Christina’s freaking out and she’s mad that I yelled at her. I’m letting her cool off. I can move if you don’t want me to sit with you.”

“Just sit. Obviously I’m not going to get mad that you sat down with me.” He smirks at me.

Again we eat in comfortable silence. It’s different than when I eat with Christina and Will. They’re always talking about something. I really don’t get a chance to speak. When we’re finished eating Eric takes my plate and puts it up on the conveyer for me. We both slowly walk to the training room.

“Do you want to grab dinner together tonight?” Eric asks me.

“In the cafeteria?” I question. Isn’t that what we just did?

“No. What I meant was do you want to come over for dinner tonight? I’ll cook dinner for us. Something different than what we ate last week. What do you think? Interested?” I can see that Eric’s biting his lip. He looks nervous.

I nod. “I’d like that.”

Training the initiates goes by slowly. However, they seem to be picking up the guns easier than they did fighting. It’s not much, but it is improvement. By the end of the day, each of the initiates has at least gotten a bull’s eye once. Some of them shot it twice. It’ll be hard to figure out who is going to get cut after the first stage.

Eventually I dismiss them. They’re doing better. I was hoping that I didn’t have to make an example out of any of them. I clean up the bullet shells from the floor. I should really have an initiate do this instead of me.

Eric smiles at me when I’m done. “So do you want to come over in an hour? I should be able to shower and change in that time.”

“Sure.” I smile. This is a date right? I would assume that this is a date. We walk to our apartments. Every now and then our shoulders would bump into one another. Eric would smirk at me, like I did it on purpose.

“I’ll see you in a bit then.” Eric continues to his door.

“Wait! Are you changing into sweats or jeans?” I ask quickly.

“Sweats. I’m getting out of these pants for the day.”

I nod. So it’s not a date; just two people getting together for dinner. I have nothing worry about then. I take my time showering. When I get out I quickly change into sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt. I dry my hair as much as I can with my towel. I decide to just let the rest air dry. This isn’t a date anyway so it’s not like I have to make too much of an effort.

I glance at the time. It’s been about an hour. I grab my keys and lock up behind me. It’s strange to be walking to Eric’s apartment. I’ve never been this far down the hallway before. I knock on the door and wait.

The door opens up with a shirtless Eric. I have to force myself to bring my eyes away from his chest. Eric smirks. “See something you like?”

I blush. “Are you going to invite me in or do I have to stand here all night?” Eric moves over and allows me to enter. I look around his apartment. It’s about the same as mine. These apartments are really made for single people. I guess once someone gets married they can apply for a larger space.

I look over and see that Eric’s put a shirt on. It’s sad, Eric without a shirt is a great sight. He really should just walk around shirtless. No wonder the initiates are trying to feel him up. I bite my lip to keep myself from laughing.

“What are you thinking about over there?” He asks from the counter.

I smirk. “Just that some of the initiates would be jealous of the sight that I saw earlier.” I can’t hold in my laugh anymore.

“Shut up.” He laughs. “God those initiates are horrible. They really don’t understand the meaning of no… Anyway what are you in the mood for tonight?”

You, but I kept that thought to myself. “I’m fine with whatever. I still have that can of soup if you want that.”

Eric laughs as if it’s the funniest thing in the world. “No way.”

I shrug. “You can figure it all out then. You did pretty good last time.” I sit on Eric’s couch. It’s so comfortable. If I don’t get up soon then I’m going to fall asleep. I’ve been falling asleep early after training the initiates. I listen as Eric opens and closes cabinets. I can feel myself starting to fall asleep.

I wake up disoriented. I feel like a furnace. I move my head and look around. I fell asleep on the couch and I’m definitely not on the couch now. I feel an arm around me. Eric. He must have moved me to his room when I fell asleep. I shake him. “Eric. Wake up!”

“What?” He groans.

“What time is it?”

“Two in the morning.” He says in to my neck. “Go back to sleep. We’ll talk about it when the sun’s out.” He kisses my shoulder.

I wake up later to the bed moving. I look around. I’m not in my room, but Eric’s. It’s so strange to wake up here. Eric walks out of the bathroom without his shirt on.

“Morning sleepy head.” He smiles.

“Morning.” I yawn. “Why did I wake up in your bed when I fell asleep on the couch?”

Eric smirks. “Because when I finished making dinner you were asleep on the couch. Instead of me joining you on the couch I brought you to my bed. Obviously all we did was sleep.”

I smile. “You just wanted me for my cuddles huh?”

“No. I want you for your kisses too.” He leans down and kisses my lips gently.

I look at him with a small smile on my lips. “So what do you want?”

Eric thinks for a second. “You.”


“I want to be with you. I want to go on dates with you. I want to be able to kiss you. I want to spend time with you. I want to be the one to make you happy. I want to know more about you.”

I smile. “I think what you’re trying to say is that you want a relationship.”

“With you I do.”

I bite my lip. “I’d like that. You make me happy. You’re the first person to make me feel special on my birthday.” I pull Eric to me. My arms wrap around his neck as I kiss him. I don’t care if either of us have morning breath and neither does he.

Right now we’ll just have to see where this goes.

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Tris in Chapter 2
Tris in Chapter 2