Chapter Four: Epilogue

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Two Years Later…

“Max you have to take over for me!” I bang my fist on his desk. “I can’t take it any longer with the damn initiates. They think I’m their friend. That Amity transfer decided that she needed to express her feelings to me today. I can’t deal with this shit. They are fucking crazy.”

Max looks at me with raised eyebrows. “Excuse me? Who do you think you’re talking to? I know that you did not just barge into my office and start yelling at me to do your damn job.”

I take deep breaths. “Please. I can’t deal with them today. I’m going to shoot one of them. I’m not sure if it will be in the foot, arm, or head.”

“Ask your husband to take over for you.” He supplies.

“I can’t. He thinks that he’s pulling one over on me by pretending that he’s busy. The fucking bastard is planning something for my birthday.” I roll my eyes.

“Ah Eric warned me that you would be extra bitchy today.” Max laughs. The asshole has the nerve to laugh at me. “You’re Dauntless Tris. Get over the fact that people want to spend your birthday with you.”

“You were supposed to take my side just once.” I grumble. Suddenly an idea pops in to my head. “Can Four and I switch roles for the day? He can babysit the little brats and I can take over in the control room.”

Max thinks about it for a second. “Isn’t Four working a twelve hour shift today?”

Shit. He wasn’t supposed to know Four’s schedule. “I thought he was only working six hours today.”

“Bullshit, you made the schedule. Go back to the children. Let Eric have his fun planning your birthday. And go lighten up. You’re Dauntless Tris, act like it on your birthday. Go zip line down the Hancock building if that will calm you down.” Max dismisses me with a flick of his wrist.

I slam his office door behind me and go back to the transfer initiates. When I walk in the training room they are laying on the mats. “Hey!” I scream from the doorway. “I told you all to work with the punching bags. What the fuck are you doing lying on the ground?” None of them have anything to say to me. They all look at me with a mix of fear and anger. “Get the fuck up and get to the punching bags. If you’re not at a punching bag in five seconds I am throwing your lazy asses over the chasm. Then I’ll tell Max that you assholes deserved it for not listening to me. Five… Four… Three…” I start counting putting fingers down for each number.

By the time I get to three every initiate is at a punching bag. Too bad, I really wanted to throw some one over the chasm today. For the next three hours I make them work until they look like they are going to pass out. Everyone used to say that Eric was the toughest trainer, but that honor passed down to me when I took over Four’s job. They say that Eric is a box of roses compared to me.

“Stop!” I wait for them all to turn their tired heads over to me. “Get the hell out of here. You all can do ten times better than this. I expect to see progress tomorrow. Anyone who disappoints me will be hanging from the chasm.”

They all walk past me avoiding eye contact. When the last initiate leaves I look around the room to make sure everything is in place. Slowly I make my way back to the apartment. I open the door, letting it bang against the wall. No one jumps out to surprise me. Thank god. I don’t think that I’d be able to deal with a damn surprise party today. I make my way to our room. Eric isn’t here. He must be busy from whatever he was doing earlier. I strip out of my clothes, tossing them in the hamper. I change in to leggings and one of Eric’s t-shirts.

I’m just about to put the chicken on when Eric walks through the door. He has two boxes in his arms. “What are you doing? You know that I’m a better cook than you.”

I hold in my smirk. “Seriously Eric?”

“It’s true. You still cook like you’re in abnegation. Are you making chicken breast, peas, and mashed potatoes?” He raises an eyebrow at me.

I avoid eye contact, holding the chicken over the pan. “I’m making chicken.”

“Great, well put it away for tomorrow. I’m making you lasagna. I know how much you like it.” He smiles at me.

“I’m ready to start cooking Eric.” I frown at him.

“I love you, but I’m not sitting through your cooking.” He laughs. “I can’t do another meal of flavorless chicken and peas.”

“Fine.” I look at the boxes. “What do you have here?”

“Your gift and your cake.”

“Eric.” I warn.

“Too fucking bad baby. You’re gonna eat your birthday dinner, enjoy a piece of Dauntless cake, and then open the gift I got you. It’s going to be a great fucking day.” Eric smirks at me like he’s hiding something.

I sigh. “Fine. You can cook while I relax. It can be like every other year we’ve been together.”

“Are you gonna go take a nap too? I do believe that is part of the tradition.” Eric smirks at me.

I laugh at him. “Not today. I’ve gotten used to dealing with the initiates this year. I didn’t even have to make them follow me for five miles today.”

“And everyone thought that I was tough on the initiates. You’re ten times worse then me.”

“Yeah well I have to be tough on them. They don’t take me seriously.” I sigh. “They probably won’t take me seriously…” Shit!

“Why wouldn’t they take you seriously?”

“Um… Because I am shorter than half of them. Not to mention, I still look like an initiate.” I bite my lip. Thankfully, Eric isn’t paying attention to me. Otherwise he would know that I’m lying. I take a deep breath. A couple more hours then I can tell him.

I lay back on the couch, listening as Eric cooks. Since we’ve been married, Eric has been the one who cooks. He can’t stand the way that I cook, abnegation like. So he’s taken it upon himself to cook dinner every night. Or we go to the cafeteria, but it’s not as good as Eric’s cooking. When the lasagna’s in the oven, Eric joins me on the couch resting my feet on his lap. He has my birthday gift in front of me on the coffee table.

“Think you’d wanna open your gift now? I know I said after cake, but I don’t think I can wait much longer.” He smiles.

I sit up. “Sure. I know that it will make you happy.” He hands me the box with a red bow on it. He watches me anxiously as I open it. Inside’s a red collar, two bowls, and some squeaky toys. I stare at him, before I realize what it’s for. “A dog?” I laugh.

“Go check the spare bedroom.” He smiles.

I walk down the hall opening the door to the unused room. Inside on a little doggy bed is a little Siberian husky. The little dog comes running up to me, licking the top of my feet. I pick it up, cuddling it to my chest. “Eric this is too much.”

He laughs. “No way. I saw this little guy last week. I made Max watch him until your birthday.” He scratches the little guy between the ears.

“Is that why he was in a pissy mood?”

“Yeah, this little guy shit and pissed all over his apartment.” He laughs.

I bite my lip as I look at my husband. “I have a gift for you too.”

His eyebrows scrunch. “It’s your birthday not mine.”

“Follow me.” I walk to our bedroom. I open my nightstand draw and take out a small box. I hand it to Eric. I put the little puppy on the floor between Eric and I.

He opens the box. Picking up the plastic test. He looks at it with his mouth wide open. He goes back and forth between the test and me. “Seriously?”

I nod.

“We’re having a kid?” He smiles.

“Yes. I found out two weeks ago.” I laugh. “I’m about nine weeks along now.” I grab the small sonogram picture from the nightstand and hand it to him. “That little blobby spec is our baby. It’s as big as a blueberry.”

Eric pulls me to him, hugging me tight. “We’re really having a kid.” He kisses me, his tongue invading my mouth passionately. He lifts me up and spins me around.

I pull away to laugh. “Yes. We’re having a baby, in about 7 and a half months. We can use this little puppy as practice you know.”

Eric laughs. His hand goes to my stomach. It’s still flat, but it’s hard. “I can’t believe we’re going to be parents.”

“It was only a matter of time Eric.” I laugh.

“We’re really starting a family.” He smiles.

I nod. “This is only the first child Eric. I want a bunch of little clones running around.”

Eric laughs. “Whatever you want baby.”

Tris in Chapter Four
Tris in Chapter Four

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