Chapter Three: “Agreements”

I stare up at my ceiling. This is ridiculous. I’ve been in bed since Eric left around nine. I don’t know why I thought that I would fall asleep after spending the entire day in bed… With Eric. I look over at the clock. It’s 12:03. It’s only been a minute since I last checked. It feels like an hour.

The nighttime is my enemy; it’s always been like this. Most Abnegation are insomniacs. Some feel too guilty to sleep, while others are just unable to because of the schedule. You go to bed around nine and wake up around seven. It’s hard to fall asleep right after dinner, and then get up when the sun is appearing. I was lucky if I would get two or three hours. It was easier to sleep during initiation because I’d be worn out. Now I don’t get to go to the training room as much so I’m not physically tired. I look over at my enemy, the clock… Again. It’s 12:05. Two minutes have gone by.

Fuck it. I get up from the bed, grabbing my phone, and walk across the hall. Unlike Eric I have to knock because Max won’t give me his code. He and I aren’t on that level of trust yet. I knock a couple of times before Eric answers the door… In his boxers.

“Well, well, well. Look who decided that she needed me.” He smiles.

“Just because I can relax enough to fall asleep when I’m next to you doesn’t mean that I need you.” I push him aside and walk in.

Eric closes the door behind me. “Please make yourself comfortable.”

I smirk. I walk back to Eric’s bedroom. His comforter is messed up, he must have been trying to sleep too. I move the paperwork that is on, what I’m considering, my side of the bed. I climb in, arranging the pillows how I like them.

“I said make yourself comfortable, not move everything on me.”

“I’m making myself comfortable on your bed. We can give sleeping next to one another a try, but if you hook up with a girl and then try to spend the night next to me I’ll cut your dick off. I’ll even start calling you Erica.”

His laughter fills the room. “Fine Tris, but don’t you dare mention that to anyone. Ever.” He climbs in next to me. “Do you need water before I turn off the light?”

“I’m okay. Thank you though.” I laugh. “You know for someone so ruthless you really are sweet sometimes. I don’t know why you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“That’s because I scare all the girls away. Were you not listening last night?” Eric turns the light off. He pulls me to him, wrapping his arm around me.

“See? Sweet. Immediately you started to cuddle me.” I bite my lip. “You’re a good guy with a bad reputation Eric.”

“Go to bed Tris.” His arms lock me in place tighter. His thumb gently grazes my stomach, caressing it.

“I can’t sleep with your hand on my stomach.” I move his hand away, and link our hands.

“Why’s that Tris?” He whispers in my ear.

“It’s distracting Eric.”

Eric laughs. “That’s not what’s distracting me.”

“What’s distracting you?”

“You… Your body against mine.”

I’m glad the lights are off because if they weren’t then he’d see the blush all over my body. “I’m already next to you Eric, there’s no need for flattery.”

“Tris, do me a favor. Turn to me.” He whispers in my ear. I do as he says, wrapping myself around him. He takes the hand that’s on his chest and moves it toward his pants. “Feel that Tris. That is what you do to me. ”

I move my hand back to his chest. “Eric we’re supposed to be trying to sleep.”

He puts his hand over mine. “Okay Tris.” He sounds defeated.

I listen to Eric’s heartbeat. Eventually, it lulls me to sleep. I awake hours later to Eric’s alarm going off. “Turn it off.” I bury my face in to Eric’s chest. It’s too early for us to be getting up. He grunts. He shifts and I fall on the pillow. I cuddle up to it. Eric wraps himself around me. His body heat feels good. “What time is it?”

“Eight.” He mumbles against my neck.

“Are we on initiate duty today?”

“Nope, Four and Christina have it covered today.”

“Then why did your alarm go off early today?” I groan.

“Because we have a meeting with Max in an hour.”

“Fuck.” I groan. I don’t want to go to this meeting. It’s either about what we’re doing wrong or the changes that need to be made. It’s never good when you have to meet with Max before noon.

“Yeah.” Eric sighs. He moves off me to lie on his back.

I look over at him. “I don’t want to think about why we’re being summoned early.”

“Me either.” He looks over at me with a smirk. “I could definitely get used to you in my bed sti- Tris.”

“Wait until summer when it’s hot as hell and you have me all over you.” I laugh. “I’m sure you’ll complain then.”

“You’re already planning a future with me? I thought you were the one who doesn’t want to discuss what your body does to me.” He smirks.

I make a face. Damn, I did make plans a few months out. “We’ll see how well you’re able to behave Eric, one fuck up and we go back to sleeping on our own. Remember that I’m used to insomnia, so going back isn’t going to be a big deal for me like it is for you.”

Eric stares at my lips before looking into my eyes. “Just remember Tris, I can be a good boy when I want to.” His hand trails down my back, as he leans closer to my ear. “And I want to see what rewards I get for good behavior with you.”



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